1.It is common practice______a battery when it still has some power in it.(A)

A. to charge

B. charge

C. charged

D. having charged

解析:“It is/was+名词+to do sth.”为固定句型,其中It是句子的形式主语,真正的主语是不定式,意为“做……是……”。故选A。

2.It was your recommendation______enabled me to be an engineer in this world-famous company.(D)

A. when

B. who

C. what

D. that

解析:分析句子结构可知,本句是一个强调句。强调句型的基本结构为“It is/was+被强调部分+that/who+其他”。本句强调的是主语your recommendation,所以应用that连接。故选D。

3.Having your phone or computer______may cause a lot of trouble to you.(A)

A. damaged

B. damage

C. damaging

D. to damage

解析:分析句子结构可知,空处应用非谓语动词。根据句意可知,phone or computer和damage之间是逻辑上的动宾关系,所以应用过去分词表被动。故选A。

4.Some small businesses have neither the technology______ the resources to compete with these big businesses.(B)

A. or

B. nor

C. and

D. but


5.They have decided to put the meeting______till next Monday.(C)

A. up

B. on

C. off

D. forward


6.In his paper, John is trying to identify______determines the final result of the project.(A)

A. what

B. whether

C. when

D. how


7.The HR department is a critical part of employees’ well-being in any business, ______ small it is.(A)

A. no matter how

B. no matter what

C. no matter where

D. no matter which


8.The young man______visited our school this morning is Maria’ s brother.(A)

A. who

B. which

C. whose

D. what

解析:分析句子结构可知,空处引导定语从句,修饰先行词The young man。从 句成分不完整,缺少主语,所以应用关系代词who或that。which多用于指物;whose 在从句中作名词的定语;what不能引导定语从句。故选A。

9.I’m awfully tired and can’t go any farther, Ted. Let’ s have a rest, ______?(A)

A. shall we

B. will you

C. can you

D. may I

解析:当陈述句部分是由Let’s引出的祈使句时,其后的反意疑问句部分通常 用shall we。当陈述句部分是由Let us引出的祈使句时,其后动词所表示的动作不包 括听话人在内,反意疑问句部分应用will you。本句陈述句部分是Let’s引出的祈使 句,所以应选A。

10.______I in your position, I would not accept the job.(A)

A. Were

B. Was

C. Am

D. Been

解析:根据句意并结合选项可知,本句包含一个省略if的非真实条件句。根据句意和主句中的would not accept可知,本句是对现在情况的假设,所以从句谓语动词要用过去式(be动词用were)。另外,当if引导的非真实条件句中有were,should,had时,可以省略if,并将这些词提到主语前面。故选A。

11.—Must we send in our plan this week? —No, you______: you can send it in next week.(A)

A. needn’t

B. mustn’t

C. can’t

D. shouldn’t


12.I can’t finish the work on time______you help me translate the texts.(A)

A. unless

B. if

C. where

D. but


13.The young soldier was______wounded in the war and died a few days later.(C)

A. generously

B. lonely

C. fatally

D. slightly


14.When I go to heat the milk, please______the baby.(A)

A. keep an eye on

B. set foot on

C. make a guess at

D. look forward to

解析:keep an eye on:蹶,留意;set foot on:踏上,登上;make a guess at:猜测;look forward to:期待,盼望。根据句意可知,选A。

15.Neither Bill nor his parents______at home.(B)

A. is

B. are

C. has

D. have

解析:neither…nor…意为“既不……也不……”,连接两个主语时,谓语动词应遵循“就近原则”,与nor后面的名词或代词保持一致。离谓语动词较近的主语是his parents,所以谓语动词应用复数形式。另外,表示“在家”要用be at home。故选B。

16.Now the pollution caused by the increasing number of cars______more and more serious in many cities.(C)

A. become

B. became

C. is becoming

D. had become


17.When you drive through the Redwood Forests in California, you will be______trees that are over 100 years old.(A)

A. among

B. against

C. behind

D. below

解析:be among:位于……之间;be against:反对;be behind:在……后面;be behind:在……下面。根据句意可知,选A。

18.Harvey finished______his research paper, but he needed to check it before submitting it to the professor.(C)

