Where did the woman say she put her glasses?


A. 12 noon to 9 p. m.

B. 9 a.m. to 5 p. m.

C. 9 a. m. to 12 noon.



A. She is quite sympathetic towards the doctor.

B. She thinks it’ s right.

C. She does not care.



A. Maybe a picnic.

B. Maybe something new.

C. Maybe a new car.



A. Maybe a teacher.

B. Maybe a student.

C. Maybe a meeting organizer.



Where does the conversation take place?


A. Ride bicycle.

B. Go to swimming.

C. Take part in a basketball match.



What is the woman waiting for?


A. Cool.

B. Very hot.

C. Dry.



A. Every twenty minutes.

B. Every half an hour.

C. Once a day.



Where are Roy and Rock?


A. He worked there.

B. He wanted to talk to Roy.

C. He wanted to have a letter typed.



A. She was taking a rest.

B. She was preparing for an exam.

C. She was taking an exam.



A. Go to Japan.

B. Change her job.

C. Go to night school.


What does the speaker do most probably?


A. Bags.

B. Shoes.

C. Clothes.



A. Chinese books.

B. English books.

C. English-Chinese dictionaries.



A. The Larp’s.

B. The LiNing.

C. The Splend Tea Shop.




After the birth of my second child, I got a job at a restaurant. Having worked with an experienced【C1】______for a few days, I was【C2】______to wait tables on my own. All went【C3】______that first week. When Saturday night came, I was luckily【C4】______the tables not far from the kitchen. 【C5】______, I still felt it a little hard to carry the heavy trays(托盘).

Before I knew it, the【C6】______was full of people. I moved slowly,【C7】______every step. I remember how【C8】______I was when I saw the tray stand near the tables. It looked different from the one I was【C9】______on. It had nice handles, which made it【C10】______to move around. I was【C11】______with everything and began to【C12】______I was a natural at this job.

Then an old man came to me and【C13】______, \


A. manager

B. assistant

C. cook

D. waitress



A. promised

B. invited

C. allowed

D. advised



A. well

B. quickly

C. safely

D. wrong

解析:本题考查词语搭配。这里强调一切进展顺利。go well表示“进展顺利”,也是对下文的不愉快做铺垫。故选A。


A. left

B. given

C. brought

D. shown

解析:本题考查词义辨析。句意为:我幸运地被分了几张离厨房很近的桌子。was left“被留下”;was brought“被带来”;given“被分给”;shown“被展示”。故选B。


A. Therefore

B. However

C. Otherwise

D. Finally

解析:本题考查上下文理解。上句中的luckily以及下句I stillfelt it a little hard to carry the heavy trays.可推断出此处是转折关系,however“然而”;finally“最后”;therefore“所以”;otherwise“否则,要不然”。故选B。


A. kitchen

B. street

C. restaurant

D. table



A. minding

B. changing

C. taking

D. saving

解析:本题考查词义辨析。饭店的人很多,所以我在小心翼翼地走着。mind“小心,当心”。mind every step在句中做状语。故选A。


A. angry

B. calm

C. sad

D. happy

解析:本题考查上下文理解。从下文对the tray stand的描述可知,当我看到the tray stand时,内心是高兴的。故选D。


A. fixed

B. trained

C. loaded

D. waited

解析:本题考查词义理解。句意为:它看起来与我训练时的托盘不一样。I was trained on是定语,修饰the one,one替代名词thetray stand。fix“固定,安装,修理”;load“装载”。故选B。


A. slower

B. lighter

C. quieter

D. easier

解析:本题考查上下文理解。由It had nice handles可知,此处强调移动方便。故选D。


A. pleased

B. angry

C. unsatisfied

D. complaining



A. believe

B. agree

C. regret

D. pretend



A. said

B. asked

C. complained

D. advised



A. letting

B. making

C. watching

D. having

解析:本题考查词义辨析。an old man应该是饭店的一位客人,所以没有权利让我工作,所以用watch。故选C。


A. useful

B. familiar

C. unusual

D. interesting

解析:本题考查句义理解。useful“有用的”;familiar“熟悉的”,后常接with;unusual“不寻常的”;interesting“有趣的”。从第二段的描述可知,the tray stand对我是有用的。故选A。


