1.You won’ t get a loan______you can offer some security.(C)

A. lest

B. in case

C. unless

D. other than

解析:lest:以免,唯恐;in case:免得,以防;unless:除非;other than:除了……之外。根据句意可知,选C。

2.Many children chose \(B)

A. favorable

B. favorite

C. preferred

D. preferable


3.Few people know him, ______?(A)

A. do they

B. don’t they

C. doesn’t few

D. don’t few

解析:当陈述句部分有little,few,hardly等表示否定意义的词时,反意疑问句部分要用肯定形式。陈述句部分的主语是Few people,所以反意疑问句部分应用they。故选A。

4.The opportunity______in a prestigious corporation is a dream for the graduates nowadays in many countries.(B)

A. working

B. to work

C. worked

D. to be working


5.We thought of selling this old furniture, but we’ ve decided to______it. It might be valuable.(A)

A. hold on to

B. keep up with

C. turn to

D. look after

解析:hold on to:不送,不卖,保留;keep up with:跟上,赶上;turn to:转向,求助于;look after:照顾,照看。根据句意可知,选A。

6.The book has been translated into thirty languages since it______on the market in 1973.(C)

A. had come

B. has come

C. came

D. comes

解析:根据从句中的时间状语in 1973可知,从句应用一般过去时,表示过去某一具体时间发生的动作。故选C。

7.He is______to be a reliable prime minister.(A)

A. too impulsive a man

B. a too impulsive man

C. too an impulsive man

D. too impulsive man


8.______tomorrow, our ship will set sail for Macao.(A)

A. Whatever the weather is like

B. Whatever is the weather like

C. However is the weather like

D. However the weather is like

解析:分析句子结构可知,空处是一个让步状语从句。英语中常用的询问天气情况的表达方式有两种:What is the weather like?和How is the weather?一般how不和like同时使用,可排除C、D两项。whatever意为“无论什么”,可在让步状语从句中作like的宾语,且从句应用陈述句语序。故选A。

9.______ before we leave tomorrow, we should invite all our friends to hold a party to welcome them.(C)

A. Had they come back

B. Were they coming back

C. Were they to come back

D. Would they come back

解析:根据句中的时间状语tomorrow和should invite可知,从句是对将来情况的假设。在表示对将来情况假设的非真实条件句中,从句的谓语动词用过去式(be动词用were)或“should/were to+动词原形”的形式。当if引导的非真实条件句中含有were,had或should时,可省略if,并将were,had或should放在主语前面,形成倒装。故选C。

10.Susan came out______in the speech contest.(D)

A. the third

B. three

C. a third

D. third

解析:come out first/second/third…为固定用法,意为“结果是第一/二/三……名”。故选D。

11.The company considers______significantly important to provide perfect service for its clients.(A)

A. it

B. this

C. that

D. one

解析:分析句子结构可知,空处应用it作形式宾语,代替真正的宾语to provide perfect service for its clients。this常用来引出下文;that常用来指代上文提到的单数名词或不可数名词;one:一个,指代同类人或事物中的一个。故选A。

12.After______by the doctor, you are required to turn in the examination form.(D)

A. examined

B. having examined

C. to be examined

D. being examined


13.If only I______my four years of college life!(D)

A. didn’t wasted

B. shouldn’ t have wasted

C. haven’ t wasted

D. hadn’t wasted

解析:在if only引起的感叹句中应用虚拟语气。表示现在还没实现的愿望,谓语动词用过去式(be动词用were);表示过去没有实现的愿望,谓语动词用“had+过去分词”的形式;表示将来没有可能实现的愿望,谓语动词用“would/could/should/might+动词原形”的形式。根据句意可知,此处表示的是过去没有实现的愿望。故选D。

14.______the opportunity to study abroad, I could not experience a quite different culture.(B)

