Computer Literacy

Today we’ll discuss computer literacy.

I. Common ways of 【T1】_____will be changed. 【T1】______

A. E-mail will replace mail delivery.

B. Bills and pay checks will be delivered in the 【T2】_____version. 【T2】______

C. Greeting cards will be sent from computers.

D. Shopping malls will be 【T3】______. 【T3】______

II. Our homes will be run by computers.

A. Computers can 【T4】______. 【T4】______

B. 【T5】______will be linked to the computer. 【T5】______

C. Light fixtures will adjust to the right level of light.

III. The way of business will be entirely changed.

A. Business will be conducted via interactive 【T6】______. 【T6】______

B. Documents and files will be stored on computers hard drives.

C. Many workers will work 【T7】______via the computer. 【T7】______

D. On-board computer in the car will 【T8】______. 【T8】______

IV. The 【T9】______will also join the computer age. 【T9】______

A. Every student will have access to a computer.

B. Text books will be on disks.

C. Students will have access to 【T10】______. 【T10】______

D. Students turn in the 【T11】______of their homework. 【T11】______

E. 【T12】______will be given at the end of tests via computers. 【T12】______

F. Some classes will be conducted by interactive teleconferences.

V. Our 【T13】______will also be affected by the use of computers. 【T13】______

A. The home communication system and TV-service

will 【T14】______. 【T14】______

B. Newspapers and magazines will be read 【T15】______. 【T15】______

VI. Conclusion:

In the future people will need to acquire computer literacy to become



daily communication

解析:要点题。演讲者认为日常交际方式将受到电脑的影响,因此答案为daily communication。



解析:推断题。这里需要转换词性。讲座中提到:Pay checks will be electronically deposited to your bank account.根据填空题上下文的语义要求需把副词electronically转换成形容词electronic,意思保持不变。


cyber malls

解析:细节题。根据讲座中提到的相关细节“Shopping malls will become cyber malls and we will do our shopping via the computer.”即可得出答案为cyber malls或者online malls等同义词。


adjust the temperature

解析:细节题。根据讲座中提到的相关细节“Computers will adjust the temperature.”即可得出答案。


Home appliances






at home

解析:推断题。根据讲座内容“Many workers will not have to go to a place of employment.They will work from their homes via the computer.”可推断出员工们可以通过电脑在家办公,因此答案为at home。


give directions

解析:归总题。讲座相关内容包括:Cars will have on-board compmers to keep them aware of road conditions,traffic backups,and which route is best to take.On-board compmers will also replace maps and give directions from your current location to where you are going.主要意思就是装在车上的电脑可以帮助导航,因此答案只要包含“导航”的意思就行,比如give directions。


education system



online references/resources/materials

解析:归总题。讲座原文提到:Students will have access to a vast amount of reference material via the computer online from far away universities and other institutions.归纳起来就是说学生可以通过上网获取其他学校的资源,因此答案应该是网上资源,即online references/resources/materials等。



解析:归总题。讲座中提到:Instead of turning in papers on which you have done your homework,you will either turn in a disk or send it to your teachers by connecting to the Internet.也就是说,学生只要在电脑上提交电子作业就行了,所以答案就是e-copy或其同义词。



解析:细节题。根据“Test will be taken on the compmer and as soon as you finish you will know what your score is.”可知电脑辅助考试——只要考试一结束分数就会自动生成。


leisure time



be integrated

解析:细节题。根据讲座原文“In the future the home communication system(phones,e—mail,faxes,and modems)and TV-service will be integrated into one system.”即可得出答案为be integrated或be in one。


on the screen

解析:细节题。根据Just flip on your TV and with the aid of your computer pull up the paper on your screen and read.Magazines will be available the same way.可知书报都可以在电脑屏幕上阅读,因此答案为on the screen。