A. rest

B. order

C. eat

D. leave



A. bag

B. walker

C. tray

D. coat

解析:本题考查词语搭配。由下面一段第四句话I had set mytrays on his wife’s orthopedic walker。故选B。


A. idea

B. praise

C. message

D. need



A. cold

B. full of joy

C. pale

D. on fire

解析:本题考查词语搭配。由下文I had set my trays on his wife’sorthopedic walker.可知,此时我的脸红了。故选D。


A. lie

B. hide

C. defend

D. stay

解析:本题考查句义理解。由get into a hole可知句意:我无地自容,所以想找地方藏起来。故选B。


When I was a little girl, every time my dad was repairing something, he【K1】______ask me to hold the hammer, and meanwhile, have a conversation with me. I never saw my dad drinking or taking a night out. All he did after work was taking care of his family.

I grew up and left home for college and【K2】______then, my dad had been calling me every Sunday morning, no matter what. Several years later I bought a house,【K3】______my dad painted by himself for three days in the 80-degree summer heat. All he asked was【K4】______me to talk to him. But I was always busy, 【K5】______ (able)to find any time for conversation with him.

One Sunday morning we had a telephone talk as usual. I noticed that my dad had forgotten some things we discussed lately. I was in a hurry, so our conversation was short. Later that day came a call【K6】______ (say)my father was in hospital. Immediately I bought a ticket for a flight and on my way I was thinking about all the【K7】______ (miss)occasions to have a talk with my dad.

【K8】______the time I got to hospital, my father had passed away. Now it was【K9】______who did not have time for a conversation with me. I realized【K10】______little I know about my dad, his deepest thoughts and dreams. After his death I learned more about him, and even more about myself.



解析:本题考查情态动词。当我还是一个小女孩的时候,每次爸爸修东西,都会让我拿着锤子,和我说说话。would do sth.表示“过去常常做某事”。由句意可知,应填would。






解析:本题考查定语从句。先行词为a house,指物,且定语从句为非限制性定语从句,故用which。









解析:本题考查非谓语动词。saying在句中作定语,修饰其前的名词“a call”,两者构成主谓关系,故填saying。






解析:本题考查固定搭配。“By the time…”为固定句型,意为“到…时候”。句意:等我到达医院的时候,父亲已经去世了。故填By。









Almost every family buys at least one copy of a newspaper every day. Some people subscribe(订阅)to as many as two or three newspapers. But why do people read newspapers?

Five hundred years ago, news of important happenings—battles lost and won, kings or rulers overthrown(推翻)or killed—took months and even years to travel from one country to another. The news passed by word of mouth and was never accurate. Today we can read in our newspapers of important events that occur in far away countries on the same day they happen.

Apart from supplying news from all over the world, newspapers give us a lot of other useful information. There are weather reports, radios, television and film guides, book reviews, stories and, of course, advertisements. The bigger ones are put in by large companies to bring attention to their products. They pay the newspapers thousands of dollars for the advertising space, but it is worth the money, for news of their products goes into almost every home in the country. For those who produce newspapers, advertisements are also very important. Money earned from advertisements makes it possible for them to sell their newspapers at a low price and still make a profit.

Newspapers often have information on gardening, cooking and fashion as well as a small but very popular section on jokes and cartoons(漫画).