A. Due to

B. But for

C. As to

D. Owing to

解析:due to:由于,因为;but for:如果没有,要不是;as to:至于,说到;owing to:由于,因为。根据句意可知,选B。

15.It was for this reason______ her uncle moved out of New York and settled down in a small village.(C)

A. which

B. why

C. that

D. how

解析:强调句的基本结构为“It is/was+被强调部分+that/who+其他”。当被强调部分为人时,可用that或who连接;当被强调部分为事物时,只能用that连接。本句强调的是介词短语for this reason,所以应用that.连接。故选C。

16.Every boy and every girl______that each day and each hour______ its duty.(B)

A. know: bring

B. knows: brings

C. knows: bring

D. know: brings


17.When he was asked about the missing cell phone, the boy______ever seeing it.(B)

A. opposed

B. denied

C. objected

D. refused


18.His actions are not______his words, so we can’t believe him.(D)

A. in relation to

B. in contrast to

C. in regard to

D. in line with

解析:in relation to:关于,涉及;in contrast to:与……对比;in regard to:关于;in line with:和……一致,符合。根据句意可知,选D。

19.The visiting professor is from The University of Tokyo and he speaks English with a strong Japanese______.(C)

A. identity

B. spelling

C. accent

D. vocabulary


20.When the police broke into the house, they found the old man ______ dead on the floor.(D)

A. lain

B. laid

C. laying

D. lying

解析:A项lain是动词lie(躺,平卧)的过去分词,通常表示被动或动作的完成;B项laid是动词lay(放置,下蛋)的过去式和过去分词;C项laying是动词lay的现在分词;D项lying是动词lie的现在分词。根据句意可排除B项和C项。又因为the old man和lie之间是逻辑上的主谓关系,所以应用现在分词形式。故选D。

21.Gilbert often attends online public lectures______his horizon.(B)

A. broadening

B. to broaden

C. to have broadened

D. to be broadened


22.It is no good______about the living conditions here. You should adapt yourself to the environment.(D)

A. to complain

B. for you to complain

C. for you to complaining

D. complaining

解析:“It is no good(use,fun…)doing…”为固定用法,意为“做……是没有好处(用、乐趣等)的”,其中It作形式主语,真正的主语是后面的动名词短语。故选D。

23.The striking contrast of another culture provides a mirror______one’ s own culture is reflected.(B)

A. on which

B. in which

C. from which

D. out of which

解析:分析句子结构可知,空处引导的是一个定语从句,修饰先行词mirror。be reflected in sth.为固定搭配,意为“(影像)被反映、映照在某物上”,所以关系代词前应用介词in。故选B。

24.Though having a lot of developing countries, Asia is ______ Europe with many developed ones.(C)

A. larger four times than

B. four times larger as

C. four times as large as

D. as four times large as

解析:常用的表示倍数的句型为:①A+谓语+倍数+as+形容词或副词的原 级+as+B+其他;②A+谓语+倍数+形容词或副词的比较级+than+B+其他。选 项中只有C项形式正确。故选C。

25.The librarian said you______return this book to the library by the end of this week.(D)

A. might

B. would

C. dare

D. must


26.He is looking for another job because he feels that nothing he does______his current boss.(D)

A. promises

B. benefits

C. puzzles

D. satisfies


27.The question he asked was______the electrical equipment should be stored.(C)

A. what

B. which

C. where

D. because


28.My eyes are getting tired. I______for two hours. I think I’ll take a rest.(B)

A. have read

B. have been reading

C. read

D. would have read


29.Polar explorers have to be extremely______to endure the climate and other hardships.(C)

A. hard

B. rough

C. tough

D. fierce


30.As she matured as an artist, she______realize that \(B)

A. kept to

B. came to

C. took to

D. went to

解析:come to realize为固定搭配,意为“开始意识到”。keep to:遵守;take to:养成……的习惯,喜欢上;go to:去到,后面常跟地点,意为“去某地”。故选B。


