1.He slept in the______of the trees on such a hot day.(A)

A. shade

B. shelter

C. shadow

D. shield

解析:shade荫,阴凉处,正符合题意。如:Store the food in the shade.在食物放在阴凉处。B.shelter躲避,躲避风雨的地方或东西,与句意中“hot weather”不相关。如:We took shelter from the rain in a cave.我们在山洞里躲雨。C.shadow阴影,暗处,指阳光照不到的地方,或光线照射所形成的阴影。在树下乘凉,并不是指在树影下乘凉,故A比C合适。D.shield盾牌,庇护物。

2.This story is not real; it is______.(B)

A. imaginative

B. imaginary

C. imaginable

D. imagining

解析:imaginary想象力的,虚构的,如:imaginary enemy假想的敌人。A.imaginative想象力丰富力的,如:imaginative writer想象力丰富的作家。C.imaginable可想象的,如:unimaginable difficulty无法想象的困难。

3.Mother hopes her son will______doing anything rash.(A)

A. keep from

B. avoid from

C. ask from

D. protect from

解析:首先可排除B、C两项,因为avoid为及物动词,常用于avoid(doing)sth.结构中。ask也为及物动词,没有ask from这样的词组。D.protect虽然能与from搭配使用,但一般用于protect…from结构中,表示“保卫……,使不受……伤害”。A.keep from阻止;抑制,如:keep from talking like that不要那样讲话。

4.All flights______ because of the heavy storm, we decided to take the train.(C)

A. having canceled

B. being canceled

C. having been canceled

D. canceled


5.In his poems, he compared his little daughter______a flower.(B)

A. by

B. to

C. for

D. as

解析:此题“compare”为关键词,常用于“compare A to B(把A比喻成B)”结构中,或“compare A with B(比较A和B)”结构中,故B为正确选项。

6.______ the advances of science, the discomforts of old age will no doubt always be with us.(D)

A. As for

B. Except

C. In spite

D. Despite

解析:从题意中,我们可以得出“advances of science”和“the discomforts of old age”是一种转折关系,故可以排除A、B两项。A.as for关于,至于;B.except除……以外;而C选项形式不正确,应该为in spite of才行;D.despite=in spite of尽管。

7.No one can behave______, completely regardless of social conventions.(A)

A. at will

B. at random

C. on purpose

D. on easy

解析:at will任意,随心所欲。B.at random随便地,偶然地,如I just picked up a book at random to kill my time.我只是随便拿了本书以消磨时间。C.on purpose故意地,如:He did it on purpose.他故意这么做。D.on easy没有这样的词组。

8.American women were______ the right to vote until 1920.(B)

A. ignored

B. denied

C. rejected

D. refused

解析:deny否定;deny sb.sth.拒绝给某人某物,如:Some parents never deny their children anything.一些父母孩子要什么就给什么从不拒绝。A.ignore忽视,不理睬,如:ignore the customer’s complaints不理睬顾客的申诉;C.reject拒绝,如:reject our suggestion拒绝了我们的建议;D.refuse拒绝,如:refuse to sign the contract拒签合同。A、C、D均不能接复合宾语。此题只能选B。

9.It was difficult to tell what her______to the news could be.(C)

A. impression

B. comment

C. reaction

D. opinion

解析:reaction反应,常与介词“to”连用,表示“对……的反应”,如:What’s his reaction to this proposal?他对这一提议做何反应?A.impression印象,一般用于“make an impression on sb.给某人留下印象”结构中;B.comment评述,与介词on连用:comment on this book书评;D.opinion看法,观点,多与介词of连用。

10.Like the old, ______respected in our country.(C)

A. the female is

B. a female is

C. the female are

D. female is

解析:在表示比较、对应关系时,两者在形式上要一致。“like the old”,old前用了定冠词,相应的female前也要用定冠词。the female指的是一个群体,谓语动词应用“are”而不是“is”,因此C为正确选项。

11.We have______ the serious flood disaster and made advances in agriculture.(A)

A. overcome

B. conquered

C. succeeded

D. defeated


12.Abundant natural resources are part of a country’s_____(B)

A. treasure

B. wealth

C. goods

D. property


13.After a long time coordination, the______ between them has been made.(B)

A. consequence

B. contract

C. convenience

D. contention


14.The old man has the______ habit of forgetting to tie his shoes.(C)

A. unusual

B. ignorant

C. peculiar

D. crazy


15.His success doesn’t______his cleverness. Hard working______ progress.(D)