A. to type

B. typed

C. typing

D. type

解析:finish作及物动词时,其后常跟名词或动名词作宾语。也可将finish doing sth.视为固定用法,意为“完成做某事”。常见的用动名词作宾语的及物动词有:finish,enjoy,deny,keep,miss,prevent,quit,resist,suggest,risk等。故选C。

19.We offer an excellent education to our students. ______, we expect students to work hard.(C)

A. On average

B. At best

C. In return

D. After all

解析:on average:平均起来,一般说来;at best:最多,充其量;in return:作为回报;after all:毕竟,终究。根据句意可知,选C。

20.It is important to pay your electricity bill on time, as late payments may affect your______.(D)

A. condition

B. income

C. status

D. credit



Finding a good work-at-home job is not easy. Although you see all the online advertising, there aren’ t that many of them. Those that are available may require that you live in a certain area or spend at least some time in the office. Others may be only part-time jobs. Keep in mind that the skills needed for home employment are similar to those needed for working in an office. You’ll also need a home office with a high speed Internet connection, phone, fax, computer, printer, and other basic office equipment.

To get started , consider your job search as your job. Spend as many hours per week on your job search as you would spend working. If you’ re looking for a full-time work, you should be spending full-time hours seeking a job.

Networking(建立人际关系网) remains the top way to find a job and it does work. Develop contacts—friends, family, even the other job seekers—anyone who might have the information you need. You can take a direct approach and ask for job information or try a less formal approach and ask for information and advice. Contact everyone you know and tell them you want to work at home. You may be surprised by the people they know and the job information they can provide.

21.According to the first paragraph, it is not easy to find good work-at-home jobs because ______.(B)

A. they are seldom advertised online or in newspapers

B. they may require that you live in a certain place

C. you are always asked to work full-time

D. you need to have a college degree

解析:根据第一段第三句“Those that are available may require that you live in a certain area or spend at least some time in the office.”可知,一些可以做的工作可能要求 你住在特定的地区或至少在办公室办公一段时间。故选B。

22.Compared with those needed for working in an office, the skills for working at home are______.(C)

A. much easier

B. totally different

C. almost the same

D. more challenging

解析:根据第一段倒数第二句“…the skills needed for home employment are similar to those needed for working in an office.”可知,在家办公要求掌握的技能和在办 公室办公相似。故选C。

23.To find a good work-at-home job, you are advised to______.(D)

A. create a website of your own

B. contact as many companies as you can

C. try your best to look for full-time employment

D. spend as much time as possible on your job search

解析:根据第二段前两句“…consider your job search as your job.Spend as many hours per week on your job search as you would spend working.”可知,需要把找工 作当成自己的工作,并且每周要花费和工作一样多的时间去找。由此可推知,要找到 一份在家办公的好工作,需要投入尽可能多的时间。A、C两项在文中并未提及;文章 是建议与更多的人建立联系,并未提到联系尽可能多的公司,所以B项不正确。故 选D。

24.According to the passage, the best way to find a work-at-home job is______.(A)

A. through networking

B. by personal visits

C. by online application

D. by email

解析:根据第三段第一句“Networking remains the top way to find a job and it does work.”可知,建立人际关系网是找工作的最好方式,它也确实非常有效。故 选A。

25.The passage is mainly about______.(B)

A. how to build a work-at-home office

B. how to look for a work-at-home job

C. the equipment needed for working at home

D. the skills required for working at home

解析:通读全文可知,第一段第一句提出论点:找到一份在家办公的好工作不 容易。接下来论述了网上提供的招聘信息很多,但真正合适的工作却很少;并且,在 家办公需要的技能和配备与在办公室办公大致相同。随后提出找工作的两个建议: 首先需要投人尽可能多的时间去找工作;其次,建立人际关系网也至关重要。由此可 推知,本文通篇都在围绕着如何找到一份在家办公的工作进行阐述。故选B。

Once upon a time, there was a lovely vegetable field, in which grew a very thick tree. Both the vegetables and the tree gave the place a wonderful appearance, which was the joy of the garden’ s owner. What no one knew was that the vegetables in the field and the tree couldn ‘ t stand each other. The vegetables hated the tree’ s shadow, because it left them only just enough light to survive. The tree, on the other hand, hated the vegetables because they drank nearly all the water before the water could get to it, leaving it with just enough to survive.