44.What is the text about?(B)

A. Advertisements are the most important part in newspapers.

B. It introduces newspapers past and today and its contents.

C. There is a lot of useful information on newspapers.

D. People like newspapers very much.


45.The habit of reading newspapers is______.(C)

A. uncommon in the world

B. not popular in U. S. A.

C. widespread in the world

D. found among a few families

解析:根据文章第一句Almost every family buys at least one copy of anewspaper every day.可知,看报纸的习惯在世界上很广泛。

46.The section on jokes and cartoons is______.(D)

A. read only by children

B. of no value

C. not helpful

D. read by many people

解析:由文章最后一段…but very popular section on jokes and car—toons.可知,笑话和漫画很受欢迎,因此推断有很多人看。


47.How many places in America are mentioned in this passage besides New York City?(A)

A. 6.

B. 4

C. 7

D. 5

解析:除了New York City,文中还提到了Boston,Niagara Falls,Virginia,Florida,Washington,D.C.和Albany。一共6个地方。

48.Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE?(C)

A. Manhattan is the centre of New York City.

B. New York City is made up of five parts.

C. New York looks like a long finger from the air.

D. Manhattan is an island.

解析:由文章第二段一、二、三句可知,A、B、D项均正确。由第四句From the air its shape looks like a long finger.可知是Manhattanlooks like a long finger from the air,而非New York。

49.In the second paragraph, \(C)

A. this beautiful sight

B. you

C. your heart

D. New York City

解析:由文中…and unless your heart is as hard as a stone,excitementwill make it beat a little faster.可知,it是指your heart。

Pepys and his wife Jane had asked some friends to dinner on Sunday, September 2nd, 1666. They were up very late on the Saturday evening, getting everything ready for the next day, and while they were busy they saw the glow(微弱的光)of a fire start in the sky. By 3 o’clock on the Sunday morning, its glow had become so bright that Jane woke her husband to watch it. Pepys slipped on his dressing-gown and went to the window to watch it. It seemed fairly far away, and after a time he went back to bed. When he got up in the morning, it looked, though the fire was dying down, as though he could still see some flames. So he set to work to tidy his room and put his things back where he wanted them.

While he was doing this, Jane came in to say that she had heard the fire was a bad one; hundreds of houses had been burned down in the night and the fire was still burning. Pepys went out to see for himself. He went to the Tower of London and climbed upon a high part of the building so that he could see what was happening. From there, Pepys could see that it was, indeed, a bad fire and that even the houses on London Bridge were burning. The man of the Tower told him that the fire had started in a baker’s shop in Pudding Lane(小巷); the baker’s house had caught fire from the over-heated oven(烤箱)and then the flames had quickly spread to the other houses in the narrow lane. So the Great Fire of London, a fire that lasted nearly five days, destroyed most of the old city and ended, as it is said, at Pie Corner.

50.What is the passage about?(A)

A. The Great Fire of London.

B. Who was the first to discover the fire.

C. What Pepys was doing during the fire.

D. The losses caused by the fire.


51.They were up very late because______.(C)

A. it was Sunday morning

B. they were not very sleepy

C. they were preparing for the dinner

D. they saw the great fire start

解析:题干问“他们晚上待到很晚是为了——”。由第一段第二句They were up very late on the Saturday evening,getting everything readyfor the next day…可知是为第二天的宴会做准备。

52.In the sentence\(D)

A. to be wearing

B. to be pushing

C. to take off

D. to put on

解析:由下文…and went to the window to watch it.可知要去窗户那儿看火光,要穿上睡衣才行。to be wearing表示穿着的状态;to takeoff“脱下”;to be pushing“正在推”,均不符合文义。

53.Why did the flames spread quickly?(B)

A. The oven became very hot.

B. The houses were close together.

C. The baker did nothing to stop it.

D. The baker’s house was burning quickly.

解析:题干问“大火为什么迅速蔓延?”由文章第二段倒数第二句…and then the flames had quickly spread to the other houses in the narrowlane.中的“narrow lane”可推知,这是一个狭窄的小巷,房子一定挨得很紧。



Where would you most like to go on vacation? Paris? London? The Amazon Rainforest? Each of these destinations is attractive.【B1】______

As a new word, staycation refers to people staying at home during their vacation time, and going sightseeing around their hometown.