A. lie on; lead to

B. lead to; leads to

C. lead to; lie in

D. lie in; leads to

解析:lie on表示“依赖”;lie in表示“在于”;lead to表示“导致,引起”。

16.We all ______ him because, although he was stern, he was fair.(C)

A. looked out upon

B. looked up at

C. looked up to

D. looked out for

解析:look out upon面临,濒临;look up at观察,观看;look up to崇敬,尊敬;look out for注意,查找.寻找。

17.I would rather not ______ him until I’m absolutely sure that he is trustworthy.(A)

A. rely on

B. believe in

C. count for

D. rely in

解析:rely on相信,信赖(某人或某物);believe in相信,信奉(信仰),其后常接真理,宗教原则之类的词;count for有……价值,有重要性;rely in的搭配不正确。

18.They did their utmost and made______progress in a short time.(A)

A. remarkable

B. obvious

C. unapparent

D. spectacular


19.He’s______ to his family because he never tells them he’s working late.(A)

A. inconsiderate

B. thoughtless

C. careless

D. reckless


20.The competition is open to both professionals and______.(B)

A. aliens

B. amateurs

C. juniors

D. editors


21.Industrial managers employ specialists to keep machines working properly and to ______ the supply of spare parts.(A)

A. ensure

B. promise

C. guarantee

D. assure


22.It is difficult to understand this kind of______calculation.(A)

A. intricate

B. varied

C. indispensable

D. equable


23.With the map of the city to help them, they had no______the place.(B)

A. difficulties in finding

B. difficulty in finding

C. difficulty to find

D. trouble to find

解析:difficulty相当于trouble(麻烦,困难),是不可数名词,常用句型为have some(no/little)difficulty(in)doing sth.

24.Science and technology have brought______many changes in our lives.(B)

A. forward

B. about

C. out

D. to

解析:bring forward提出,显示;bring about带来,造成;bring out出版,生产;bring to停下,恢复知觉。

25.I don’t think it is funny, but my friend .(D)

A. cannot help to laugh

B. cannot help laugh

C. cannot but laughing

D. cannot help but laugh

解析:表示“不得不,情不自禁”可以用以下几种结构:①cannot help+动名词;②cannot help but+动词原形;③cannot but+动词原形。

26.He has a large collection of books, ______ are written in English.(D)

A. many among

B. many in which

C. many ones of which

D. many of which

解析:many of which are written in English是一个关系代词带前置介词of的非限定性从句。which代替books。many of which在从句中作主语。

27.A beam of light will not bend round corners unless______ to do so with the help of a reflecting device.(A)

A. made

B. being made

C. having made

D. to be made

解析:unless made状语从句中省略了it is。完整的句子应是unless it is made…科技文献中常可见到这种语法现象。

28.Fertilizers are used primarily to enrich the soil and______ yield.(C)

A. increasing

B. increase

C. to increase

D. have increased

解析:to increase用来与to enrich保持结构上的平行。

29.You remain about the same as when you parted with us______ you’ve got a little thinner.(C)

A. except for

B. besides

C. except that

D. because

解析:exeept for除……以外,其后一般接名词,代词,用来表示理由或细节,修饰前面所述的情况。except that其后接从句,可与except for换用,但用法有区别。besides作介词其后常用名词,动名词或what引导的从句,意为“除……以外(还)”。

30.Electrical energy______ from the sun in a round way is the most widely used energy today.(C)

A. come

B. to come

C. coming

D. having come


31.You’ve made a mistake—you’ve______ the word.(A)

A. left out

B. left behind

C. left off

D. left for

解析:词语辨析题,同一动词跟上不同的介副词,词义不同。leave out指漏掉,遗漏,省去;leave behind指甩掉,超过;遗忘,忘带;leave off指停止;leave for指离开某地到另一地。

32.You’ll soon get used to______ a large breakfast in England.(C)

A. eat

B. it that you eat

C. eating

D. you eat

解析:语法题,要求考生注意动词短语的用法及与形式近似易混的短语的区别。get used to指适应,后接名词或动名词;used to指过去常常,后接动词原形;be used to的逻辑主语若为人,则与get used to同义,用法相同;其主语若为物,则指某物用来干某事,后接动词原形,因此此处答案应为动名词eating,即答案C。

33.If he had visited me in Beijing, I______ him to see the sights.(D)

