1.I am considering______my job as I’ m not getting on well with my boss.(A)

A. changing

B. to change

C. changed

D. to be changed

解析:consider后跟动名词作宾语。同时,也可将consider doing sth.视为固定用法,意为“考虑做某事”。故选A。

2.The number of college graduates in a country______its economic standard.(A)

A. reflects

B. reflected

C. are reflecting

D. has reflected

解析:“the number of+复数可数名词”作主语时,谓语动词要用单数形式,表示“……的数量”。根据句意可知,本句是在陈述客观事实,且句子中没有明显表示过去的时间状语,所以要用一般现在时。故选A。

3.We should______our differences and discuss the things we have in common.(B)

A. put away

B. put aside

C. put off

D. put forward

解析:put away:收起,把……放回原处;put aside:把……撇开不理,忽视;put off:推迟,拖延;put:forward:提出。根据句意可知,选B。

4.Seldom did we realize that many of our hair problems______what we eat.(C)

A. rely on

B. refer to

C. result from

D. respond to

解析:rely on:依靠,依赖;refer to:提到,涉及;result from:由……造成,由于;respond to:回答,对……做出反应。根据句意可知,选C。

5.The question is______the film is worth seeing or not.(B)

A. that

B. whether

C. if

D. why

解析:分析句子结构可知,is之后为表语从句。从句成分上完整,但意义上不完整,缺少“是否”的含义,所以应用whether引导,与后面的or not构成固定结构“whether…or not”。if一般不引导表语从句,故可排除。故选B。

6.Have you checked all the CDs______to the mountainous area next week?(B)

A. sent

B. to be sent

C. sending

D. being sent

解析:根据句中的时间状语next week可知,空处应用不定式形式作后置定语,表示将来要发生的事情。又因send和CDs之间为逻辑上的动宾关系,所以应用不定式的被动式to be sent,在这里相当于which are to be sent。故选B。

7.By the end of this year, I______enough money for a holiday.(B)

A. will save

B. will have saved

C. will have been saved

D. have saved

解析:根据句中的时间状语By the end of this year(到今年年底)可知,本句应用将来完成时,表示在将来某一时刻之前已经完成的动作。根据句意可知,I与save之间为逻辑上的主谓关系,所以应用主动形式。故选B。

8.Those of us who work in the coal mine should have______lungs checked regularly.(A)

A. our

B. their

C. his

D. my

解析:our:我们的;their:他们的;his:他的;my:我的。分析句子结构可知,本句的主语是Those of us,后面的代词应该与其保持一致,因此要用our。故选A。

9.More and more people are beginning to learn English, ______ can partly explain the booming of language training centers in China.(A)

A. which

B. what

C. that

D. it


10.The higher a rocket flies, ______air it meets.(C)

A. the fewer

B. the little

C. the less

D. the much


11.It is during his spare time______Johnson has been studying a course in history.(D)

A. when

B. which

C. what

D. that

解析:分析句子结构可知,本句为强调句,其基本结构为“It is/was+被强调部分+that/who+其他”。本句强调的是时间状语during his spare time,所以应用that连接。故选D。

12.My room is in a mess, but I ______ clean it before I go out tonight. I can do it in tomorrow morning.(C)

A. dare not

B. shouldn’t

C. needn’t

D. mustn’t

解析:dare not:不敢;shouldn’t:不应该;needn’t:不需要;mustn’t:不准。根据句意可知,选C。

13.Although there are still ______ natural resources in some areas, we should protect them.(C)

A. apparent

B. abstract

C. abundant

D. abnormal


14.We understand you need easy access______up-to-date information about your accounts in our bank.(B)

A. in

B. to

C. off

D. with

解析:access to为固定搭配,意为“使用或见到……的机会、权利”。其余选项均不能与access连用。故选B。

15.We must investigate as ______ customers as possible in order to make sure of the potential of the market.(A)

A. many

B. much

C. more

D. most

解析:as…as possible意为“尽可能……”,两个as之间应用形容词或副词的原级,而非比较级或最高级,因此可排除C、D两项。空后的customers是可数名词复数,所以应用many来修饰。B项修饰不可数名词。故选A。

16.I don’t like the color of this jacket. ______, it is too large for me.(B)

