1.It was soon after the economic crisis______sales of e-business started to grow.(D)

A. why

B. how

C. where

D. that

解析:分析句子结构可知,去掉It was和空处,句子结构依然完整,故可判断该句为强调句型。强调句型的基本结构是“It is/was+被强调部分+that/who+其他”。本句强调的是时间状语soon after the economic crisis,所以连接词应用that。故选D。

2.______I can’t help admiring the man’ s courage, I do not approve of his methods.(D)

A. Unless

B. When

C. Since

D. Although


3.Our goal is to fulfill the needs of our clients, ______challenging they may be.(A)

A. however

B. whenever

C. wherever

D. whatever


4.Weather______, there will be an open air party with live music here this weekend.(D)

A. permits

B. should permit

C. will permit

D. permitting

解析:分析句子结构可知,逗号前后的两部分之间没有连接词,带有各自的主语,且逗号后的句子成分完整,所以逗号前应是独立主格结构,空处应用非谓语动词形式。Weather与permit之间是逻辑上的主谓关系,因此空处应用现在分词permitting。Weather permitting在句中作条件状语,相当于条件状语从句:If the weather permits。故选D。

5.______the fog, the crew can distinguish the coastline fairly well.(A)

A. In spite of

B. Because of

C. Instead of

D. On account of

解析:in spite of:虽然,不顾,尽管;because of:由于,因为;instead of:代替,而不是;on account of:由于,因为。根据句意可知,选A。

6.Without appropriate software, a computer______merely an empty box.(A)

A. would become

B. will become

C. would have become

D. had not become

解析:根据句意并分析句子结构可知,本句中Without引出表示虚拟条件的成分,相当于If there were no appropriate software。根据句意可知,本句是对现在情况的假设,所以谓语动词应用“would+动词原形”的形式。故选A。

7.The______task in the disaster area is to prevent the outbreak of infectious diseases as well as providing water and food.(C)

A. casual

B. attractive

C. primary

D. simple


8.The sick boy, together with his parents, ______to the hospital.(D)

A. sends

B. send

C. are sent

D. is sent

解析:当主语是由together with,along with,as well as等连接的名词或代词时,谓语动词应与前面的名词或代词在人称和数上保持一致。此处谓语动词应与The sick boy保持一致,用单数形式,因此可排除B、C两项。另外,The sick boy与send之间是逻辑上的动宾关系,所以应用被动语态。故选D。

9.It’ s hard to remember a name when one doesn’ t have a face to go with______.(B)

A. him

B. it

C. her

D. one


10.My plane______at 9 o’ clock tomorrow morning. Will you come to see me off?(B)

A. will be leave

B. leaves

C. will have left

D. is left


11.It’s an excellent job offer. Don’ t let such a good opportunity ______ through your fingers.(C)

A. slipped

B. to slip

C. slip

D. slipping

解析:在使役动词have,let,make等后接的复合宾语中,作宾补的不定式常 常不带to。let sb./sth.do sth.意为“让某人/某物做某事”。故选C。

12.Unfortunately, ______stone hit him on______head and he got injured.(C)

A. the: a

B. a: /

C. a: the

D. the: the

解析:根据句意可知,“一块石头”表示泛指,所以应用不定冠词,stone的发音 以辅音音素开头,因此第一个空应用不定冠词a;hit sb.on the head是固定搭配,意为 “砸在某人头上”,所以第二个空应用the。故选C。

13.Tom has a dream______one day he will become a scientist.(C)

A. what

B. which

C. that

D. of

解析:分析句子结构可知,空处引导了一个同位语从句,对抽象名词dream(梦 想)进行解释说明,且从句成分完整,所以应用在从句中不充当语法成分,只起连接作 用的that。故选C。

14.The report shows that over half of the women suffer ______ second-hand smoke at the workplace.(D)

A. in

B. for

C. on

D. from

解析:suffer from为固定搭配,意为“忍受,遭受……之苦,受……折磨”。故选D。

15.This article tells the readers______they can look for in an employee’ s abilities.(B)