A. had taken

B. will take

C. would take

D. would have taken

解析:语法题,要求考生注意虚拟语气中的时态。此题中,从句时态为过去完成时,主句时态应为过去将来完成时,即would have taken,其他选项均不符合虚拟语气中的时态的要求。

34.If______, we’ll stay at home.(C)

A. it’ll rain

B. it’s to rain

C. it rains

D. it’ll be raining


35.A flying stone______ him on the head and knocked him out.(B)

A. beat

B. hit

C. strike

D. flog


36.Though she is getting on in years, she still has a______ fear of the dark.(B)

A. childlike

B. childish

C. naive

D. juvenile


37.My next door neighbor saw the______break into my house and reported to the police immediately.(C)

A. thief

B. robber

C. burglar

D. mugger


38.They remained full of hope and determination______ their repeated failures.(D)

A. instead of

B. in search of

C. because of

D. in spite of

解析:逻辑关系题,要求学生能正确分析句子两部分之间的让步关系。instead of指两个动作、行为、事件等只出现其中一个;in search of指搜寻,探索等;because of表因果关系;in spite of表让步关系。

39.Although she claims to have left her job voluntarily, she was actually______ for misconduct.(D)

A. dispelled

B. exiled

C. resigned

D. dismissed


40.The only thing______ really matters to the children is how soon they can return to their aunt and uncle’s farm.(A)

A. that

B. what

C. which

D. this



The age of gilded youth is over. Today’s under thirties are the first generation for a century who can expect a lower living standard than their parents. Research into the lifestyle and prospects of people born since 1970 shows that they are likely to face a lifetime of longer working hours, lower job security and higher taxes than the previous generations.

When they leave work late in the evening they will be more likely to return to a small rented flat than to a house of their own. When, eventually, they retire it will be on pensions far lower in real terms than those of their immediate forebears. The findings are revealed in a study of the way the ageing of Britain’s population is affecting different generations.

Anthea Tinker, the professor of social gerontology at King’s College London, who carried out much of the work, said the growth of the proportion of people over 50 had reversed the traditional flow of wealth from older to younger generations.


41.We can conclude from the passage that______.(C)

A. today’s under-thirties are leading a miserable life in Britain

B. Laura Lenox-Conyngham’s attitude to work and life represents that of many young professionals in Britain

C. life can get harder for under-thirties in Britain

D. elders enjoy extremely high living standard in Britain

解析:主旨题文章开头就说:金色青春的时代已经过去了。如今这一代30岁以下的年轻人,是一百年米头一批只能期待低于父辈生活水准的人了。后面的篇幅更深入、具体、弹细地探讨了这一主题。因此C项:英国三十岁以下的年轻人的生活可能会越来越艰苦,是对文章主题的恰当的概括。A项中的“miserable”(悲惨的)一词无法推断出。B项本身并不错,只是不是文章的主旨, 老年人在当今社会是受益者,但不能说他们享受着极高的生活水准。所以,A、B、D诸项都不是恰当的选择。

42.In what way does Laura Lenox-Conyngham make her living?(D)

A. By taking photographs for magazines.

B. By marrying a rich man.

C. By subletting the lounge sofa-bed to her brother.

D. By preparing food for photographs for some magazines.

解析:细节理解题,该题较简单。只需正确理解第六段第三行“…,preparing food to be photographed for magazines.”(为杂志配制要拍照的食物),D项正确。

43.Which factor pushed up house prices?(D)

A. Many young men, who live alone, have increased demand for houses.

B. Many young men need to rent more houses.

C. It is easy to apply for a mortgage for young generation.

D. The number of older people, many of whom live alone, becomes bigger and bigger.


44.Why are today’s older middle-aged and elderly becoming the new winners?(A)

A. Because they made relatively small contributions in tax, but younger generation will possibly hand over more than a third of their lifetime’s earnings for the care of them

B. Because they contributed a lot in tax and now can claim much on the welfare system.

C. Because they made small contributions, but now can make money easily.

D. Because they outnumber younger generation and enjoy more privileges in the present society.

解析:细节推论题。该题的答案出现在文章第六段。原因有二:这些老人过去在tax方面贡献甚小,而现在他们享受的社会福利份额甚多,在过去三四十年中出生的人将面临把他们一生的三分之一多的所得用于照料这些老年人的前景。故A项正确。B项中的“a lot”有误;C项中的“make money easily”文章没有提及;D项的内容也没有涉及,均应排除。

45.By saying \(C)