Participation in classrooms is not only accepted but also expected from the students in many courses. Some professors base part of the final grade on the students’ oral participation. Although there are formal lectures during which the student has a passive role (i. e. listening and taking notes) , many courses are organized around classroom discussions, student questions, and informal lectures. In graduate seminars the professor has a \

31.Participation in the classroom is not only accepted but also expected from the students in many courses except in______.(D)

A. seminar courses

B. the humanities and social sciences

C. informal lecture courses

D. science and mathematics

解析:根据第三段第一句“In the teaching of sciences and mathematics…with teachers presenting formal lectures and students taking notes.”可知,自然科学学科和数 学学科的教学,通常是老师讲课,学生做笔记的传统模式,其他三项均需要学生的课 堂参与。故选D。

32.Education in the humanities and social sciences has______.(B)

A. not changed much

B. changed from being theoretical to being applied

C. changed a little

D. become more theoretical than applied

解析:根据第三段第二句“However,new educational trends have emerged in the humanities and social sciences in the past two decades.”和最后一句“Since some college or university courses are‘applied’rather than theoretical…”可知,人文社科类的课程教学出现了新的变化趋势,一些大学开设的课程更注重应用实践而非理论。故选B。

33.It can be inferred from the passage that______.(A)

A. an active participant in a seminar is a good student

B. a student who can always take full notes is a good one

C. a student who can dominate the class is a good one

D. a student who keeps silent in the classroom is a good one

解析:根据第一段第二句“Some professors base part of the final grade on the students’oral participation.”可推知,学生在课堂上的口头发言参与是会被计入到期末成绩中的,研讨会上表现越积极,分数自然就越高,就是一个好学生,所以A项正确,B项和D项错误。文中并没有提到一个能够掌控课堂的学生就是一个好学生,所以C项错误。故选A。

34.The reason why some professors ask students to make presentations and lead discussions is that______.(C)

A. these professors are not willing to teach theory

B. these professors are often not well prepared before class

C. these professors want to stress \

D. these professors want to test the students’ abilities

解析:根据第三段最后两句“Students…are often required to solve problems in groups,design projects,make presentations…Since some college or university courses…stress‘doing’and involvement.”可知,一些教授之所以要求学生作陈述和主持讨论是因为他们更看重实践,即更强调“做”和参与。故选C。

35.Which of the following is true?(B)

A. Student participation is not common in the classroom in many courses like sociology.

B. Some professors want to dominate the classroom discussion.

C. Some professors usually want the students to participate in the teaching of sciences and mathematics.

D. New educational trends have emerged in the teaching of natural sciences such as chemistry.

解析:根据第三段前三句“In the teaching of sciences and mathematics…case studies.”可知,社会学课堂上的学生经常被要求参与其中,自然科学学科和数学学科的教学中依然普遍采用了传统的以老师为主导的教学模式,出现新的教学趋势的学科是人文和社会科学学科,所以选项A、C、D均不正确。根据第二段第二句“Some professors prefer to control discussion…”可知,一些教授喜欢控制班级讨论,所以B项 正确。故选B。

A blizzard (暴风雪) is a severe weather condition characterized by low temperatures and strong winds, greater than 35 miles per hour, bearing a great amount of snow.

Because the factors for classifying winter storms are complex, there are many definitions of what a blizzard truly is. But it is generally agreed that in order to be classified as a blizzard, as opposed to merely a winter storm, the weather must meet several conditions. The storm must decrease visibility to a quarter of a mile for three hours running, include snow or ice as precipitation, and have wind speeds of at least 32 miles per hour, which means Force seven or more on the wind scale.

Another standard, according to Environment Canada, is that the winter storm must have winds of 40 kilometers per hour or more, plenty of snow, visibility less than one kilometer, a temperature of less than minus 25 degrees Celsius, and all of these conditions must last for four hours or more, before the storm can properly be called a blizzard.