A. They refine and correct and sort out the news stories.

B. A news reporter.

C. A news editor.

D. They collect and write the news stories.

解析:细节题。对话中采访者开篇问道I wonder then,if you could tell me a little bit about your actual job as an announcer.We’ve learned how you build up with the news…,再结合Victoria的回答,不难得知Victoria是新闻播音员。故本题正确答案为A。


A. They refine and correct and sort out the news stories.

B. They read the news stories on the air.

C. They are in charge of reporting news events.

D. They collect and write the news stories.

解析:细节辨析题。根据They’re sub-editors.They are the people who write the news stories as they come in.They are then passed to the senior duty editor and the assistant editor in the newsroom,and as stories go through the chain of people they are refined and corrected and sorted out…可知,新闻助理编辑负责新闻稿的编写,再由主编进行修改和整理,最后交到播音员手中。故正确答案是D。


A. By taking a couple of seconds to catch a glimpse of news report.

B. By starting off on a bright tone on a story and then change to a sad tone quickly.

C. By putting a small cross at the top of sad news.

D. Both A and C



A. Small changes should be made on news reports to read easily.

B. Writing for speech is similar to writing for newspaper.

C. Before reading the news, announcer should absorb the news in advance.

D. Announcer should overcome the feeling of panic when reading something difficult.

解析:推断题。对话中有提起because,remember, writing for speech is different from writing for people to read in a newspaper,可知Victoria认为演讲稿的用词和报纸上供人阅读的新闻的用词不同。故本题正确答案是B。A、C、D选项的内容Victoria都有提及并认可。


A. She talks with editorial staff.

B. She takes advice from the Pronunciation Unit.

C. She goes to embassies or tourist bureau.

D. She makes a direct phone call to BBC’s external services.

解析:细节辨析题。Victoria遇到不确定的外国人名或地名时,通常询问Pronunciation Unit,而C项咨询大使馆或旅游局,或D项咨询BBC对外服务处的工作是由Pronunciation Unit而非播音员完成的。故本题正确答案是B。


A. 9 months.

B. The law on taxis in London.

C. A test about the routes taxi drivers will run in six-mile radius in London.

D. 3 years.

解析:细节辨析题。对话中提到the Knowledge,which is an examination…called the Knowledge and it’s a basic test of…you get 468 runs—what they call runs—from a blue book,后文又提到That’s the basis of the Knowledge,finding anywhere from point A to B in that six-mile radius in London.可知,Knowledge是考查伦敦出租车司机对伦敦行车路线熟识程度的严格测试。故本题正确答案是C。


A. 9 months.

B. 19 months.

C. 2 to 3 years.

D. 3 years.

解析:细节题。考查数字记忆能力,对话明确提出,it took me nineteen months。故本题正确答案是B。


A. The taxi has to be thoroughly examined and repaired every year.

B. In London taxi-drivers take the Knowledge test instead of a driving test.

C. The license is annually renewed.

D. The law on taxis in London is more or less the same as in other places.

解析:细节题。对话中有这样一个关键句子:…but for your cab,whether you rent it or you own it,you have to have a yearly overhaul which is a very strict passing test and there are some real stringent tests it’s got to pass.选项A就表达了这个意思。同时本题可用排除法,根据对话内容,B、 C和D都可排除。故本题正确答案是A。


A. Because he has been in London a lot longer.

B. Because he has got a typical London Cockney accent.

C. Because he was born in London.

D. Because he enjoys being a taxi driver in London.

解析:细节题。对话中明确提到but I see myself as a Londoner definitely now because I’ve been up here a lot longer,可知本题正确答案是A;也可用排除法排除B、C、D。


A. The laws on taxis in London.

B. The life of Jack, a taxi driver in London.

C. How to be a taxi driver in London.

D. Body-building in London.

解析:主旨题。采访主要围绕两个方面的内容,第一部分采访由The law on taxis is very interesting and I know in London it’s different from other places andrules are quite strict,aren’t they?开始,第二部分采访由What do you do in your spare time?开始,可知,本次采访的主旨即伦敦出租车司机Jack的工作和业余爱好。故本题正确答案是B。


Some people believe that television gives us a window into the world around us. Television has opened up a door for us to appreciate the human experience around the world. It has changed presidential elections and it has changed the world. Additionally, it gives the children good knowledge in easy way. For example, small children can learn many things from shows such as Sesame Street and Dora. Older students can also benefit by watching shows on national geographic and the history channel.

