A man walks into a conference room at the W hotel in downtown Austin. The setting, sleek and quiet, says business. The training shoes—red, puffy, and paired with a sports coat—add a wink: new business.


1.People are keen to help start-ups most probably because______.(B)

A. they are prevailing in the country

B. they can create a large number of jobs for the society

C. they can enrich the whole community

D. they grow by leaps and bounds

解析:细节题。根据题干关键词People are keen to help定位至第三段。开头的So表明原因在上面的段落中,第二段又出现了start-ups,因此到第二段寻找答案。B项是对原文信息的同义替换,结合全文以及常识可知,新创企业能创造大量的工作机会,因此B项为最佳选项。

2.The idea of economic \(A)

A. to exploit their favorable conditions to the full

B. to make an effort to win every new project

C. to compete with their neighbours fiercely

D. to cooperate with their neighbours

解析:细节题。根据题干关键词定位至第三段。the idea of economic“gardening”后出现了The philosophy there is that regions should focus on core strengths and home-grown businesses…这是对economic“gardening”的解释,即关注自身的核心竞争力和土生土长的生意。A项“最大程度地利用它们的优势条件”是对此的概括,为正确答案。

3.Which of the following is NOT the difficulty start-ups may meet?(D)

A. It is hard for them to get access to private-sector money.

B. It is ambiguous in what sort of companies policy-makers are supporting.

C. The number of employees is declining due to the recession.

D. The jobs created are not so worthwhile as they seemed to be.

解析:细节题。此题需要结合细节信息进行推断,适合使用排除法。由第二段helps inexperienced entrepreneurs by smoothing their access to private-sector money可知A项正确。由第五段there is some ambiguity over what sort of companies the policymakers are trying to promote可知B项正确。由第六段Perhaps as a result of the recession,the number of new companies that actually employ people is declining可知C项正确。因此,D项为正确答案。

4.Judging from the context, the word \(C)

A. polluted

B. profitable

C. overstated

D. adventurous

解析:含义题。根据题干定位至最后一段。结合上下文猜测生词含义。首先,but表明overhyped与worthwhile意义相反,因此不可能是profitable。其次,the next variant of“green jobs”,且总体上是worthwhile(值得的),因此不可能是polluted与adventurous。考生也可根据构词法选择答案。over-前缀表示more than usual,too much(太,过于),state有“陈述”之意,那么overstated意为“言过其实的,夸张的”,带入文中符合文意,因此选C项。

5.The author’s attitude towards start-ups is______.(B)

A. optimistic

B. objective

C. concerned

D. favorable

解析:态度题。本题考查作者对新创企业的态度,需要结合全文选出答案。前三段作者指出新创企业快速发展的现象以及政府的支持,第四段开头This is mostly sensible表明作者对此是赞同的。第五段笔锋一转Still,there is cause for caution,接下来几段指出了新创企业存在的问题,最后一句There is a danger that…worthwhile,but slightly overhyped尤其表明了作者的忧虑。综合来看,作者既肯定了新创企业带来的好处以及政府的支持,又指出了其面临的问题,因此态度是objective(客观的)。答案选B项。

As more and more electrified vehicles hit the floors of car dealerships, conventional wisdom has it that the market won’t get moving without richer incentives and dense battery-charging networks.

It’s not surprising that the market may take root in big cities: nowhere is the need for cleaner air and reduced carbon dioxide emissions more pressing, and nowhere else can you expect to find as many green-minded early adopters who will welcome a clean vehicle that takes them the short distances they need to go on one charge. These characteristics make large urban areas the ideal labs for the next phase of electric-vehicle development.

Large markets are waiting to be served. We found big clusters of potential early adopters—20 percent in New York—who were distinguished by their green thinking and would consider buying an electric car.

For early adopters, the charging problem isn’t as big as it seems. Unlike other groups of car buyers in New York and Shanghai, early adopters were willing to adjust their driving and parking habits to own an electric car. In fact, they indicated that a dense public charging infrastructure would only modestly increase their interest in buying such cars and that they were willing to cope with more limited charging options. This attitude reduces the need for public investments in the start-up stage, though a broad plug-in infrastructure will no doubt be critical as electrified vehicles migrate to mass adoption in large cities and elsewhere.