A. currently wealth flows from old generation to younger generation

B. traditionally wealth flows from younger generation to old generation

C. with the increasingly big population of over 50, the trend arises that wealth flows from younger generation to old generation

D. with more and more people of over 50, traditions have been reversed


In cities with rent control, the city government sets the maximum rent that a landlord can charge for an apartment. Supporters of rent control argue that it protects people who are living in apartments. Their rent cannot increase; therefore, they are not in danger of losing their homes. However, the critics say that after a long time, rent control may have negative effects. Landlords know that they cannot increase their profits. Therefore, they invest in other businesses where they can increase their profits. They do not invest in new buildings which would also be rent controlled. As a result, new apartments are not built. Many people who need apartments cannot find any. According to the critics, the end result of rent control is a shortage of apartments in the city.

Some theorists argue that the minimum wage law can cause problems in the same way. The federal government sets the minimum that an employer must pay workers. The minimum helps people who generally look for unskilled, low-paying jobs. However, if the minimum is high, employers may hire fewer workers. They will replace workers with machinery. The price, which is the wage that employers must pay, increases. Therefore, other things being equal, the number of workers that employers want decreases. Thus, critics claim, an increase in the minimum wage may cause unemployment. Some poor people may find themselves without jobs instead of with jobs at the minimum wage.

Supporters of the minimum wage say that it helps people keep their dignity. Because of the law, workers cannot sell their services for less than the minimum. Furthermore. employers cannot force workers to accept jobs at unfair wages. Economic theory predicts the results of economic decisions such as decisions about farm production, rent control, and the minimum wage. The predictions maybe correct only if \

46.Which of the following statements is NOT true?(A)

A. The results of economic decisions can not always be predicted.

B. Minimum wage can not always protect employees.

C. Economic theory can predict the results of economic decisions if other factors are not changing.

D. Economic decisions should not be based on economic theory.

解析:细节判断题。依据第三段第五行“The predictions may be correct only if‘other things are equal’.”可得知A项是对的。从第二段可得知规定最低工资会使得雇主雇用更少的工人,会考虑用机器替代工人,也就会导致更多的人失业,所以B项应该是可以成立的说法。C项的内容实际上就是A项的另一种说法,也可成立。依据第四段内容,可得知D项不正确。经济理论应该有相当的参考价值,只是还需考虑方方面面的因素。

47.The passage tells us______.(B)

A. the relationship between supply and demand

B. the possible results of government controls

C. the necessity of government control

D. the urgency of getting rid of government controls

解析:主旨题。本文从rent control和最低工资控制两方面讨论了政府控制可能造成的后果。进一步说,许多政府行为可能保护某些利益,但从长远看,也会带来许多问题。B项正确。A项说:(文章叙述了)供需关系;C项说:(文章叙述了)政府控制的必要性;D项说:(文章叙述了)摆脱政府控制的紧迫性。文章并没有深入谈及这三项内容,显然不能成为文章主旨。

48.The problem of unemployment will arise______.(A)

A. if the minimum wage is set too high

B. if the minimum wage is set too low

C. if the workers are unskilled

D. if the maximum wage is set

解析:细节理解题。解答该题只要准确理解第二段的含义,尤其从第三行开始“Howevet,if the minimum is high, …Thus, critics claim, an increase in the minimum wage may cause unemployment.”此题较简单。

49.We can safely say that rent control______.(C)

A. will always benefit those who rent apartments

B. is unnecessary

C. will bring negative effects in the long run

D. is necessary under all circumstances

解析:细节理解题。依据第一段第四行“However,the critics say that after a long time,rent control may have negative effects.”可断定C项正确。A、B、D诸项都含绝对意味,都不符合文中意思。

50.There is the possibility that setting maximum rent may______.(A)

A. cause a shortage of apartments

B. worry those who rent apartments as homes

C. increase the profits of landlords

D. encourage landlords to invest in building apartment

解析:细节理解题。问“规定最高租金可能会导致什么结果”。文章第一段明确指出,landlords(房东)收取租户的租金有了最高限额,所以他们的利润受到影响,也可能导致他们投资其他行业,鉴于此,C、D两项都是错误的。B项“使以租房为家的人担忧”文中没有涉及,也不对。依据第一段最后一句话“…,the end result of rent control is a shortage of apartments in the city.”可知A项为唯一选项。

There is a new type of small advertisement becoming increasingly common in newspaper classified columns. It is sometimes placed among \

51.The job history has become such an important document because ______.(B)