Yes, but what did we use to do before there was television? How often we hear statements like this! Television hasn’t been with us all that long, but we are already beginning to forget what the world was like without it. Before we admitted the one-eyed monster into our homes, we never found it difficult to occupy our spare time. We used to enjoy civilized pleasures. For instance, we used to have hobbies, we used to entertain our friends and be entertained by them, and we used to go outside for our amusements to theatres, cinemas, restaurants and sporting events.

We even used to read books and listen to music and broadcast talks occasionally. All that flies to the past. Now all our free time is regulated by the goggle box. We rush home or gulp down our meals to be in time for this or that programme.

We have even given up sitting at table and having a leisurely evening meal, exchanging the news of the day. A sandwich and a glass of beer will do—anything, providing it doesn’t interfere with the programme. The monster demands and obtains absolute silence and attention.

If any member of the family dares to open his mouth during a programme, he is quickly silenced. Whole generations are growing up addicted to the telly. Food is left uneaten, homework undone and sleep is lost.

The telly is a universal pacifier. It is now standard practice for mother to keep the children quiet by putting them in the living-room and turning on the set.

It doesn’t matter that the children will watch rubbishy commercials or spectacles of sadism and violence—so long as they are quiet.

There is a limit to the amount of creative talent available in the world. Every day, television consumes vast quantities of creative work. That is why most of the programmes are so bad: it is impossible to keep pace with the demand and maintain high standards as well.

When millions watch the same programmes, the whole world becomes a village, and society is reduced to the conditions which obtain in preliterate communities. We become utterly dependent on the two most primitive media of communication: pictures and the spoken words.

Television encourages passive enjoyment. We become content with second-hand experiences. It is so easy to sit in our armchairs watching others working. Little by little, television cuts us off from the real world.

We get so lazy, so we choose to spend a fine day in semi-darkness, glued to our sets, rather than go out into the world itself. Television may be a splendid medium of communication, but it prevents us from communicating with each other.

We only become aware how totally irrelevant television is to real living when we spend a holiday by the sea or in the mountains, far away from civilization. In quiet, natural surroundings, we quickly discover how little we miss the hypnotic tyranny of King Telly.

Many researchers have been carried out time and again to know the harmful effects of watching TV shows that display more violence. It has been medically proved that watching violent TV shows filled with anger, hatred and shootings leaves a permanent scar in the brain. This eventually gets released at some point of time and the child becomes a victim of such actions in real life. Thereafter our life is tormented and the charm to live a happy and peaceful life is lost forever. What good it will be if we miss the chance to live it with love, peace and happiness?

26.What is the biggest harm of TV?(A)

A. It deprives people of communication with the real world.

B. People become lazy.

C. People become dependent on second-hand experience.

D. TV consumes a large part of one’s life.


27.In what way can people forget TV?(D)

A. Far away from civilization.

B. To a mountain.

C. By the sea.

D. In quiet natural surroundings.


28.What does a mother usually do to keep her children quiet?(A)

A. Let them watch the set.

B. Put them in the living room.

C. Let them watch the rubbish.

D. Let them alone.


If you smoke and you still don’t believe that there’s a definite link between smoking and bronchial troubles, heart disease and lung cancer, then you are certainly deceiving yourself. No one will accuse you of hypocrisy. Let us just say that you are suffering from a bad case of wishful thinking.

This needn’t make you too uncomfortable because you are in good company. Whenever the subject of smoking and health is raised, the governments of most countries hear no evil, see no evil and smell no evil. Admittedly, a few governments have taken timid measures.