This is also good news for automakers, which have the opportunity to overcome another major obstacle: battery limits. Since many drivers in large cities travel only short distances—to and from work, for instance— the near-term cost and duration of electric-car batteries is less of a problem there than it is elsewhere. Rather than offering only all-purpose electric vehicles, auto makers can segment buyers according to their driving missions and develop attractively priced models with no more battery energy storage than many of their city drivers need.

Consumer education is one such measure that will be critical for catalyzing both early and mass adoption. Forty percent of New York and Shanghai respondents said they didn’t know much about electric vehicles and many were anxious about driving-range limitations. Few knew that battery-powered cars are relatively quiet and can potentially accelerate faster than conventional ones. And more important, many weren’t aware that electric cars help drivers save money on both fuel and maintenance in the long run.

6.The big cities are more likely to be large markets of electric vehicles because______.(D)

A. people in large cities are willing to try new things

B. city dwellers like the idea of saving money on gas

C. the distance between the charging places is short

D. there are many environmental friendly people

解析:细节题。根据题干关键词markets of electric vehicles定位至第二段第一句:电动汽车之所以更有可能在城市扎根,是因为城市里许多有环保意识的人愿意尝试这种新型交通工具,因此D项与原文意思相符,故为答案。

7.According to the passage, it can be inferred that the public charging infrastructure______.(A)

A. should support the mass adoption of electric vehicles

B. is critical at the start-up stage of electric vehicles

C. has no influence on consumers’ buying interest

D. can greatly reduce the city’s pollutant emission

解析:推断题。根据题干关键词the public charging infrastructure定位至第四段第二、三句。由这两句可知,对于城市里的电动汽车的潜在消费者来说,他们的购买欲望不会因是否有大规模的充电设施而产生大的区别,因此,在电动汽车的起步阶段,充电设施并不重要。但是,如果电动汽车的使用形成规模,这种基础设施就至关重要了,故A项为正确答案。

8.What types of electric vehicles should be produced for city users?(C)

A. Models with high energy storage batteries.

B. All-purpose vehicles that suit everybody.

C. Economic models for specific consumers.

D. Cheaper and more environment-friendly vehicles.

解析:推断题。根据题干关键词electric vehicles定位至第五段。由该段最后一句可知,针对城市用户,汽车制造商最好是将客户分类,按照客户对电池储存电量的要求,开发价格低廉且耗电低的汽车,故C项为正确答案。

9.Which of the following may discourage the buyers of electric vehicles?(B)

A. Cost on maintenance.

B. Driving range on one charge.

C. Noise of operation.

D. Acceleration speed.

解析:细节题。根据题干关键词discourage和electric vehicles定位至第六段第二句。在该句中,作者提到了很多受访者都对电动汽车的行驶里程表示担忧。因此,充电后的行驶距离有可能会打击消费者的购买积极性,故B项为正确答案。

10.The author’s attitude towards electric vehicles is______.(C)

A. uncertain

B. critical

C. favorable

D. neutral


What sort of glass you drink from predicts how fast you drink. \

11.According to the first two paragraphs, which of the following is true?(D)

A. Beer drinkers also care about the shape and angle when opening a boiled egg.

B. People prefer to use a glass with a handle when drinking beer.

C. It is hard for jug lovers and their fellow-drinkers to collect jugs.

D. Straight glasses are popular in recent years.

解析:细节题。根据题干关键词定位到第一、二段。第二段首句提到“净饮杯在今天广受欢迎”,D项中的are popular in recent years是文中have largely won the day的同义复现,故D项为正确答案。

12.Judging from the context, the word \(A)

A. pile

B. store

C. clean

D. preserve


13.How long did it take to drink a full Mute of lemonade?(C)

A. Four minutes.

B. Five minutes.

C. Seven minutes.

D. Eleven minutes.


14.What can be inferred from Paragraph 4?(D)

A. The volunteers spent less time in drinking beer out of a jug.

B. Whether a glass was full or half-full makes no difference to drinking speed.

C. It took the volunteer five minutes to drink wine out of a straight glass.

D. If a glass was full of lemonade, its shape matters.


15.Which of the following can best summarize the main idea of this text?(B)

A. The beer in the best-shaped glass tastes best.

B. The sort of glass can affect the speed of drinking.

C. The shape and the contents of a glass matter most.

D. Angela Attwood offers us a research about glasses.


Music fans have often viewed Microsoft as something like a bad cover band, one that pumped out uninviting facsimiles of Apple’s iPod and iTunes with its Zune music players and service. Now that the Zune brand is dead, Microsoft is once again in search of a hit in digital music. But this time, to improve its odds of success, it is marshaling some of its most powerful brands as never before: Windows and the Xbox.