A. that

B. what

C. which

D. how

解析:分析句子结构可知,空处引导的是宾语从句。从句成分不完整,缺少look for的宾语,所以应用连接代词what。that在宾语从句中没有词义,不作句子成分,只起连接作用;which意为“哪一个”,引导宾语从句时,表示选择意义;how在宾语从句中充当方式状语。故选B。

16.We should not______small mistakes, or they might lead to big accidents.(B)

A. hurt

B. ignore

C. recover

D. dislike


17.Always read the______on the bottle carefully and take the right amount of medicine.(B)

A. descriptions

B. instructions

C. introductions

D. explanations


18.______by all the team members, they finally got the big project for their company.(D)

A. To be supported

B. Supporting

C. Having supported

D. Supported


19.There are about 5 million businesses in the UK, 99% of______are small businesses.(A)

A. which

B. that

C. it

D. what

解析:分析句子结构可知,逗号之后为非限制性定语从句,且空处指代先行词5 million businesses,所以应用which来引导。B项不能引导非限制性定语从句;选项C不能引导从句;选项D不能引导定语从句。故选A。

20.By law, personal______ of guns is illegal in China.(B)

A. wealth

B. possession

C. need

D. matter



Eating a diet high in processed (加工过的) food increases the risk of depression, a study suggests. What’ s more, people who ate plenty of vegetables, fruit and fish actually had a lower risk of depression, the University College London team found.

Data on diet among 3500 middle-aged civil servants were compared with their emotional state five years later, a British journal reported. They split the participants into two types of diet—those who ate a diet largely based on wholefood (全天然食物) , which includes lots of fruit, vegetables and fish, and those who ate a mainly processed food diet, such as sweetened desserts, fried food, processed meat, refined grains and high fat dairy products. After accounting for factors such as gender, age, education, physical activity, smoking habits and chronic (慢性的) diseases, they found a significant difference in the future depression risk with the different diets.

Those who ate the most wholefood had a 26% lower risk of future depression than those who ate the least wholefood. By contrast, people with a diet high in processed food had a 58% higher risk of depression than those who ate a diet low in processed food.

Study author Dr. Archana Singh Manoux pointed out there was a chance that the finding could be explained by the lifestyle factor they had not accounted for. He also pointed in a paper that a Mediterranean diet was associated with a lower risk of depression, but the problem with that is if you live in Britain, the likelihood of eating a Mediterranean diet is not very high.

Dr. Andrew McCulloeh, chief executive of the Mental Health Foundation, said, this study adds to an existing body of solid research that shows the strong links between what we eat and our mental health.

He added people’ s diets are becoming increasingly unhealthy. The UK population is consuming less nutritious, fresh produce and more saturated fats and sugars.

21.Why might the author have written this passage?(C)

A. To tell people what a healthy diet actually is.

B. To prove people’s diets are increasingly unhealthy.

C. To encourage people to cut down on processed food.

D. To introduce some experts on the research team.

解析:根据第一段第二句“What’s more,people who ate plenty of vegetables,fruit and fish actually had a lower risk of depression…”和最后一段“…people’s diets are becoming increasingly unhealthy.The UK population is consuming less nutritious,fresh produce and more saturated fats and sugars.”可知,饮食和健康之间关系紧密,摄入过多加工食品的人患抑郁症的风险要高于那些摄入大量蔬菜、水果和鱼类的人。由此可推知,作者意在说服人们不要吃过多的加工食品,要多吃有营养的新鲜农产品。故选C。

22.Dr. Andrew McCulloeh agrees that______.(A)

A. our diets are closely related to our mental health

B. the present study needs more facts and other information

C. the UK population will become ill in the near future

D. more saturated fats and sugars should be taken in


23.What can we learn from what Dr. Archana Singh Manoux said?(A)

A. It is difficult for most British people to have a Mediterranean diet.

B. The Mediterranean diet is the most healthy in the world.

C. Many studies have been done on the Mediterranean diet before.

D. The Mediterranean diet is not good for depression.

解析:根据第四段最后一句“…but the problem with that is if you live in Britain,the likelihood of eating a Mediterranean diet is not very high.”可知,如果你生活在英国,你吃到地中海式食物的可能性并不高。由此可推知,大部分英国人都很难吃到地中海式食物。故选A。