A. Except

B. Besides

C. Except that

D. Beside

解析:except:除……之外,为介词,后面要接宾语;besides:除……之外(还),况且,再说,为介词或副词,可作插入语;except that:除了,后面要接从句;beside:在旁边,为介词,后面要接宾语。根据句意和词性可知,选B。

17.If I______the challenges at that time, I might not have started my own business.(C)

A. would know

B. have known

C. had known

D. will know

解析:根据句意和主句中的might not have started可知,本句是对过去发生事情的假设,所以从句应用过去完成时,即谓语动词用“had+过去分词”的形式。故选C。

18.Only by adopting the highest standards of integrity______the trust of our clients and the companies we work with.(B)

A. we earn

B. can we earn

C. we earned

D. did we earn


19.I am very interested in the training course, which______at Hilton Hotel in Beijing next week.(D)

A. held

B. was held

C. will hold

D. will be held

解析:分析句子结构可知,逗号后是which引导的非限制性定语从句,修饰先行词training course。根据从句中的时间状语next week可知,“举行”这一动作发生在将来,所以从句应用一般将来时。另外,training course和hold之间是逻辑上的动宾关系,应用被动语态,所以空处应用一般将来时的被动语态,即“shall/will be+过去分词”的形式。故选D。

20.______some degree, all managers who supervise people are involved in HR activities.(B)

A. On

B. To

C. For

D. With

解析:to some degree为固定搭配,意为“在某种程度上,从某种程度上来说”,也可用to a degree,to a certain degree。A、C、D三项都不能和some degree搭配。故选B。


Technology companies usually focus on their employee benefits around making people stay in the office longer: ping-pong tables, game rooms, on-site training rooms: some even offer laundry services. We, ABC Company, don’ t do any of these.

Instead, we focus on benefits that get people out of the office as much as possible. We designed our benefit system to reflect that. Here are some of the benefits we offer to get people away from the computer:

* Vacations: For the last three years in a row, we’ ve worked with a professional travel agent to prepare different travel packages that employees could choose from as a holiday gift. Everything is paid for and included. Specific, pre-arranged trips—whether for a family to go to Disneyland or a couple to tour Spain—have helped make sure people actually take their vacations.

* 4-day Summer Weeks: From May through October, everyone who’ s been with the company for more than a year gets to work just four days in a week. This started out as \

21.The usual focus of employee benefits offered by technology companies is to______.(A)

A. make employees stay longer in the office

B. encourage employees to work on weekends

C. help employees to participate in exercise

D. ensure employees to work energetically

解析:根据第一段第一句“Technology companies usually focus on their employee benefits afround making people stay in the office longer…”可知,科技公司通常注重的员 工福利是让员工在办公室待得更久。故选A。

22.The purpose of the benefit system of ABC Company is to______.(B)

A. encourage its employees to work overtime

B. get its employees out of the office

C. develop its unique marketing strategies

D. increase its overseas market share

解析:根据第一段最后一句“We,ABC Company,don’t do any of these.”和第二段第一句“Instead,We focus on benefits that get people out of the office as much as possible.”可知,ABC公司和其他科技公司不同,他们注重的福利是让员工尽可能走出办公室。故选B。

23.ABC Company pays for everything in the travel packages in order to______.(A)

A. make sure its employees take their vacations

B. build up business relations with a travel agent

C. encourage its employees to travel on business

D. help the development of tourism in the area

解析:根据第三段最后两句“Everything is paid for and included.Specific,prearranged trips…have helped make sure people actually take their vacations.”可知,ABC公司支付全部的旅行费用,有助于确保员工真正去度假。故选A。

24.Who can enjoy the 4-day Summer Weeks in the company?(D)

A. Employees of 18 years old and above.

B. Customer support employees.

C. The newly-employed staff.

D. Employees working over a year.

解析:根据第四段第一句“…everyone who’s been with the company for more than a year gets to work just four days in a week.”可知,在ABC公司工作一年以上的所有员工可享受每周只工作四天的夏日工作时间。故选D。

25.By saying \(C)

A. more careful

B. open-minded

C. quick-minded

D. healthier

解析:根据最后一段“To come up with the best ideas,you need a fresh mind.These travel and time-off benefits help everyone stay sharp.”可知,为了能想出最好的创意,员工需要保持头脑敏捷,而公司采用旅行和四天工作日的福利正是为了使员工保持头脑敏捷。 sharp意为“敏锐的,敏捷的”,所以quick-minded(思维灵活的,头脑敏捷的)与之意思最为接近。more careful:更细心的;open-minded:思想开明的;healthier:更健康的。故选C。