The situation became so extreme that the vegetables got totally fed up and decided to use up all the water in the ground so that the tree would dry up. The tree answered back by refusing to give the vegetables shadow from the hot midday sun, so they both began to dry up. Before long, the vegetables were really thin and the tree’ s branches were drying up.

Neither of the two sides thought that the gardener, on seeing his vegetable field becoming worse, would stop watering it. When he did that, both the tree and the vegetables really learned what thirst was. There seemed to be no solution, but one of the vegetables, a small courgette(小胡瓜) , understood what was going on, and decided to deal with the situation. Despite little water and unbearable heat, the little courgette did all it could to grow, grow…The courgette managed to grow so big that the gardener started watering the field again. The gardener wanted to enter that beautiful big courgette in some gardening contest.

The vegetables and the tree should really learn how to live in harmony with those around them, doing the best they could. So they decided to work together, and help each other instead of fighting, using both the shadow and the water in the best combination to grow good vegetables. Seeing how well they were doing, the gardener now gave the best of care to his vegetable field, watering it better than any other field for miles around.

26.How can one live in harmony with others according to the passage?(D)

A. By learning to stop being angry with others.

B. By learning to be thankful.

C. By respecting others and oneself.

D. By working together and helping each other.

解析:最后一段第二句“So they decided to work together,and help each other instead of fighting…”点明了文章的主旨:要想和谐相处,就要互相合作,互相帮助。故选D。

27.What was out of the expectation of the tree and the vegetables?(A)

A. That the gardener stopped watering them.

B. That the courgette understood what was happening.

C. That they could live together.

D. That they could take part in the contest.

解析:根据第三段第一句“Neither of the two sides thought that the gardener,on seeing his vegetable field becoming worse,would stop watering it.”可知,树和蔬菜都没有想到菜园的主人不再给它们浇水了。故选A。

28.What drew the garden’ s owner’ s attention to the field again?(C)

A. Some gardening contests.

B. The fight between plants.

C. The big and beautiful courgette.

D. The wonderful appearance in the garden.

解析:根据第三段最后两句“The courgette managed to grow so big that the gardener started watering the field again.The gardener wanted to enter that beautiful big courgette in some gardening contest.”可知,小胡瓜长得非常大,于是主人又开始给菜园浇水,甚至想用它去参加园艺比赛。由此可推知,正是又大又漂亮的小胡瓜重新引起了菜园主人的注意。故选C。

29.The vegetables and the tree fought for______.(D)

A. living space

B. the gardener’s attention

C. attending the contest

D. their own good

解析:根据第二段前两句“The situation became so extreme that the vegetables got totally fed up and decided to use up all the water in the ground so that the tree would dry up.The tree answered back by refusing to give the vegetables shadow from the hot midday sun,so they both began to dry up.”可知,蔬菜用光了地里所有的水,这样树就 会干掉。作为回应,树拒绝在正午炎热的阳光下给蔬菜遮阴,这样蔬菜就开始枯萎。 由此可推知,它们是在为各自的利益进行争斗。选项D中their own good意为“它们 自己的利益”,符合题意。故选D。

30.From the passage, we can learn______.(B)

A. the gardener was very lazy

B. the tree and the vegetables grew very well at first

C. the tree and the vegetables got along well with each other at first

D. the gardener wasn’ t satisfied with his work in the garden

解析:根据第一段第二句“Both the vegetables and the tree gave the place a wonderful appearance,which was the joy of the garden’s owner.”可知,一开始树和蔬菜 都长得很好。故选B。

In the same way that a child must be able to move his arms and legs before he can learn to walk, the child must physiologically be capable of producing and experiencing particular emotions before these emotions can be modified through learning. Psychologists have found that there are two basic processes by which learning takes place. One kind of learning is called \

31.According to the passage, positive feelings include ______.(B)