In Britain for instance, cigarette advertising has been banned on television. It ought to be a disaster for big tobacco. Governments started banning cigarette advertising on television in the 1960s, and though the marketing rope is still loose in much of the world it is tightening. Many governments ban ads in print media and oblige manufacturers to display packs with gruesome warnings. The pack itself survives as a badge of a smoker’s taste and means, displayed and pocketed 20 or 30 times a day. Lighter colors hint at relative healthiness. Tall thin packs seem more feminine. In the war on tobacco marketing, packaging is \

29.Why do a few governments take timid measures toward smoking?(C)

A. Because they are afraid of people.

B. Because diseases cost a lot.

C. Because they are afraid of the cutting down of their revenue.

D. Because they are afraid of manufacturers.

解析:为何政府禁烟的举措没有力度?答案见第四段。 “你不用看得很远就能发现为什么官方对医学成果的反应如此冷淡,答案就是钱。对于税收来说,烟草是一种绝妙的商品,几乎就像对我们每天吃的面包征税一样。光烟草税收一项,英国政府就从抽烟人身上征到足以支付整个教育设施的费用。”所以禁烟没有力度,是因为他们害怕收入减少。选项A他们害怕人民,选项D他们害怕厂商,文中没有。选项B疾病花费很大,这和软弱无力的禁烟措施有关,但不是因花费大而采取不利的政策。

30.The tone of this passage is______.(B)

A. critical

B. ironical

C. distaste

D. amusing


31.What does the sentence \(D)

A. You are backed by the government.

B. You are not alone.

C. You have good colleagues.

D. Governments are blind to evils of smoking too.


32.What is the best title of this passage?(A)

A. World governments should conduct serious campaigns against smoking.

B. World governments take timid measures against smoking.

C. Smoking is the most important source of income to many countries.

D. Tobacco industry spends a large sum of money on medical research.

解析:文章最佳标题是什么?选项A世界各国政府应该开展严厉的禁烟运动。因为前面五段有四点现象体现:(1)政策软弱。如英国政府只在电视上禁止烟草广告以告慰人们的良知。另一方面人民继续一路吞云吐雾走到癌症死亡。(2)烟草的税收高,所以不严禁。(3)这项政策的后果是烟草税收更多地被花在疾病治疗上而得不偿失。(4)烟草广告泛滥毒害人。唯一解救的办法就是禁烟。最后一段是结论,也是画龙点睛的主题和标题。 “作为起步,政府可以从禁止烟草广告开始,然后应开展抵制吸烟的广告运动……”

This is the story of a hundred-and-seventeen-year-old piece of cheese. The cheese has lived in an apartment in Brooklyn for the past years. Prior to that, it travelled the world, or more of the world than the average piece of cheese has travelled. The cheese is small—four inches long, one inch high—and it is an orangey-brown color. A person who comes in contact with it might not recognize it as cheese. Its shape more resembles that of a heart or a teardrop, or something that you would want to have a hazmat suit on to touch. Its owner, Clare Burson, a Tennessee-bora singer-songwriter by night and a docent at the Tenement Museum by day, is aware that the cheese evokes visceral reactions. When she gives tours at the Tenement Museum, she sometimes cites the decades-old bagel that was discovered in the building when it was renovated in the nineties, which disgusts people. \

33.According to Paragraph 1, the cheese seems to give visitors the impression of being______.(B)

A. vintage

B. perilous

C. morbid

D. appalling

解析:根据文章第一段内容,这块奶酪给来访者留下了怎样的印象?该题为推断题。本文第一段中描述到这块奶酪时说, “A person who comes in contact with it might not recognize it as cheese, …or something that you would want to have a hazmat suit on to touch”。见到它的人都认不出它是奶酪,觉得需要穿上防护服后才能和它接触。因此可推知,来访者认为它是危险的。因此,在四个选项“选项A vintage老式的,选项B perilous危险的,选项C morbid病态的,选项D appalling吓人的”中,最恰当的是选项B。