Friends play an important part in our lives, and although we may take friendship for granted, we often don’ t clearly understand how we make friends. While we get on well with a number of people, we are usually friends with only a very few—for example, the average among students is about six per person. In all the cases of friendly relationships, two people like one another and enjoy being together, but beyond that, the degree of intimacy between them and the reasons for their shared interest vary enormously. As we get to know people we take into account things like age, race, economic condition, social position, and intelligence. Although these factors are not of prime importance, it is more difficult to get on with people when there is a marked difference in age and background.

Some friendly relationships can be kept on argument and discussion, but it is usual for close friends to have similar ideas and beliefs, and to have attitudes and interests in common. They often talk about \

26.According to the author, ______.(B)

A. all those who get on well with each other are friends

B. friends are closer than people who just get on well with each other

C. everyone understands clearly how to make friends

D. every student has six friends

解析:根据第一段第二句“While we get on well with a number of people,we are usually friends with only a very few...”可推知,朋友比只是相处得好的人更亲密。A项太过绝对;C项与第一段第一句“…we often don’t clearly understand how we make friends.”相悖;D项与原文有出人。故选B。

27.When we make friends, we consider such things as age, race, and background, because ______.(A)

A. it is not easy to have a friendly relationship with people when there is a marked difference in age and background

B. the degree of friendship between two people and the reason for their shared interest vary greatly

C. friends need to know all these things

D. these are the most important factors to make friends

解析:根据第一段最后一句“…it is more difficult to get on with people when there is a marked difference in age and background.”可知,尽管年龄、种族、背景等因素 不是首要的,但是当年龄和背景存在显著差异时,人们一般会更难融洽相处,所以我 们在交朋友时要考虑这些因素。A项中的not easy是原文中difficult的同义替换。故 选A。

28.The phrase \(C)

A. using the same frequency while talking

B. keeping the same friendly relationships as other people do

C. having similar ideas, beliefs, attitudes and interests

D. having the same background

解析:“being on the same wavelength”的字面意思是“拥有同样的波长”,其引 申义为“(与他人的观点、感情等)相投”。根据第二段第一句“…it is usual for close friends to have similar ideas and beliefs,and to have attitudes and interests in common.” 可知,该短语在文章中的意思是“拥有相似的思想、信仰、态度和兴趣”。故选C。

29.Which of the following is NOT implied in the passage?(B)

A. Even friends may have differences of opinion.

B. Friends never argue with each other.

C. It generally takes time for people to become close friends.

D. Someone’ s habits may annoy his friends.

解析:根据第二段最后一句可知,朋友必须学会忍受烦人的习惯,接受观点的 差异,由此可推知,A、D两项正确。根据第二段第三句可知,通常需要时间才能达到 这一点,由此可推知,C项正确。B项中的never过于绝对,且与第二段第一句意思相 悖。故选B。

30.To strengthen friendly relationship, people______.(D)

A. must hold friendship ceremonies

B. have to eliminate differences in background

C. should make friends with those who are of the same age and of the same race

D. should support and understand each other through shared experiences and emotions

解析:根据最后一段最后一句“But the supporting and understanding of each other that results from shared experiences and emotions does seem to create a powerful relationship…”可知,友谊中因分享经历和情感而产生的支持和理解会形成一种强大的关系,增进友谊。D项与其意思相符。故选D。

The average person swallows about half a ton of food a year—not counting drink—and though the body is remarkably efficient at extracting just what it needs from this huge mixture, it can only cope up to a point. If you go on eating too many of some things and not enough of others, you’ll eventually get out of condition and your health will suffer. So think before you start eating. It may look good. It may taste good. Fine! But how much good is it really doing you?

What you eat and the way it affects your body depend very much on the kind of person you are. For one thing, the genes you inherit from your parents can determine how your body metabolism(新陈代谢) copes with particular foods. The tendency to put on weight rather easily, for example, often runs in the family—which means that they have to take particular care.

And your parents may shape your future in another way. The way you are brought up shapes some basic attitudes to food—like whether you have a sweet tooth, nibble between meals, take big mouthfuls or eat chips with everything. Eating habits, good or bad, tend to get passed on.