A. care, association, and nice people

B. joy, happiness, and friendliness

C. comfort, cares, and anger

D. reading, watching TV, and interacting with others

解析:根据第三段倒数第二句“If a person is nice to us,and cares about us,we learn to associate this person with positive feelings,such as joy,happiness,and friendliness.”可知,积极的感觉包括喜悦、快乐和友好。故选B。

32.In the third paragraph, the author is______.(D)

A. discussing how we grow and have new experiences every day

B. talking about learning to modify emotions through operant conditioning

C. concentrating on learning by reading, watching television, interacting with people, and so on

D. using examples to further illustrate learning through classical conditioning

解析:通读第三段可知,作者举例说明,当一个人对我们好时,我们就会将这 个人与积极的感觉联系在一起,当一个人对我们不好时,我们就会将这个人与消极的 感觉联系在一起。由此可推知,第三段所举例子都是为了进一步说明经典性条件反 射产生的学习。故选D。

33.If a child is bitten or startled several times by a dog, he may learn to associate furry animals with pain or scare and thus develop a fear of furry animals. This is a typical example of learning through______.(A)

A. classical conditioning

B. both of them

C. operant conditioning

D. neither of them

解析:根据第一段倒数第三、四句“…‘classical conditioning’.This occurs when one event or stimulus is consistently paired with,or followed by,a reward or punishment.”可知,经典性条件反射发生在当一件事或一种刺激连续不断地与一种 奖励或惩罚一起发生,或伴随发生时。题干中孩子被狗咬或惊吓过几次,由于这种 刺激,就会产生对毛绒动物的恐惧。因此题干中的例子是“经典性条件反射”。故 选A。

34.If your jokes often find a ready echo in a person, you will learn through ______that telling jokes to this person is fun, and you will try with greater efforts to be humorous in his presence.(C)

A. classical conditioning

B. neither of them

C. operant conditioning

D. some other sorts of conditioning

解析:根据第二段前两句“…‘operant conditioning’…learns to do things that produce rewards in his environment and learns not to do things that produce punishments.”可知,在操作性条件反射的情况下,一个人会学习做能产生奖励的事情。题干中讲笑话能够引起另外一个人的回应,这就是一种奖励,基于这种奖励,你会更加努力变幽默。因此题干中的例子是“操作性条件反射”。故选C。

35.The author’ s main purpose in writing the passage is to______.(B)

A. teach children how to learn to produce and experience certain emotions

B. give the general reader an account of two basic kinds of learning

C. give parents some advice on how to modify their children ’ s emotions through learning

D. discuss with psychologists how positive and negative feelings are produced

解析:通读全文可知,文章主要讲述了学习的两个基本过程:一种是“经典性 条件反射”,一种是“操作性条件反射”。故选B。

A few centuries ago, people looked at the birds and wondered what it would be like to fly like them. There were stories of heroes who glued bird feathers on their arms and flew up into the sky. About 500 years ago, some people dreamed a different dream. Instead of flying up to the sky, they dreamed of falling from the sky!

In the 15th century, Italian inventors designed a cone-shaped (锥形的) device that was supposed to bring a man down safely from a great height. The operator held on to a handle with a strap strapped to his waist. This was the first known design for a parachute(降落伞).

Even the great inventor Leonardo da Vinci sketched a type of parachute. His parachute design was in the shape of a pyramid (金字塔). Other inventors also sketched their own designs for a parachute. Unfortunately, these were only designs on paper and no one tested them.

A Croatian inventor named Fausto Veranzio looked at Leonardo da Vinci’ s parachute design and replaced the pyramid shape with one that looked like a sail from a ship. When Veranzio was 65 years old, he fell ill. Thinking he would not live longer, he decided to try out his parachute invention. He built his parachute using wood and cloth. Strapping his invention to his waist, he jumped off the tall bell tower in his city. He landed safely! He was supposedly the first man to successfully use a parachute. However, some other people thought this story was not true. If that was the case, then the first person to successfully use a parachute would go to a Frenchman named Louis-Sebastien Lenormand in 1783.