Staycations have become really popular recently, as a way of having an enjoyable vacation, without spending too much money. There are shortcomings to every positive thing, however.

【B2】______You also might prevent yourself from enjoying things to the fullest, as the atmosphere might be the same as any other time.

【B3】______It means you won’ t be available for work or other activities. What can you do to make your staycation fun?

1. Go to a nearby town, or to a fancy hotel in your hometown and stay overnight. Treat yourself to room service and any other fun things the hotel has to offer.

2.【B4】______ You would have done it on a vacation, right? Treat yourself to this, at least for one day!

3. Throw a small party. Think about the money you are saving by not going away. You will still save money, but have more fun, and you will help other people to have fun too!

4. Go shopping! Window shopping, or the super fun type, where you buy things! You would have bought souvenirs(纪念品)if you had gone on a vacation, so treat yourself during your staycation!

The most important thing to remember is to do things that make you and your family excited! 【B5】______

[A]Eat out for every meal!

[B]Go on a day trip to a nearby town, or to a beach.

[C]But why not remain at home and enjoy a staycation?

[D]If you are on a staycation, you might get calls from work.

[E]Most of the time it involves dining out more frequently than usual.

[F]Make sure you all have fun, and when it is over, you feel refreshed.

[G]The trick is to make sure your friends and co-workers know you are on a staycation.



解析:空格处的句子用以引出话题staycation,而下文“As a newword,staycation…”用以解释staycation的含义。故选C项。



解析:D选项及下文都是在解释“There are shortcomings to everypositive thing…”的内容。故应选择讲在家度假缺点的选项。故选D项。






解析:A选项的内容与下文“Treat yourself to this,at least for oneday!”相符。故选A项。



解析:上文的“The most important thing to remember is to dothings that make you and your family excited!”与F选项的havefun,feel refreshed相符。故选F项。






3.会议内容:讨论能源规划(energy program)

4.出席人员:各部门的负责人(department head)和部分工人代表(laborer representative)

5.要求:每人准备一份建议书(written proposal),并在会上发言,对公司的能源规划和前景发展提出个人的意见或建议。


July 28, 2012

Our company will have a meeting about the energy program, in the Meeting Hall of Office Building, at 2:00, August 7th, Thursday afternoon. All of the department heads will take part in it, as well as some laborer representatives. At the meeting, each participant is required to hand in a written proposal and then give a personal speech to come up with ideas or suggestions for the energy program and future development of our company.

The Manager Office








Victor: Hello, Jenny.

Jenny: Hi, Victor. How are you? You look really tired.

Victor: Yes. I’ve been under a lot of pressure with our project stalling. But you always look so fresh. How can you possibly always remain energetic?

Jenny: Actually, sometimes I find it difficult to progress in work, too. But recently I found doing Yoga can really help you both keep fit and let go of your frustrations.

Victor: That sounds amazing.

Jenny: It really is. Yoga is a five-thousand-year old form of practice which comes from India. It teaches people how to unite mind, body and spirit.

Victor: People practicing yoga do a lot of difficult postures, don’t they? Like holding a foot in the air with only one foot standing. I’ m worried I’ m not that flexible.

Jenny: People practice yoga by doing different postures as well as breathing and meditation. The emphasis is not on how difficult the posture is, but on increasing awareness of your body and rejuvenating it. Also, your flexibility and strength will both improve as you progress.

Victor: Oh, sounds good. I just hope it can help me manage my stress.

Jenny: It will definitely do that.

Yoga is a popular form of practice to keep fit and manage stress. It originates in India and has a history of five thousand years. Yoga practice consists of doing different postures, breathing and meditation. By increasing people’s awareness of their body, it helps to bring a harmony between the mind, body and spirit. Meanwhile, it helps to make people stronger and more flexible. It is especially loved by modern people because it helps to keep healthy and relieve pressure.


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