And then there is your lifestyle. How much you spend on food (time as well as money) , how much exercise you get—these can alter the balance between food and fitness.

And finally, both your age and your sex may affect this balance. For example, you’ re more likely to put on weight as you get older, especially if you’ re a woman.

So everybody is different and the important thing is to know yourself.

31.Before eating something, we are advised to consider______.(B)

A. how good it will taste

B. whether we really need it

C. why we want to eat it

D. if we have eaten too much of it

解析:根据第一段最后五句“So think before you start eating.It may look good.It may taste good.Fine!But how much good is it really doing you?”可知,吃东西前要三思,食物可能色、香、味俱全,但是要考虑一下它对你真正有多少好处。由此可推知,在吃东西前,我们要考虑一下自己是否真的需要它。故选B。

32.We can infer from the passage that______.(C)

A. in order to keep fit, we should spend as little time and money as possible on food

B. nibbling between meals is a bad habit that will throw our body out of condition

C. if other members of our family get fat quite easily, we probably will too

D. we can eat as much as we want and leave it to our body to select what it needs

解析:根据第二段最后一句“The tendency to put on weight rather easily,for example,ofien runs in the family…”可知,容易长胖的倾向经常在家族中遗传。其中run in the family是“家族遗传,世代相传”的意思。由此可推知,如果家族中有人容易长胖,我们也有可能会容易长胖。故选C。

33.If we love sweet things, it’ s probably due to______.(B)

A. our body’ s needs

B. our parents’ influence

C. our basic instinct

D. the taste of the food

解析:根据第三段前两句“And your parents may shape your future in another way.The way you are brought up shapes some basic attitudes to food—like whether you have a sweet tooth…”可知,爱吃甜食可能是受父母的影响。故选B。

34.According to the passage, which person is most likely to put on weight?(D)

A. A successful young businessman.

B. A child who is picky about food.

C. A man with a good appetite.

D. A woman who has just retired.

解析:根据第五段最后一句“For example,you’re more likely to put on weight as you get older,especially if you’re a woman.”可知,当年纪变大时,更容易长胖,尤其 是对女性来说。由此可推知,四个选项中,刚退休的女性最容易长胖。故选D。

35.What conclusion can we draw from this passage?(B)

A. People need a standard to guide their eating.

B. Proper eating is the key to one’ s health.

C. Women should pay more attention to what they eat.

D. The balance between food and fitness is hard to maintain.

解析:根据第一段第二句“If you go on eating too many of some things and not enough of others,you’ll eventually get out of condition and your health will suffer.”可知, 如果你过度食用某些食物而对其他食物摄人不足,最终会导致身体状况不佳,影响健 康。由此可推知,合理饮食对于身体健康很重要,它是保持健康的关键。故选B。

Be careful of those who use the truth to deceive people. When someone tells you something that is true, but leaves out important information that should be included, he can create a false impression. For example, someone might say, \

36.The word \(D)

A. to tell someone to make his judgment

B. to refuse to believe that something is true

C. to make someone believe something is true

D. to give someone a wrong belief about something

解析:根据第一段第二句“When someone tells you something that is true,but leaves out Important intormation that should be included,he can create a false impression.”可知,当有人告诉你一件真实的事情,却遗漏了应该包含的重要信息,他 就给你创造了一种假象。由此可推知,deceive指的是“利用事实来制造错误印象”。 D项意为“让人错误地相信某事\

37.According to the passage, the half-truths used by advertisers in their advertisements are often______.(C)

A. illogical

B. interesting

C. misleading

D. persuasive

解析:根据最后一段第二句“It’s against the law to make false claims so they try to mislead you with the truth.”可知,做虚假声明是违法的,所以广告商常用事实来误 导人们。由此可推知,广告商做的半真半假的广告很有误导性。illogical:不合逻辑 的;interesting:有趣的;misleading:误导性的;persuasive:有说服力的。故选C。

38.The author’ s purpose in writing this passage is to tell readers______.(A)

A. to think carefully about what they read and hear

B. to avoid leaving out important information

C. how to read advertisements

D. how to deal with liars

解析:作者在第一段第一句提出“Be careful of those who use the truth to deceive people.(当心那些用事实行骗的人)”。之后又列举了“买彩票”“政客竞选”“广告” 等例子,旨在提醒读者当心他们所读到的和所听到的事情,所以A项符合题意。B项 意为“不要漏掉重要信息”;C项意为“如何阅读广告”;D项意为“如何对付撒谎者”, 均不符合题意。故选A。