36.The passage is mainly about______.(A)

A. the origin of the parachute

B. the dreams of flying and falling

C. the courage of dropping from the sky

D. the application of parachute invention

解析:通读全文可知,文章主要讲述了降落伞的发明过程和不同人的设计与 试验,所以本文的主旨是降落伞的起源问题,A项符合题意。故选A。

37.As for the first man who successfully used a parachute, ______.(D)

A. it was said to be Leonardo da Vinci

B. we know for sure he was Veranzio

C. there were some historical records

D. we don’t know for sure yet

解析:根据第四段最后三句可知,Fausto Veranzio原本被认为是第一个成功使 用降落伞的人,但有些人不这样认为,他们认为第一个使用降落伞的人应该是法国人 Louis-Sebastien Lenormand。由此可推知,关于究竟谁是第一个成功使用降落伞的人, 人们对此还没有确定的答案。故选D。

38.Which of the following about Fausto Veranzio is true?(D)

A. He copied Leonardo da Vinci’ s parachute design.

B. He made his parachute with feather and wood.

C. He experimented with his parachute many times.

D. He decided to try his parachute after he was seriously ill.

解析:根据第四段第一句“…replaced the pyramid shape with one that looked like a sail from a ship.”可知,Fausto Veranzio改变了Leonardo da Vinci的降落伞设计, 并没有抄袭(copy),所以选项A错误。根据第四段第四句“He built his parachute using wood and cloth.”可知,Fausto Veranzio用木头和布建造了降落伞,所以选项B错 误。根据第四段内容可知,Fausto Veranzio第一次试验他自己发明的降落伞便成功 了,文中并未提到他进行了多次试验,所以选项C错误。根据第四段第二、三句可知, Fausto Veranzio生病之后,他觉得自己活不久了,所以决定试验一下他发明的降落伞, 由此可推知,他应该病得很重,所以D项正确。故选D。

39.Leonardo da Vinci’ s parachute was shaped like a______.(C)

A. cone

B. feather

C. pyramid

D. sail

解析:根据第三段前两句“Even the great inventor Leonardo da Vinci sketched a type of parachute.His parachute design was in the shape of a pyramid.”可知,Leonardo da Vinei设计的降落伞是呈金字塔状的。故选C。

40.The first known parachute was designed by______.(B)

A. Frenchmen

B. Italians

C. Croatians

D. Englishmen

解析:根据第二段第一句“…Italian inventors designed a cone-shaped device that…”和最后一句“This was the first known design for a parachute.”可知,第一个为人 所知的降落伞是由意大利发明家设计的。故选B。



It is widely believed that highly educated students are more likely to get a good job. However, at an on-campus job【C1】______in Jiangsu Province students found it difficult to get a good offer from big companies. It seemed that most companies preferred undergraduates.【C2】______, some of the postgraduates ascribed (归因于) their failure in job hunting to the【C3】______three-year education.

In my opinion, this phenomenon has much to do【C4】______our educational system. In China, most students work hard only【C5】______a high score on exams, while totally ignoring the importance of practical skills. Young college students choose to continue their studies for a higher degree, because they believe the diploma can make them more【C6】______in job hunting. However, it is a misunderstanding that all companies will think【C7】______of the applicant with a master’ s degree. In fact, what most transnational corporations want is an employee with rich work experience. Nowadays, employers pay more attention to【C8】______skills and innovation ability,【C9】______will enable their employees to make greater contributions and bring more benefits to the company. In this situation, those who have a higher degree but lack practical skills will not be【C10】______.

Furthermore, postgraduates usually【C11】______a higher salary, while undergraduates tend to be satisfied with a lower starting salary. The best way to【C12】______a company is to save costs and improve work efficiency. If you were the employer, would you be willing to pay more money【C13】______an employee with less experience? I guess the answer is negative.

In a word, it is important for both undergraduates and postgraduates to【C14】______their knowledge structure and improve practical skills to survive in the【C15】______social competition.