24.What do we know about the participants?(D)

A. They are of different ages from young to old.

B. They are from different walks of life.

C. They can choose the diet they like.

D. Their mental states are also affected by other factors.

解析:根据第四段第一句“Study author Dr.Archana Singh Manoux pointed out there was a chance that the finding could be explained by the lifestyle factor they had not accounted for.”可推知,影响整个结果的可能还包括生活方式在内的其他因素,即参与者的心理状况还受到别的因素的影响。选项A、B、C文中均未提及。故选D。

25.The passage is mainly about______.(B)

A. the increasingly unhealthy diet of the UK population

B. the link between processed food and depression

C. the relationship between physical and mental health

D. the emotional state of the British People

解析:第一段“Eating a diet high in processed food increases the risk of depression…people who ate plenty of vegetables,fruit and fish actually had a lower risk of depression…”就点明了文章主旨,摄入过多加工食品的人患抑郁症的风险要高于那些摄入大量蔬菜、水果和鱼类的人。再结合下文的研究可知,本文是围绕“加工食品与抑郁症之间的关系”展开的。故选B。

Hank Viscardi was born without legs. He had no legs but stumps (残肢) that could be fitted with a kind of special boots. People stared at him with cruel interest. Children laughed at him and called him \

26.When Hank marched and trained along with the other soldiers, he______.(A)

A. did everything the other soldiers did

B. did most of the things the other soldiers did

C. did some of the things the other soldiers did

D. took some special training

解析:根据最后一段第二、三句“He took the regular training.He marched and trained along with the other soldiers.”可知,他接受定期训练,并与其他士兵一起行军和 训练。故选A。

27.The writer suggests that Hank Viscardi______.(B)

A. had no friends

B. never saw himself as different from others

C. was very shy

D. was too proud to accept help from others

解析:通读全文可知,Hank和别人一样学习、工作,甚至在部队行军操练,从 来没把自己看作一个不同于别人的人。A、C、D三个选项文章中均未提及。故选B。

28.The sentence \(D)

A. was only glad to give him a job

B. gave him a job because he was a good soldier

C. gave him a job after he talked to someone whom he knew in the organization

D. was not willing to give him a job at first

解析:根据最后一段第一句“…he talked the Red Cross into giving him a job.” 可推知,一开始红十字会不愿意给他工作机会,是他说服了红十字会。其中,talk sb. into doing sth.相当于persuade sb.into doing sth.,意为“说服某人做某事”。故选D。

29.It can be inferred from the story that the five-feet-eight-inch height is______.(A)

A. an average height for a fully grown person

B. too tall for an average person

C. too short for an average person

D. none of the above

解析:根据第一、二段和第三段倒数第二句“…for the first time he saw himself as he had always wanted to be—a man full five feet eight inches tall.”可知,Hank因为残疾从小受到其他孩子的嘲笑,完成8年的学业后,他靠努力工作读完大学,所以Hank内心一直渴望像个正常人一样。由此可推知,five-feet-eight-inches height是一个正常成年人的身高。故选A。

30.Children laughed at Hank and called him \(C)

A. he didn’ t talk to them

B. he kept away from them

C. his arms touched the ground when he moved

D. he couldn’ t use his arms

解析:根据第一段最后一句“Children laughed at him and called him‘Ape Man’because his arms practically dragged on the ground.”可知,因为他的手臂几乎拖到了地上,所以孩子们叫他“猿人”。故选C。

Working to a clear plan during an emergency will help to ensure that you are effectively prioritizing(优先选择) many demands upon your attention.

Do not allow yourself to become distracted by non-vital activities. Always bear in mind the emergency action—Assess, Make Safe, Give Emergency Aid, and Get Help.

Your approach should be brisk(快的) , but calm and controlled, so that you can quickly take in as much information as possible. Your priorities are to identify any risks to yourself, to the casualties(伤亡人员) , and to any other people around, then to access the resources available to you and the kind of help you may need.

State that you have first-aid skills when offering your help. If there are no doctors, nurses, or more experienced people present, calmly take charge. First ask yourself these questions: Is there any continuing danger? Is anyone’ s life in immediate danger? Are there any other people who can help? Do I need specialist help?