When all of these conditions continue after snow has stopped falling, the storm is referred to as a ground blizzard. An extreme form of a blizzard is a whiteout, when the downdrafts, together with snowfall, become so severe that it is impossible to distinguish the ground from the air. People caught in a whiteout can quickly become disoriented, losing their sense of up and down as well as their sense of direction. Severe blizzards can also occur along with arctic cyclones(气旋).

36.What’s the passage mainly about?(A)

A. The definitions of blizzards.

B. The disasters caused by blizzards.

C. The amount of snow brought by blizzards.

D. The strong winds caused by blizzards.

解析:第一段第一句就指出“A blizzard is a severe…”,即暴风雪的定义。第 二、三段分别给出了界定暴风雪的标准,最后一段介绍了其他情况下的暴风雪类型。 综上可知,文章主要讲述了暴风雪的定义。故选A。

37.Which of the following is true of a blizzard according to the first standard?(B)

A. One can’ t see anything beyond a mile.

B. One can’t see anything beyond a quarter of a mile.

C. The wind blows at a speed of 25 miles per hour.

D. The wind blows at a speed of 23 miles per hour.

解析:根据第二段第三句“The storm must decrease visibility to a quarter of a mile…and have wind speeds of at least 32 miles per hour…”可知,根据第一种标准,暴 风雪应满足的天气状况包括:能见度必须减小到0.25英里,风速至少达到每小时32 英里。故选B。

38.Which of the following is true of a blizzard according to the second standard?(C)

A. Visibility is decreased to 2 kilometers.

B. Visibility is decreased to 1.5 kilometers.

C. The wind blows at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour.

D. The wind blows at a speed of 32 kilometers per hour.

解析:根据第三段“…must have winds of 40 kilometers per hour or more… visibility less than one kilometer…”可知,根据第二种标准,暴风雪应满足的天气状况 包括:能见度小于一千米,风速达到40千米每小时。故选C。

39.What is a ground blizzard?(D)

A. A blizzard blowing over a piece of land.

B. A blizzard hitting a plain.

C. When the snow has stopped falling, the visibility increases and the wind force decreases.

D. When the snow has stopped falling, the visibility and wind remain.

解析:根据最后一段第一句“When all of these conditions continue after snow has stopped falling,the storm is referred to as a ground blizzard.”可知,降雪停止后,上述天 气状况依然继续时,即可见度、风速、气温等保持不变,此时的暴风雪就被称为地面暴 风雪(ground blizzard)。故选D。

40.Which of the following is the correct order of increasing force?(C)

A. Winter storm—whiteout—blizzard.

B. Whiteout—winter storm—blizzard.

C. Winter storm—blizzard—whiteout.

D. Blizzard—winter storm—whiteout.

解析:根据第二段第二句“…in order to be classified as a blizzard,as opposed to merely a winter storm,the weather must meet several conditions.”和最后一段第二句“An extreme form of a blizzard is a whiteout…”可知,三者的级别从小到大依次为winter storm,blizzard,whiteout。故选C。

You are here to see Bill Gates, the Chairman and Chief Software Architect of Microsoft Corporation. As you know, Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software services and Internet technology for personal and business computing. Last year’s revenues topped $32 billion, and the company employed 55,000 people in 85 countries. And Mr. Gates is an iconic figure in contemporary computing.

While attending Harvard, Bill Gates and his childhood friend Paul Allen started Microsoft, and launched a revolution. The fledgling (新建的) company was more interesting than the classroom for Bill Gates, so he dropped out in his junior year. In his case, it was clearly a great decision. He not only built a company, but more importantly he built a vision. Both were built on the idea that the computer would be a valuable tool on every office desk and in every home, and that software was the key. The penetration(渗透,进入) of personal computing in our businesses, our offices, our public libraries, on the train or on the plane, and in our home is astonishing, and truly reflects the Bill Gates’ view that if the software is right, they will come.