A. there has been an increase in the number of jobs advertised

B. there has been an increase in the number of applicants with degrees

C. jobs are becoming much more complicated nowdays

D. the other processes of applying for jobs are more complicated

解析:单句理解题,A项说“男人女人离家出走是为了交流”与文中最后一段第二句矛盾。文章第二段中提示job history也就是curriculum vitae。问题问个人履历为什么重要。学生只要正确理解最后一段,就可作出正确选择,最后一句实际上是一强调句型:it is…that…,“it is”后的内容也即是B项的内容,所以B项正确。A、C、D项文中都没有涉及,均应排除。

52.Later, as one went on to apply for more important jobs, one was advised to include in the letter ______.(A)

A. something that would attract attention to one’s application

B. hinted information about the personality of the applicant

C. one’s advantages over others in applying for the job

D. an occasional trick with the aggressive approach

解析:细节理解题。文章第四段第一行中的“as you moved up the ladder”对应了题干中的“as one went on to apply for more important jobs”。因此,随后的内容即为答案:“Something slightly more sophisticated was called for.The advice then was to put something in the letter which would distinguish you from the rest.”A项正确。B项说“有关申请人个性的隐含信息”,C项说“申请人申请工作时相对于其他人的优势”,这两项均不正确;D项表示“用主动积极的方法偶尔玩点花招\

53.In the past it was expected that first job hunters would______.(D)

A. write an initial letter giving their life history

B. pass some exams before applying for a job

C. have no qualifications other than being able to read and write

D. keep any detailed information until they obtained an interview

解析:细节理解题。最关键的提示句应该是第三段第三行起的一句话“The letter was really just for openers, it was explained, everything else could and should be saved for the interview.”言外之意,在信中不必写得太详细,应该在得到面试机会时才透露更多细节。

54.Nowadays a demand for this specialized type of service has been created because______.(C)

A. there is a lack of jobs available for artistic people

B. there are so many top-level jobs available

C. there are so many people out of work

D. the job history is considered to be a work of art

解析:细节理解题。解答该题只需正确理解第二段第二行起的一句话“The growth and apparent success of such a specialized service,of course,is a reflection on the current high levels of unemployment.”这种特别服务的出现和成功反映了当今的高失业率。这正是C项的内容。该题属倒着考题型。

55.The new type of advertisement which is appearing in newspaper columns______.(B)

A. informs job hunters of the opportunities available

B. promises useful advice to those looking for employment

C. divides available jobs into various types

D. informs employers of the people available for work

解析:细节理解题。该题有一定难度。根据题干,解答该题应定位在第一段。第二行说“它有时放在‘situations vacant’(招聘)栏目……,”其中招聘加了引号,再加上随后的让步从句明确否定了给人提供工作,所以A项应排除。第三行说“它有时放在‘situations wanted’(求职)栏目……,”随后的让步从句也明确否定了D项。而选择正确答案应根据最后一句话“What it does is to offer help in applying for a job.”,所以B项正确。C项“把现有的工作分成各种类型\

In ancient Greece athletic festivals were very important and had strong religious associations. The Olympian athletic festival held every four years in honor of Zeus, king of the Olympian Gods, eventually lost its local character, became first a national event and then, international.

The games took place in August on the plain by Mount Olympus. Many thousands of spectators gathered from all parts of Geece. Slaves, women and dishonored persons were not allowed to compete. The exact sequence of events is uncertain, but events included boy’s gymnastics, boxing, wrestling, horse racing and field events.

On the last day of the Games, all the winners were honored by having a ring of holy olive leaves placed on their heads. So great was the honor that the winner of the foot race gave his name to the year of his victory. Although Olympic winners received no prize money, they were, in fact, richly rewarded by their state authorities. How their results compared with modern standards, we unfortunately have no means of telling.

Nowadays, the Games are held in different countries in turn. The host country provides vast facilities, including a stadium, swimming pools and living accommodation, but competing countries pay their own athletes’ expenses.

The Olympics start with the arrival in the stadium of a torch, lighted on Mount Olympus by the sun’s rays. It is carried by a succession of runners to the stadium. The torch symbolized the continuation of the ancient Greek athletic ideals, and it burns throughout the Games until the closing ceremony. The well-known Olympic flag, however, is a modern conception: the five interlocking rings symbolize the uniting of all five continents participating in the Games.