A. crazy

B. extreme

C. fierce

D. violent



A. adopt

B. adjust

C. adore

D. apply



A. at

B. to

C. on

D. for

解析:pay money for…为固定搭配,意为“付钱给……,为……付钱”。故选D。


A. rule

B. organize

C. direct

D. run



A. ask for

B. apply for

C. account for

D. send for

解析:此处指的是研究生通常要求更高的薪水,而本科生则满足于相对较低的起薪。ask for:要求,请求;apply for:申请;account for:解释;send for:派人去叫。故选A。


A. received

B. praised

C. valued

D. assessed

解析:此处指的是在这种情况下,那些拥有高学位却缺乏实用技能的人不会 受到重视。receive:得到,接收;praise:赞扬,称赞;value:重视,看重;assess:评定,评 估。故选C。


A. which

B. that

C. what

D. who

解析:本题考查非限制性定语从句。分析句子结构可知,空处引导的是一个 非限制性定语从句,指代前面的先行词practical skills and innovation ability,所以应用 which引导,在从句中作主语。that不能引导非限制性定语从句;what不能引导定语 从句;who引导定语从句时先行词是人。故选A。


A. true

B. real

C. virtual

D. practical

解析:根据本段第二句中的practical一词可知,此处为原词复现,指的是现在 的雇主更加注重实用技能和创新能力。true:真正的,正确的;real:真正的;virtual:实 际上的,虚拟的;practical:实际的,实用的。故选D。


A. particularly

B. favorably

C. properly

D. especially

解析:此处指的是认为所有的公司都会看好拥有硕士学位的申请人是一种误 解。particularly:特别,尤其;favorably:支持地,赞赏地;properly:恰当地;especially:特 别,格外。故选B。


A. advanced

B. senior

C. competent

D. risky

解析:此处指的是年轻大学生选择继续学习以获得更高的学位,因为他们认 为高学位能让他们更有能力找工作。advanced:高级的;senior:资深的,级别高的; competent:有能力的,能胜任的;risky:有风险的。故选C。


A. getting

B. to get

C. gets

D. having gotten

解析:本题考查非谓语动词。根据句意“在中国,大部分学生努力学习只是为 了考试拿高分”可知,空处应用不定式表示目的,在句中作目的状语。故选B。


A. about

B. with

C. on

D. for

解析:have much to do with…为固定搭配,意为“和……有很大关系”。故 选B。


A. extra

B. spare

C. special

D. specific

解析:此处指的是另外三年的研究生教育。extra:额外的,另外的;spare:多余 的,空闲的;special:特别的;specific:具体的,明确的。故选A。


A. Still

B. Therefore

C. However

D. Otherwise

解析:此处指的是似乎大多数公司更青睐本科生,因此一些研究生把他们找 工作的失败归因于另外三年的教育。still:仍然;therefore:因此;however:然而; otherwise:否则。故选B。


A. meeting

B. fair

C. scene

D. sight

解析:此处指的是校园招聘会。meeting:会议;fair:集市,交易会,job fair意为 “招聘会”;scene:场面,景色,现场;sight:视力,视野。故选B。



56.To communicate better with my clients, I have decided to improve the way I talk.



57.Action must be taken before the situation gets worse, or there will be severe consequences.



58.What makes this game peculiar lies in that it teaches kids how to handle the problems in real life.



59.Apart from the cost, it will take a lot of time to accomplish the work.



60.Nowhere else in the world can we find such a learned professor to consult.





She has been busy with her work since she graduated, so she seldom contacts her former classmates.



Although his suggestion sounds nice, I don’t think it is practical or feasible at present.



Only by doing more exercises every day will you catch up with your classmates in English performance.



Seeing his teacher come to congratulate him on his success, he burst into tears.



It is those who are devoted to science that have promoted the development of society.



66. For this part, you are required to write a composition entitled It Pays to Be Honest. You should base your composition on the outline given below.




It Pays to Be Honest

Although honesty is believed to be a virtue, there are still dishonest people in our society. For example, some businessmen sell fake products to their consumers.

Dishonest people are short-sighted. Those who sell fake products may make a good profit at first, but cheated once, consumers won’ t buy their products any more. As a result, they will lose their fortune or even be sent to prison. By contrast, honest people gain a lot.

Those who always tell the truth not only let others trust them but gain respect from other people as well. Such persons are sure to have a lot of good friends. Because they are trustworthy and respectable, everyone is eager to make friends with them. Besides, it is easier for a person with a good record to get a good job—employers think such a person can be entrusted with important tasks.

In a word, honesty wins trust, respect and honor. So it is important that we should be honest.











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