Bill Gates is also an author of two books. One of them, Business at the Speed of Thought, is available in 60 nations and 25 languages. It shows how computer technology can solve business problems in fundamentally new ways. By the way, the proceeds of both books are given to nonprofits that support the use of technology in education and skill development.

He’ s an avid reader, a golfer, and a bridge player. He is a household name, a visionary, a philanthropist(慈善家) , and tonight he is our guest. So please join me in giving an Illinois welcome to William H. Bill Gates.

41.What does the author mean when he refers to Mr. Gates as an iconic figure?(D)

A. Mr. Gates is a famous person having a lot of money.

B. Mr. Gates is a famous person representing a way of life.

C. Mr. Gates is a famous person developing a lot of software.

D. Mr. Gates is a famous person working in computer industry.

解析:根据文章第一段对微软公司的介绍以及本段最后一句“And Mr.Gates is an iconic figure in contemporary computing.”可知,比尔·盖茨是当代计算机行业中 的标志性人物。本题重在理解iconic(偶像的,象征性的)的意思。故选D。

42.Why did Bill Gates drop out of school?(D)

A. Because there was a revolution.

B. Because he had earned $32 billion.

C. Because he had already built a vision.

D. Because school wasn’ t as interesting as his work.

解析:根据第二段第二句“The fledgling company was more interesting than the classroom for Bill Gates,so he dropped out in his junior year.”可知,比尔-盖茨之所以 退学是因为他觉得课堂不如工作有趣。故选D。

43.According to Paragraph 2, which of the following is most important for the development of computers?(D)

A. Bill Gates’ dropping out of school.

B. The penetration of personal computing.

C. Bill Gates’ fledgling company.

D. The software.

解析:根据第二段第五句“…the computer would be a valuable tool on every office desk and in every home,and that software was the key.”可推知,对计算机发展来 说至关重要的是软件。故选D。

44.We can infer from Paragraph 3 that______.(D)

A. Bill Gates made a lot of money from the two books

B. Bill Gates used up all the money from the two books

C. Bill Gates donated the money from the two books to his company

D. Bill Gates made no profits from the two books

解析:根据第三段最后一句“…the proceeds of both books are given to nonprofits that support the use of technology in education and skill development.”可知,比尔-盖茨 把这两本书的收入全部捐给了非营利组织,用来支持教育和技能开发上的技术应用, 所以可推知,他并没有从这两本书中获利。故选D。

45.According to the last paragraph, Bill Gates is expected to______next.(A)

A. give a talk

B. hold a meeting

C. attend a business meeting

D. meet his colleagues

解析:根据第一段第一句“You are here to see Bill Gates…”和最后一段最后一 句“So please join me in giving an Illinois welcome to William H.Bill Gates.”可推知,本 文是一篇欢迎致辞,目的是请出比尔-盖茨为大家演讲。故选A。

As technology transcends national boundaries and demystifies(使明白) cultures, and the speed of flight transcends the speed of sound, it’ s time for us to reflect upon whether or not our students are prepared to meet the challenges of the information age. Are we losing sight of what our task is to prepare our youngsters to become effective contributors to society?

Today’ s children must be prepared with the knowledge and experience to be able to select, retrieve(检索) and synthesize(合成) information from traditional and nontraditional sources, and

apply it locally and transnationally. Our children need to experience learning in a cooperative, inquiry-based environment so that they develop from a state of dependency through independence to interdependency. They need to read very eagerly in a variety of contexts, and apply mathematical and scientific concepts to real life situations within and between disciplines to solve anticipated and unpredictable problems. To make them citizens of the world, they need to learn a second language starting in kindergarten, so that they can communicate effectively in an international marketplace. They need technological expertise and familiarity with computers to use them in the classroom and beyond. They must be nurtured, and we must support their desire to become lifelong learners. Can these objectives be realized? Certainly. We must \

46.The author thinks today’ s education______.(A)