On Monday, the company plans to announce a service called Xbox Music that will offer access to a global catalog of about 30 million songs. The service will let consumers listen free to any song on computers and tablets running the latest version of its Windows software, as well as on the Xbox console. Microsoft will not initially limit how much music can be streamed, though that could change over time. The service is part of a broad set of bets Microsoft is making this fall to help regain ground it has lost to competitors, especially Apple and Google. In addition to Windows 8, a major new version of its flagship operating system that will start shipping Oct. 26, the company is close to releasing a new version of its Windows Phone operating system for mobile phones and its first Microsoft-designed computer, a tablet device called Surface.

In an aggressive push to persuade lots of people to use the service, Microsoft will package the software for Xbox Music with Windows 8. The arrangement could awaken antitrust concerns about Microsoft’s use of Windows to gain toeholds in new markets. Microsoft’s do-over in the market is a sign of how a strong music service has come to be seen as a prerequisite for any serious player in the gadget business. Xbox Music is entering a landscape thick with independent music services that offer their own variations on the listening experience. Spotify, for example, provides on-demand listening to a large library of music, while Pandora programs radio stations tailored to its listeners’ individual tastes.

Scott Porter, principal program manager for Xbox Music, said many music fans today relied on a variety of services like those, along with more traditional sellers of songs like iTunes, to satisfy all their musical needs. This approach, though, can be tedious. \

16.From the first paragraph, we can learn that______.(D)

A. music fans do not like Microsoft any longer

B. Zune was substituted by other service

C. Windows and the Xbox are Microsoft’s only powerful brands

D. Microsoft plans to regain success in digital music with its powerful brands

解析:推断题。根据题干关键词定位到第一段。根据文章中的Now that the Zune brand is dead,Microsoft is once again in search of a hit in digital music.But this time,to improve its odds of success,it is marshaling some of its most powerful brands…可知,D项与其含义一致,因此D项“微软计划借助其有影响力的品牌在数字音乐领域重获成功”为正确答案。

17.Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the texr?(A)

A. The service provides consumers with songs on computers, tablets and Xbox console with no charge.

B. Microsoft won’t restrict the amount of the music download as the time went by.

C. Microsoft is sure that the service can beat Apple and Google.

D. Windows 8 and its Windows Phone and its first Microsoft-designed computer will release simultaneously.

解析:细节题。根据题干和四个选项定位到第二段。根据第二段The service will let consumers listen free to any song on computers and tablets running the latest version of its Windows software,as well as on the Xbox console可知,这项服务能让用户免费听任何歌曲,因此A项为正确答案。

18.The word \(C)

A. insistence

B. support

C. success

D. patience

解析:含义题。根据题干关键词定位到第三段。toehold由toe和hold构成,字面意思是“用脚趾站立”,意译是“站得住脚;有可供脚站的地方”。根据第三段第二句The arrangement could awaken antitrust concerns about Microsoft’s use of Windows to gain toeholds in new markets可知,微软利用Windows操作系统试图在新市场中赢得toeholds。根据常识可知赢得的一般都是积极方面、好的方面,而且全文一直说的是微软想赢得新的胜利,如第一段末句中的improve its odds of success。因此toehold有“成功”的意思,故C项为正确答案。

19.Which of the following would be the topic of the text?(D)

A. Microsoft introduces its powerful service: Windows and Xbox.

B. Microsoft turns to Window and Xbox instead of its traditional style.

C. Microsoft’s Zune service was obsolete.

D. By virtue of the Windows and Xbox, Microsoft attempts to win victory in the field of music.


20.From the text we can see that the writer seems______.(D)

A. positive

B. negative

C. doubtful

D. objective








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