The conditions that caused the accident may still present further danger. Remember that you must put your own safety first. You can’ t help others if you become a casualty yourself.

Often, very simple measures, such as turning off an electric switch, are enough to make the area safe. Sometimes more complicated procedures are required. Never put yourself and the casualties at further risk by attempting to do too much: be aware of your limitations.

31.The passage is mainly about______.(B)

A. whom to turn to during an emergency

B. how to act properly in an emergency

C. where to get emergency help

D. when to offer first-aid help

解析:通读全文可知,文章在开头讲到在紧急情况下要按照清晰的计划行事, 接着讲到在提供帮助时要保持冷静和克制,接下来指出了一些要注意的事项,并建议 在提供帮助时要把自己的安全放在第一位,去提供力所能及的帮助。综上所述,文章 主要讲的是“在紧急情况下如何恰当地行事”。故选B。

32.What does the writer ask you to keep in mind when you offer help to others?(A)

A. Putting your own safety first.

B. Turning off all electric devices.

C. Giving as much help as you can.

D. Adopting simple measures if possible.

解析:根据第五段第二句“Remember that you must put your own safety first.”可知,在提供帮助时,你应该记住要把自己的安全放在首位。故选A。

33.When offering your help in an emergency, you should tell others that you______.(B)

A. teach in a medical school

B. have first-aid skills

C. are a medical student

D. work in a hospital

解析:根据第四段第一句“State that you have first-aid skills when offering your help.”可知,在紧急情况下提供帮助时,要说明你有急救技能。故选B。

34.To obtain the greatest amount of information in an emergency, you should______.(B)

A. identify whether you yourself are safe or not

B. take a quick, calm and controlled approach

C. get to the emergency spot immediately

D. possess some first-aid skills

解析:根据第三段第一句“Your approach should be brisk,but calm and controlled,so that you can quickly take in as much information as possible.”可知,在实施帮助时,你的方法应该是迅速的,但是要保持冷静和克制,以便你能快速地获得尽可能多的信息。故选B。

35.In order to act effectively during an emergency, you are advised to______.(D)

A. ask for help from a hospital

B. seek an expert’ s advice

C. turn to the police for help

D. follow a clear plan

解析:根据第一段可知,在紧急情况下,按照一个清晰的计划行事会有助于确保你有效地优先选择许多需要你注意的事情。D项中的follow a clear plan是文中Working to a clear plan的同义替换。故选D。

A new poll shows that people believe that computers and the Internet have made life better for Americans, but people also see some dangers in the trend toward computerization.

The poll found that the public favors some government protection from cyber-problems, but in general people are not especially concerned about issues such as information overload or the never-ending flow of phone calls, faxes and e-mails. A separate survey of children aged 10 to 17 shows that they have a more positive attitude to computers than adults do, and most have made use of up-to-date technology in their schools.

The survey found that enthusiasm for computers and the Internet is found in all income groups, all regions of the country, all races, and most age groups. However, people over 60 and those towards the lower end of the income rank tend to show lower rates of computer ownership and Internet usage. The survey shows that \

36.We can learn from the passage that______.(B)

A. all the American children have used the latest technology in schools

B. computers and the Internet are very popular with Americans

C. Americans tend to place more importance on the Internet usage than computers

D. the public in America does not hate the Internet problems at all

解析:根据第一段和最后一段第一句可知,电脑和因特网改善了美国人的生 活,人们热爱电脑和因特网。由此可推知,电脑和因特网很受美国人的欢迎,所以B 项正确。根据第二段最后一句“…most have made use of up-to-date technology in their schools.”可知,并非美国所有的孩子都在学校使用了最新的科技,所以A项不正确; 根据最后一段最后一句“…computers are part of everyday life for most Americans,and the Internet is close behind.”可推知,对美国人来说,电脑的重要性是第一位,然后是因 特网,所以C项不正确;根据第二段第一句“…but in general people are not especially concerned about issues such as information overload or the never-ending flow of phone calls, faxes and e-mails.”可知,公众不是特别关心信息超载,源源不断的电话、传真、电子邮件 等问题,但并未提及他们一点也不讨厌网络问题,所以D项说法不正确。故选B。