A. doesn’ t perform its task well

B. has to give challenges to the students

C. reflects upon the students’ challenges

D. has transcended national boundaries

解析:根据第一段第一句“…it’s time for us to reflect upon whether or not our students are prepared…”可推知,如今的教育不足以使处于信息时代的学生们应对各 种各样的挑战,也就是说现如今的教育任务完成的还不够好。故选A。

47.The underlined word \(C)

A. knowledge

B. experience

C. information

D. interdependency

解析:根据第二段第一句“…select,retrieve and synthesize information from traditional and nontraditional sources,and apply it locally and transnationally.”可知,如 今的孩子要能够挑选、检索和合成来自传统资源和非传统资源的信息,并将其应用到 当地或跨国运用它,所以it指代的是上文提到的information(信息)。故选C。

48.The purpose of a cooperative, inquiry-based learning is to nurture students’ ______.(D)

A. independence

B. dependence

C. desire to learn life-long

D. interdependency

解析:根据第二段第二句“Our children need to…so that they develop from a state of dependency through independence to interdependency.”可知,基于探究的合作学习是为了培养学生之间的相互依赖性。故选D。

49.Students of our information age should be able to______.(D)

A. select, retrieve and synthesize information

B. apply information locally and internationally

C. apply scientific knowledge to solve anticipated and unpredictable problems

D. all of the above

解析:根据第二段第一句“Today’s children must…be able to select,retrieve and synthesize information from traditional and nontraditional sources,and apply it locally and transnationany.”和第三句“…apply mathematical and scientific concepts to real life situations within and between disciplines to solve anticipated and unpredictable problems.” 可知,A、B、C三项均正确。故选D。

50.This passage is a______.(B)

A. description of the condition of today’ s education

B. discussion about what today’ s students should be able to do

C. call for educational reform

D. list of actions we have to take in teaching

解析:通读全文并根据第一段第一句“…it’s time for us to reflect upon whether or not…”以及第二段中“Today’s children must be prepared…”“Our children need to experience…”“They need to read very eagerly…”“…they need to learn a second language…”可知,文章主要讨论了现在的学生应该如何培养自身能力,以适应日新月 异的信息时代,应对多种多样的挑战。故选B。



Though some people have suggested that women should return to housework in order to leave【C1】______jobs for men, the idea has been rejected by both women and men in public【C2】______polls.

Lately some union officials have suggested that too many women are employed in types of work more【C3】______for men and that women should step aside to make【C4】______for unemployed young men. They argue that women, especially women in their childbearing (育龄的) years,【C5】______delay economic development and result【C6】______lower productivity, poor quality and【C7】______.

To solve the problem, they suggest that working women stay at home【C8】______their husbands or brothers were given double wages. They argue that【C9】______these circumstances, families would 【C10】______their same level of income, and women could run the house and 【C11】______children much better.

The suggestion, 【C12】______, has been flatly rejected by 9 out of 10 people 【C13】______.

Some other people have suggested another way called \


A. more

B. fewer

C. much

D. less

解析:根据句意可知,一些人建议女性应该回归家庭,以便给男性留下更多的 工作机会。根据空后的jobs一词可知,此处应选many的比较级more。故选A。


A. attitude

B. reaction

C. idea

D. opinion

解析:opinion poll为固定短语,意为“民意调查”。attitude:态度,看法; reaction:反应;idea:想法,主意。故选D。


A. available

B. suitable

C. reliable

D. practical

解析:available:可用的,可获得的;suitable:适合的,适宜的;reliable:可信赖 的,可靠的;practical:实践的,实际的。根据句意并结合空后的“…women should step aside…”可知,一些工会官员认为太多女性在更适合男性的岗位上工作,她们应该为 没有工作的男性让位子。故选B。


A. course

B. route

C. way

D. road

解析:make way for为固定短语,意为“给……让路,为……开路”。故选C。


A. strangely

B. unusually

C. approximately

D. actually

解析:strangely:奇怪地,不可思议地;unusually:不寻常地;approximately:大约, 约莫;actually:实际上,事实上。根据句意并结合上文“They argue that women, especially women in their childbearing years…”可知,有些人认为哺乳期的女性参加工 作实际上会拖累经济的发展。故选D。