34.Burson’s great-grandfather had visited all the following places EXCEPT______.(C)

A. The UK

B. The USA

C. Mexico

D. South Africa


35.What can we infer from Burson’s tracing to the source of this age-old cheese?(B)

A. Her maternal grandmother placed an important role in it.

B. She does not know for sure where exactly the cheese comes from.

C. Her husband is not helpful in the whole process.

D. She was an inexperienced researcher on this study.

解析:从Burson追溯奶酪源头的过程中,我们可以推测出什么?本题为推断题。从文章的第四段中可知,是Burson的祖母(paternal grandmother),而不是外祖母(maternal grandmother),告诉她关于奶酪的事情,在这个过程中起到了重要作用,因此选项A错误。选项B中说,她也不确信奶酪具体来自哪里,从surmise一词可以看出这一点,故答案为选项B。从第七段中“她丈夫这次很支持。但他有自己的想法,总是提出异议。”中可知,她丈夫还是愿意帮忙的,故选项C的说法错误。从第四、五、六段中可以看出,Burson为了溯源,做了很多专门的研究,这也是她的专业内容,因此,选项D中说“Burson在这项研究中是个没有经验的研究人员”的说法是错误的。

36.Which of the following statements is INCORRECT?(D)

A. The cheese is very common in Pasvalys.

B. Burson is very meticulous in preserving the cheese.

C. Burson’s family are all proud of possessing this cheese.

D. The cheese should not be counted as a heritage.


The history of public debt is the very history of national power: how it has been won and how it has been lost. Dreams and impatience have always driven men in power to draw on the resources of others—be it slaves, the inhabitants of occupied lands, or their own children yet to be born—in order to carry out their schemes, to consolidate power, to grow their own fortunes. But never, outside periods of total war, has the debt of the world’s most powerful states grown so immense. Never has it so heavily threatened their political systems and standards of living. Public debt cannot keep growing without unleashing terrible catastrophes.

Anyone saying this today is accused of pessimism. The first signs of economic recovery, harbingers of a supposedly falling debt, are held up to contradict him. Yet we wouldn’t be the first to think ourselves uniquely able to escape the fate of other states felled by their debt, such as the Republic of Venice, Renaissance Genoa, or the Empire of Spain.

The history of public debt is intimately tied to the evolution of the state itself. In the ancient empires— Babylon, Egypt, China—rulers must at least occasionally have found it necessary to borrow on the expectation of future conquests, harvests, or taxes. But it’s in Greece where the first known records of sovereign loans appeared in the 5th century B.C.. With insufficient taxes and war booty to finance their military campaigns in the Peloponnesian War, the Greek city-states took to borrowing from the religious authorities, who had been hoarding temple offerings from the faithful. The debt habit quickly spread throughout the Greek city-states, and the hubris of debt played no small part in the erosion of Hellenic power and the rise of Rome.

Government borrowing continued, although during the entire first millennium A.D. it remained the exclusive right of princes, motivated—and reimbursed—mainly by warfare. Debt did not become truly \

37.What has caused the debt of most powerful states in the world to grow so immense?(D)

A. Dreams and impatience.

B. Schemes of men in power.

C. Political systems.

D. Warfare.

解析:是什么导致世界上许多最强大的国家国债增长如此庞大?该题为理解题。文章第一段中指出,国债的历史就是国家权力的历史。并提出“But never,outside periods of total war,has the debt of the world’s most powerful states grown so immense.”世界上强大国家的债务在非战争时期从来没有增长得如此庞大,庞大到严重威胁到了政治体制和生活水平。由此可见,是战争引起了国债的增长,故D为此题答案。

38.______invented the public treasury.(B)

A. Americans

B. Italians

C. Germans

D. Chinese

解析:哪国人发明了公库?该题为细节题。文章第五段明确指出,It was the Italians who invented the public treasury.正是意大利人发明了公库。因此该题答案为B。

39.Which of the following statements about public debt is INCORRECT?(A)

A. To solve the problem of public debt, one must know what will happen.

B. People should handle public debt carefully.

C. The nature of public debt is an obligation handed down from the present generation to future ones.

D. The American and French revolutions introduced a new phase in the history of debt.




40.What are the exceptions of coronaviruses that can infect both people and animals?