37.American adults tend to______than teenagers.(C)

A. care more about information overload

B. like using computers more

C. dislike using computers more

D. face more dangers

解析:根据第二段最后一句“A separate survey of children aged 10 to 17 shows that they have a more positive attitude to computers than adults do…”可知,美国的青少年对电脑的态度比成年人要积极。由此可推知,与青少年相比,美国成年人不大喜欢使用电脑。故选C。

38.What are the Americans concerned about according to the poll?(B)

A. Age of the children using the Internet.

B. Government protection from the Internet problems.

C. Information overload.

D. The flow of phone calls, faxes and e-mails.

解析:根据第二段第一句“The poll found that the public favors some government protection from cyber-problems…”可知,美国人希望政府能够保护他们免受网络问题的干扰,这是他们所关注的问题。故选B。

39.The word \(A)

A. great love

B. great hatred

C. problem

D. advantage

解析:根据第三段第一、二句“The survey found that enthusiasm for computers and the Internet is found in all income groups…However,people over 60 and those towards the lower end of the income rank tend to show lower rates of computer ownership and Internet usage.”可知,60岁以上的老人和那些收入较低的人群的电脑持有率和因特网使用频率都较低。句中的However表转折,前后两句之间表达的意思相对立。由此可推知,第一句表达了人们对电脑和因特网的热爱,所以enthusiasm意为“热情,热忱”。great love:很喜欢;great hatred:很厌恶;problem:问题;advantage:优势。四个选项中A项与其意思最接近。故选A。

40.The first paragraph shows that______.(D)

A. the new poll about computers and the Internet is helpful

B. people should explore the dangers of computerization

C. people can do nothing without computers and the Internet

D. computerization has its advantages and disadvantages

解析:根据第一段“A new poll shows that people believe that computers and the Internet have made life better for Americans,but people also see some dangers in the trend toward computerization.”可知,人们认为电脑和因特网使美国人的生活变得更加美好,但是他们也注意到计算机化这一发展趋势中潜在的危险。由此可推知,计算机化既有其优点也有其缺点。故选D。



As a general rule, all forms of activity lead to boredom when they are performed on a routine(常规) basis. As a matter of fact, we can see this【C1】______at work in people of all【C2】______. For example, on Christmas morning, children are excited about playing with their new toys. But their【C3】______soon wears off and by January those same toys can【C4】______put away in the basement. The world is full of half-filled stamp albums and unfinished models, each standing as a monument to someone’ s【C5】______interest. When parents bring home a pet, their child【C6】______bathes it and brushes its fur. Within a short time, however, the【C7】______of caring for the animal is handed over to the parents. Adolescents enter high school with great【C8】______but are soon looking forward to 【C9】______. The same is true of the young adults going to college. And then, how many adults, who now complain about the long drives to work,【C10】______drove for hours at a time when they first 【C11】______their driver’ s license? Before people retire, they usually【C12】______to do a lot of great things, 【C13】______they never had time to do while working. But soon after retirement, the golfing, the fishing, the reading and all of the other pastimes become as boring as the jobs they【C14】______And, like the child in January, they go searching for new【C15】______.


A. principle

B. habit

C. weakness

D. power

解析:principle:准则;habit:习惯;weakness:缺点;power:力量。根据句意和上文中的As a general rule(一般来说)可知,这里应填principle。故选A。


A. parties

B. races

C. countries

D. ages

解析:根据下文的children,Adolescents,the young adults等可知,此处说的是 不同年龄段的人,所以应选ages。


A. confidence

B. interest

C. anxiety

D. sorrow

解析:句意:他们对新玩具的兴趣很快就消失了。confidence:自信;interest:兴 趣;anxiety:焦虑;sorrow:悲伤。故选B。


A. be found

B. find

C. found

D. been found

解析:情态动词can后应跟动词原形,所以排除选项C、D。根据句意可知, toys和find之间为逻辑上的动宾关系,所以此处应用被动形式,即be found。故选A。


A. broad

B. passing

C. different

D. main

解析:根据上下文可知,此处表达的是“每一个都如立在那里的里程碑,代表 着某个人一时的(passing)兴趣”。broad:广泛的,宽阔的;different:不同的;main:主要 的。故选B。