A. with

B. in

C. from

D. on

解析:result in:导致,结果是,后面跟结果;result from:起因于,原因是,后面跟原 因。两者都属于固定短语。result一般不与介词with,on搭配。根据上下文可知,哺乳 期的女性参加工作会导致产量低、质量不高和效率低下,这都属于结果。故选B。


A. availability

B. inefficiency

C. relationship

D. harmony

解析:availability:可用性,实用性;inefficiency:无效率;relationship:友谊;harmony:和谐,融洽相处。根据空前的lower productivity,poor quality可知,此处应选与之意思相近的词,所以inefficiency符合语境。故选B。


A. though

B. while

C. since

D. until

解析:though:虽然,尽管,引导让步状语从句;while:然而,可以表示前后两者 之间的对比;since:由于,自……以来,可引导原因和时间状语从句;until:直到,可引 导时间状语从句。此处表达的是“他们建议女性待在家里,而男性拿双倍工资”,属于 两者之间的对比。故选B。


A. under

B. for

C. with

D. on

解析:under these circumstances是固定短语,意为“在这些情况下”。故选A。


A. remain

B. supply

C. support

D. receive

解析:remain:保持;supply:供给,供应;support:支持,支撑;receive:收到,得到。 结合上下文可知,空处应选remain,表示“保持他们同等的收入水平”。故选A。


A. grow

B. bring

C. raise

D. feed

解析:grow:成长,长大;bring:带来,拿来,bring up意为“养育\


A. therefore

B. moreover

C. however

D. thus

解析:therefore:因此,所以,表示结果;moreover:而且,此外,表示递进; however:然而,可是,表示转折;thus:因此,表示结果。结合上下文可知,此处表示转 折关系。故选C。


A. polling

B. to poll

C. to be polled

D. polled

解析:本题考查非谓语动词的用法. poll:对……进行民意测验。空前的“…9 out of 10 people”很明显属于被测验的对象,因此应用过去分词作后置定语,其完整表 达为“9 out of 10 people who were polled”。故选D。


A. holiday

B. rest

C. leave

D. vacation

解析:holiday:假期,节假日,与take搭配时的短语应为take a holiday或take holidays;rest:休息,剩余部分,与take搭配时的短语应为take a rest;leave:假期,休假, take leave为固定短语,意为“请假”;vacation:假期,休假,与take搭配时的短语应为 take a vacation。故选C。


A. when

B. until

C. after

D. while

解析:when:当……时;until:直到……为止;after:在……之后;while:然而, 当……时。结合上下文可知,空处应填until,意为“女性可以休假直到她的孩子3岁 时”。根据句意可知,选B。


A. in

B. for

C. on

D. with

解析:on leave为固定短语,意为“休假,在休假中”。故选C。


A. common

B. ordinary

C. normal

D. real

解析:common:普通的,常见的;ordinary:普通的,平凡的;normal:正常的,标准 的;real:实际的,真实的。此处表达的是“建议休假的女性拿到她们正常工资的75%”。normal salary:正常工资,符合句意。故选C。


A. assist

B. interest

C. serve

D. benefit

解析:assist:帮助,辅助;interest:使感兴趣,使关注;serve:为……服务;benefit:有益于,benefit sb.意为“对某人有益”。根据句意可知,这里表达的是“该项建议对孩子、女性、家庭和社会都有益处”。故选D。


A. finally

B. definitely

C. doubtfully

D. fashionably

解析:finally:最后,终于;definitely:当然,肯定地;doubtfully:怀疑地,疑惑地;fashionably:时髦地。根据空前的“This will benefit children,women,their families and the society…”可知,该项建议对孩子、女性和她们的家庭都有益处,所以当然会更易于接受。故选B。


A. that

B. which

C. these

D. those

解析:本句考查同位语从句。同位语从句用于解释说明所修饰名词的具体内 容,通常由that引导,that只起连接作用,在从句中不充当句子成分。本句中空后的 “women return to their homes forever”用来说明suggestion的具体内容。故选A。



71.Football is the most popular sport around the world. People participating in the game can not only keep fit, but also make friends and gain great enjoyment. However, it may result in bloodshed from time to time due to its fierce nature: yet this cannot weaken the charm of football.