41.On what condition does MERS virus pass easily from person to person?

On condition that there is close contact.

解析:在什么情况下MERS病毒很容易在人和人之间传播?文章中第十段有明确答案, “MERS病毒只有在密切接触的条件下才能很容易地在人和人之间传播。”

42.According to the context, what does \

The possibility of(a disease)transmitting worldwide.

解析:根据文章, “pandemic potential”是什么意思?根据第十五段的内容可推断出该意。第十五段中说“冠状病毒突变概率很高,并且还有越界进入新物种宿主的趋势”,之后话题转变,从第十五段中while this is of concern,especially in light of how deadly MERS and SARS can be,MERS transmission is not efficient enough to have“pandemic potential”,the study’s authors suggest.可知,尽管这种情况令人担忧,尤其是考虑到SARS和MERS的致命后果,但MERS的传播不足以有“大范围流行的潜力”。从文章内容可知, “大范围”指世界范围。另外从第十六段中可知,世卫组织说“持续应用传染病防治的适当措施已经防止了与医疗设施相关的大规模病例出现。这就表明,这种方法可以在MERS的防控中再次应用。”由此可推断出该题答案。


43.What does \

The arts is not a source of inspiration.

解析:第三段中的“the bias”指的是什么?根据第二段最后一句“But they seldom take the arts seriously as a source of inspiration.”可知,商人们很少把艺术当作是灵感的源泉。由此可以推断,商人们的偏见就是“艺术并不是灵感的源泉。”因此答案为The arts is not a source of inspiration.

44.According to the passage, what may rule at business school?

Numbers and case studies.

解析:根据本文,什么可能支配着商业学校?文章第三段有该题的明确答案:The bias starts at business school,where“hard”things such as numbers and case studies rule.因此答案为Numbers and case studies。


45.According to the context, what does the word \


解析:根据文章,第四段中的gleaned是什么意思?文中第四段说An international team of researchers…collected data from 188 countries’national health ministry surveys and other sources(1, 770 in all)from 1980 through 2013 and gleaned from people of different age,gender, heights and weights,worked some statistical hocus-pocus on the data and came up with some eye-popping trends.根据“gleaned”所在句子和上下文可以推断该词应为句中collected的近义词,意为“收集(资料)”。因此答案为collected。

46.What is \

The world is getting fatter.

解析:最后一段中的“the truth”指的是什么?从文章内容可知,世界肥胖问题日趋严重,肥胖人数日益增加。最后一段与文章开头相呼应,因此可以推断, “the truth”是指第一段中的“the world is getting fatter”。



解析:第一段最后一句话使用了何种修辞手法?文章第一段最后一句“The other houses of the street,conscious of decent lives within them,gazed at one another with brown imperturbable faces.”中运用了如“conscious of,gazed at,brown imperturbable faces”这些表示人的词来修饰房子,由此可知,该句中使用的修辞方法是拟人(Personification)。


The deal is done: until a few years ago a relatively known 【S1】______

Chinese carmaker, has got its hands on an iconic

marque, Volvo. Though the Swedish company has long been 【S2】______

mired in difficulties and integration is likely to be a painful

process, are some Western media, politicians and public

opinions right when they are worried about a \



解析:本句的意思是几年前,中国的汽车制造商将触角伸到汽车大亨沃尔沃。分析现状,我们不难发现中国的这家汽车制造商与沃尔沃相比,是没有名气的,所以,应该是unknown Chinese carmaker,而不是known Chinese carmaker。