A. silently

B. impatiently

C. gladly

D. worriedly

解析:句意:当父母带回家一个宠物时,孩子高兴地为它洗澡,给它刷毛。 silently:默默地:impatiently:不耐烦地;gladly:高兴地;worriedly:担心地。故选C。


A. promise

B. burden

C. right

D. game

解析:句意:但是,过不了多久,照顾宠物的重任又移交给了父母。promise:承 诺;burden:负担,责任;right:权利;game:游戏。故选B。


A. courage

B. calmness

C. confusion

D. excitement

解析:句意:青少年怀着极大的兴奋之情进入高中。courage:勇气;calmness: 平静;confusion:困惑;excitement:兴奋。故选D。


A. graduation

B. independence

C. responsibility

D. success

解析:根据前半句中的“Adolescents enter high school”和句中的but可知,此处 表达的是“但是不久他们就盼望着毕业(graduation)”。independence:独立,自主; responsibility:责任,职责;success:成功。故选A。


A. carefully

B. eagerly

C. nervously

D. bravely

解析:句意:当他们刚刚拿到驾照时,他们满怀渴望地一次开好几个小时的 车。carefully:小心地;eagerly:渴望地,热切地;nervously:紧张地;bravely:勇敢地。故 选B。


A. required

B. obtained

C. noticed

D. discovered

解析:require:需要;obtain:获得;notice:注意;discover:发现。表示“拿到驾 照”应用obtain。


A. need

B. learn

C. start

D. plan

解析:句意:在退休前,人们通常计划做很多事情。need:需要;learn:学习; start:开始;plan:计划。故选D。


A. which

B. what

C. that

D. who

解析:分析句子结构可知,逗号后面为非限制性定语从句,修饰things,且从 句中缺少do的宾语,所以应用关系代词which引导。what不能引导定语从句;that 不能引导非限制性定语从句;who引导定语从句时,先行词必须是人,均可排除。 故选A。


A. lost

B. chose

C. left

D. quit

解析:句意:刚退休后不久,那些消遣方式就像他们刚离开的工作一样,非常 乏味。lose:失去;choose:选择;leave:离开;quit:辞职,放弃。根据上文中的after retirement可知,这里应选left。故选C。


A. pets

B. toys

C. friends

D. colleagues

解析:句意:这些退休老人就像一月里的孩子一样,开始找新玩具来寻求刺激 了。根据文章第三句中的“children are excited about playing with their new toys”可知, 这里是原词复现,应选toys。



56.A lot of modern women are so involved in their careers that they have no time to make friends.



57.Whoever has dealt with children knows that too much protection does no good to their being independent.



58.Most people here are very familiar with the history of the ancient town.



59.We should make full use of our time at school in order to gain more knowledge.



60.This profession is filled with long hours, hard work and many difficulties, which leads to young people unwilling to take it up.





Learning methods vary from person to person. What is suitable for you may not work for me.



Your performance in the volleyball match was perfect, so you deserve the honour.



Although you can have different opinions, you should learn how to show respect for others.



As a matter of fact, no one can be famous overnight without hard work.



We firmly believe that the more we study now, the better we will be able to work in the future.



66. For this part, you are required to write a composition entitled Body-building. You should base your composition on the outline given below and write it on the Answer Sheet.





In recent years, more and more people spare no pains to join the body-building group. People begin to join various fitness clubs or fitness centers in their spare time. This shows body-building has become an indispensable part of many people’ s life.

Why are so many people keen on body-building? Firstly, keeping healthy is one of their main purposes. In modern society, many people stay for most of the day before the desk without doing any exercise, which definitely harms their health. Body-building caters to the need of these people who come to realize the potential danger of their working pattern. Secondly, body-building is beneficial for people to keep their body shape. Much setting-up exercise like aerobics (有氧运动) is very helpful in losing weight. Besides, body-building is a good way in which people can release pressure. As far as I am concerned, the popularity of body-building will be a long-time trend. It shows people begin to pay more and more attention to life quality. As a fashionable and healthy lifestyle, body-building will attract more and more people.











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