足球是全世界最受欢迎的体育运动。参加这项运动的人们不仅能保持身体 健康,还能结交朋友,获得极大的乐趣。然而,由于其激烈的特质,它可能会偶尔导致 流血事件。但这并不能减弱足球的魅力。

解析:第一句为简单句,直接顺译即可。第二句中的participating in the game为现 在分词短语,作People的后置定语;not only…but also…译为“不仅……而且……”,连 接两个并列结构。第三句包含由yet连接的表示转折关系的两个分句,直接顺译即 可;result in译为“导致”;bloodshed译为“流血事件”;from time to time译为“偶尔”; due to译为“由于”;weaken译为“减弱”。

72.The booming of Confucius Institutes in many countries shows there is a constant rise of the worldwide fervor in learning Chinese. China’ s rich culture and blossoming economy are driving their interest to learn the language. The Confucius Institutes have not only offered a place for foreigners to learn Chinese, but also serves as a platform to help people understand each other.

孔子学院在许多国家的迅速发展表明世界范围内对学习汉语的热情持续升 高。中国灿烂的文化和繁荣的经济吸引着他们学习汉语。孔子学院不仅为外国人提 供学习汉语的场所,也成为一个帮助人们了解彼此的平台。

解析:第一句是一个主从复合句,主句主语为The booming of Confucius Institutes, 主句谓语动词shows后面是一个省略了that的宾语从句;Confucius Institutes译为“孔 子学院”;constant rise译为“持续升高”;fervor译为“热情”。第二句为简单句,直接顺 译即可;blossoming泽为“繁荣的”;drive译为“驱使,激励,促使”,在此可引申为“吸 引”;to learn the language是不定式短语作后置定语,修饰interest。第三句中not only…but also…连接两个并列结构,且包含两个不定式短语作后置定语,即to learn Chinese和to help people understand each other,分别修饰place和platform。



I soon realize the phone is just like a cigarette,which is hard to cut out.

解析:本句考杏宾语从句和非限制性定语从句的译法。“就像……一样”常用just like…表示;“很难戒掉”在本句中属于补充说明的内容,翻译时应使用非限制性定语 从句;“戒掉”可译为cut out。


This suit is very satisfying except for its colour.

解析:本句考查介词的译法。颜色与衣服的关系属于具体细节与整体的关系,所 以“除了”应用except for表示,指对某种基本情况进行具体细节方面的修正,其后可 直接加名词或代词。“令人满意的”可译为satisfying。


Nothing can give teachers more pleasure than to see the progress of their students.

解析:本句考查用比较级形式表达最高级含义的译法。否定词和比较级连用可以 表达最高级的含义。“再也没有比……更……的了”可用nothing…than结构。


The police warn passengers not to leave money and valuables in their bags in case they are stolen.

解析:本句考查warn的用法和目的状语从句的译法。“提醒某人(不)做某事”常用warn sb.(not)to do sth.来表示;“以防……”常用in case(that)来表示,引导目的状语从句。


I don’t care if they will disapprove of my plan,but deep in my heart I still yearn for their support.

解析:本句考查固定短语的译法。“否定……”常用disapprove of来表示;“内心深处”可译为deep in one’s heart;“渴望”可译为yearn for。


78. For this part, you’ re required to write a composition entitled How Should College Students Manage Their Time? Please write it on the Answer Sheet.

How Should College Students Manage Their Time?

As the saying \











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