39.Which statement is true according to the passage?(B)

A. It’ s common to deliberately omit important information in a news report.

B. It’ s quite likely that the truth can be used in dishonest ways.

C. Most people became jobless during Governor Smith’ s term.

D. It is a fact that lies are lies but truths can hardly be lies.

解析:根据第一段第一句“Be careful of those who use the truth to deceive people.”和最后一段最后一句“It’s a sad fact of life:Lies are lies,and sometime the truth can be a lie as well.”可知,常有人用事实来蒙骗他人,生活里的一个可悲的事实 是:谎言就是谎言,而有时候事实也可能成为谎言,由此可推知,事实很可能以不诚实 的方式被使用,所以B项正确;A项意为“在新闻报道中故意遗漏重要信息是很普遍 的”,文中并未提到;根据第三段第二句“…her state lost one million jobs and gained three million jobs.”可知,获得工作的人数要大于失去工作的,所以C项(在Smith执 政期间大部分人没有工作)不正确;根据最后一段最后一句“…Lies are lies,and sometime the truth can be a lie as well.”可知,谎言是谎言,但有时真相也可以成为谎 言,所以D项不正确。故选B。

40.Which is the best title for this passage?(C)

A. Why People Lie

B. Making False Claims

C. Lying with the Truth

D. How to Win a Lottery

解析:根据第一段第一句“Be careful of those who use the truth to deceive people.”和第二段第二、三句“That’s called a half-truth.Half-truths are not technically lies,but they are just as dishonest.”并结合全文可知,本文主要围绕着真相有时也可成为谎言这一论点展开论述的,C项(用事实来说谎)与之意思最为接近。故选C。



My dad is my hero because he is brave, skilled, and respectful. I know many people say their dads are their heroes, but my dad teaches me about becoming a man, which is【C1】______important for a young boy.

Respect goes a long way with my dad, so does patience. As a(n)【C2】______my dad must

【C3】______people every day, some of【C4】______are nice and some not. Either way, he【C5】______his well-mannered attitude.

Dad is not afraid of many things, or if he is, he doesn’ t tell me because he wants to seem tough. He may not be a big guy but since he works with his【C6】______all day, he is very strong. Dad works outdoors in all kinds of【C7】______but the worst thing he has to do is climb up and work in an attic(顶楼) in the middle of the summer. Trust me, this is the hottest place you will experience as an electrician and when you come back【C8】______, what is in your lungs will make you【C9】______for hours.

My dad and I have a very good【C10】______. We talk about almost everything. We go hunting, fishing, and everything a dad and son would do. My dad and I enjoy hiking【C11】______because it gives us time outdoors together and there is nothing like that. He has【C12】______and taught me everything I need to know about nature.

I am【C13】______to be the son of Mike C. , and would not have it any other way. People come up to me all the time to【C14】______me I have a good dad. It makes me feel good that a lot of people think so【C15】______of him. He is a good teacher of my life and would do anything for me. This is why my father is my hero.


A. specially

B. extremely

C. nearly

D. hardly

解析:此处指的是作者的父亲教会作者如何成为一个男人,这对年轻男孩儿 来说是极其重要的。specially:特别地,专门地;extremely:非常,极其;nearly:几乎,将 近;hardly:几乎不,很难地,刚刚。故选B。


A. worker

B. officer

C. electrician

D. engineer

解析:根据第三段最后一句“…this is the hottest place you will experience as an electrician…”可知,父亲是一名电工。worker:工人;officer:军官,官员;electrician:电 工;engineer:工程师。故选C。


A. look after

B. deal with

C. wait for

D. search for

解析:此处指的是作为一名电工,作者的父亲每天必须和人打交道。look after:照顾;deal with:处理,应付,和……打交道;wait for:等待;search for:寻找。故 选B。


A. that

B. which

C. what

D. whom

解析:此处指的是有些人很好,有些人却不好相处。分析句子结构可知,空处 引导的是一个非限制性定语从句,且在从句中作介词of的宾语,先行词是指人的 people,所以空处应用whom。that不能引导非限制性定语从句;which一般指代先行 词是物的名词或代词;what不能引导定语从句。故选D。