Even though

解析:瑞典汽车制造商长期以来陷人困境,整合对它而言可能是一个痛苦的过程,即使如此,西方媒体、政客、公众担忧中国在经济上称霸是否有道理呢?显然,中国的态度是否定的。故此处的衔接应该使用even though(即使),而不是though(虽然……但是……)。


∧ to

解析:leave sb.to do sth.为固定搭配,表示“委托;交由”,此处以被动的形式出现,即(which was)left to sleep,意为“对拿破仑而言,最好让中国沉睡着,以免惊醒世界”。所以,应该补上to。





∧ its

解析:文章要讨论“……中国经济究竟是给世界带来好处,还是其复苏表明其他国家经济的衰退?”此处需要用代词its来指代China’s economy,不能省略。


to come

解析:coming作形容词时,表示“就要来的”,意思与文章相吻合,但应改为in the coming century,或者in the century to come。专八要求在同行修改,故改为to come。



解析:account for可以表示“占……百分比”。比如,Computers account for 5% of the country’s commercial electricity consumption.电脑占到国家商业用电量的5%。此处应该是account for,而不是account of。





∧ a

解析:on a par with是固定搭配,表示“与某人/某事物同等重要、同水平等”,比如,As a writer, she was on a par with the great novelists.她是与伟大小说家齐名的作家。





58. 在考生时代,我喜欢写自己最爱写的东西;后来到了我当教师的时候,就深深地记着“己所不欲,勿施于人”的格言,我绝不伤害他们的脑筋;有时一次出二三十个题目,由他们自由去选择,或者干脆由他们自己作主,爱写什么就写什么。他们写的情书,偶然也给我修改;说真话,那比他们平时的作文写得流利多了。


In my school days. I chose to write on whatever subject I liked best. Later, when I became a school teacher. I. by keeping firmly in mind the maxim \

解析:本篇节选自谢冰莹的《我爱作文》。谢冰莹(1906—2000),湖南新化人,是我国现代杰出女作家,以丰硕的散文创作著称。她于1929年5月从上海到达北平,不久考入北京女子师范大学,《我爱作文》是她在这时期写的一篇散文。作者对当时学校作文教学的一些看法,至今仍有参考价值。我绝不伤害他们的脑筋:意为“我绝不强迫他们做伤脑筋的事”,故译为took care not to impose on my students anything that would cause mental torture.


59. Below are a graph on tuition increase in the US and an excerpt arguing against free university education. Read them carefully and write an essay of no less than 300 words, in which you should:

1. sum up the main ideas of the graph and the excerpt;

2. explain if you agree to the excerpt or not.


On Tuition Increase

Tuition fee increase has become a hot topic in recent years. According to data from the College Board and National Center for Education Statistics, college cost and family income rose at sharply different rate between 1982 and 2012. As the graph shows, the median family income increase stayed below 40 percent, but college cost outpaced family income by 3 to 5 times. So college tuition has become a burden to ordinary families. The article argues that university education should not be free, because relying on government subsidy will harm vocational training, waste university education on simple jobs, lower education quality, and fail to justify the future economic benefits after graduation.

The excerpt is very brave to raise these four reasons to argue for tuition collection, but in my opinion, except the last one, the other three do not hold water. The first reason misfires, because the necessity to invest in vocational training cannot negate the importance of investing in university. We need to realize that both are important: vocational education can meet immediate demand, but education works for long-term prosperity. The second argument is not valid because it assumes that the economy do not need degree-holding graduates, but the fact may be that if given opportunity these student can further develop the economy. The third reason calls university to collect money to maintain education quality. This is mistaken because the tuition can only be used for daily operation, while the huge sum of money to fund research never comes from tuition, but from governmental funding and enterprise donation.

In one word, college tuition increase has developed into a serious concern in many countries. Faced with economic concession, it is natural for the government to try to divert the pressure to students. But ultimately it is still the government that should shoulder the responsibility to guarantee an education system featuring equal opportunity and long-term prosperity.


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