A. offers

B. makes

C. hides

D. keeps

解析:此处指的是不管父亲遇到怎样的人,他总是保持彬彬有礼的态度。 offer:提供;make:做,制造;hide:隐藏,躲避;keep:保持。故选D。


A. brain

B. mouth

C. hands

D. legs

解析:根据上文可知,父亲是一名电工,这是需要动手的工作,所以hands(手) 符合语境。brain:大脑;mouth:嘴;leg:腿。故选C。


A. positions

B. situations

C. conditions

D. destinations

解析:此处指的是父亲需要在各种户外条件下工作。position:位置,职位; situation:情况,局面,常指多种具体情况造成的综合状态,多强调形势或局。面; condition:条件,状况,常指由于一定的原因、条件或环境等而产生的特定情况,多强调 条件或境况;destination:目的地。故选C。


A. down

B. over

C. inside

D. up

解析:根据上一句“…the worst thing he has to do is climb up and work in…”可知,父亲得爬上顶楼工作,故此处指的是当他下来的时候,所以down(向下)符合语境。over:穿过,翻转;inside:在里面;up:在上面。故选A。


A. rest

B. cough

C. itch

D. excite

解析:此处指的是由于长时间处于高空环境下,空气进入肺部造成肺部不适, 所以cough(咳嗽)符合语境。rest:休息;itch:痒;excite:使兴奋。故选B。


A. relationship

B. friendship

C. agreement

D. companion

解析:根据下文可知,作者和父亲谈论几乎所有的事情,他们出去打猎、钓鱼, 做一切父子会一起做的事情。由此可推知,作者和父亲的关系很好。relationship:关 系;friendship:友谊;agreement:协议,约定;companion:同伴。故选A。


A. widest

B. least

C. most

D. latest

解析:此处指的是作者和父亲最喜欢徒步旅行,因为这使他们一起度过户外 时光,没有什么比那更好的事情了。widest:最充分;least:最少;most:最;latest:最晚。 故选C。


A. learned

B. referred

C. shown

D. collected



A. excited

B. eager

C. surprised

D. proud

解析:作者开篇就说父亲是自己的英雄,然后列举了父亲工作中对别人的尊 重、耐心和特别能吃苦的品质,以及作者和父亲在一起做的所有事情和教给他的一 切。由此可推知,作者以作为父亲的儿子感到自豪。excited:兴奋的,激动的;eager: 热切的,渴望的;surprised:惊讶的;proud:骄傲的,自豪的。故选D。


A. ask

B. warn

C. tell

D. promise

解析:此处指的是总有人来告诉作者他有一个好父亲。ask:问;warn:警告; tell:告诉;promise:许诺。故选C。


A. easily

B. seriously

C. highly

D. lightly

解析:think highly of sb.为固定搭配,意为“对某人高度评价”。故选C。



56.It is obvious that the frequent exchanges between the two countries have strengthened their friendship.



57.Everybody should be aware that you are losing something while you get something.



58.A person who will give up when meeting with difficulties will never succeed.



59.Once the balance is lost in a person’ s body, he will get ill.



60.We should try to advise these children to resist the temptation of playing video games.





Much to our relief, the police are looking into the cause of the accident.



It is very difficult for a heavy smoker to get rid of smoking.



Not until he got the test result did he regret not making full use of time at school to realize his ambition.



In order to develop the overseas market, they are determined to cooperate with that multinational enterprise.



It never occurred to John that he would fall asleep and leave his wallet in the taxi.



66. For this part, you are required to write a composition entitled My View on Job-hopping. You should base your composition on the outline given below and write it on the Answer Sheet.




My View on Job-hopping

People have different attitudes towards their work. Many people are inclined to do one occupation as their lifelong career. These people are of the opinion that one can never do his work well unless he is devoted to only one job in his lifetime. They think constant practice in a professional field helps make an expert.

Others, on the other hand, like to change their jobs at times. In their opinion, the reason why people work is that people want to make more money. If they are not satisfied with their present job or have some better opportunities, they have the right to replace it with a more challenging and better paid one. Besides, if a person does only one job all his life, he will certainly be bored with it.

For my part, I think it reasonable to change the job if one has a better opportunity. But once one finds a position where he can fully display his ability, it is advisable to settle down to it and put all his efforts into it. Only in this way can one get the true joy of achieving the goal and improving his capability.











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