56.Nowadays, the athletes’ expenses are paid for______.(B)

A. out of the prize money of the winners

B. out of the funds raised by the competing nations

C. by the athletes themselves

D. by contributions

解析:文章第四段最后一句中but competing countries pay their own athletes’expenses.“但是,参赛国支付自己运动员的花费”,故选B。

57.Modern athletes’ results cannot be compared with those of ancient runners’ because______.(C)

A. the Greeks had no means of recording the results

B. they are much better

C. details such as the time were not recorded in the past

D. they are much worse

解析:文章第三段最后一句How their results compared with modern standards, we unfortunately have no means of telling,可知答案为C。

58.The order of athletic events at the ancient Olympics______.(A)

A. has not definitely been established

B. varied according to the number of foreign competitors

C. was decided by Zeus, in whose honor the Games were held

D. was considered unimportant

解析:文章第二段第四句The exact sequence of events is uncertain, …“运动比赛的顺序没有确定”,可知答案为A。

59.In the early days of ancient Olympic Games______.(A)

A. only make Greek athletes were allowed to participate in the games

B. all Greeks, irrespective of sex or social status, were allowed to take part in

C. all Greeks, with the exception of women, were allowed to compete in the Games

D. all male Geeeks were qualified to compete in the Games

解析:文章第二段第三句Slaves,women and dishonored persons were not allowed to compete.“奴隶、妇女和名声坏的人不允许参加比赛”,可知答案为A。

60.In ancient Greece, the Olympic Games______.(B)

A. were merely national athletic festivals

B. were in the nature of a national event with a strong religious color

C. had rules which put foreign participants in a disadvantageous position

D. were primarily national events with few foreign participants

解析:由文章第一段第一句In ancient Greece athletic festivals were very important and had strong religious associations.“在古希腊,运动的节日很重要并具有很强的宗教色彩”,可知答案为B。



In recent years, more and more foreigners are involved in the teaching programs of the United States. Both the advantages and the disadvantages【C1】______using foreign faculty(教师总称) 【C2】______teaching positions have to be【C3】______, of course. It can be said that the foreign【C4】______that makes the faculty member from abroad an asset also【C5】______problems of adjustment, both for the university and for the individual. The foreign research scholar usually isolates【C6】______in the laboratory as a means of protection【C7】______, what he needs is to be fitted【C8】______a highly organized university system quite different from【C9】______at home. He is faced in his daily work【C10】______differences in philosophy, arrangements of courses and methods of teaching. Both the visiting professor and his students【C11】______a common ground in each other’s cultures, some【C12】______of what is already in the minds of American students is【C13】______for the foreign professor. While helping him to【C14】______himself to his new environment, the university must also【C15】______certain adjustments in order to【C16】______full advantage of what the newcomer can【C17】______It isn’t always known how to make【C18】______use of foreign faculty, especially at smaller colleges. This is thought to be a【C19】______where further study is called【C20】______. The findings of such a study will be of value to colleges and universities with foreign faculty.


A. on

B. for

C. upon

D. at

解析:本题考查短语动词辨析。called on与called upon意义等同,A、C均可排除;called at意为“在某处拜访某人”,与题意不合,也可排除;只有called for(需要)符合题意,故正确。


A. scope

B. range

C. field

D. district



A. powerful

B. creative

C. imaginary

D. advanced



A. show

B. afford

C. express

D. offer



A. take

B. make

C. do

D. be

解析:本题考查习惯用法。take advantage of为固定用法,其意为“利用”,吻合题意,故正确。


A. remain

B. keep

C. make

D. cause



A. place

B. adapt

C. put

D. direct

解析:本题考查搭配关系。adapt oneself to意为“使适应于”,其余选项均无此搭配关系,所以B正确。


A. ordered

B. asked

C. put

D. required



A. concept

B. feeling

C. plan

D. intelligence



A. have

B. possess

C. need

D. lack



A. toward

B. with

C. to

D. at

解析:本题考查搭配关系。be faced with为固定搭配,意为“面对,面临”,所以B正确。其余选项均搭配错误。


A. those

B. which

C. what

D. that

解析:本题考查代词用法。本句空格本为the system,为避免重复,一般用that来替代,所以D正确。


A. into

B. by

C. to

D. with

解析:本题考查搭配关系。根据fit动词不与by连用,可排除选项B;而fit与into或with连用为“适合,符合”之义,两选项均与句意不合。本句句意为:但他所需要的是适应组织严密的大学体制。据此,只有C符合题意,故正确。be fitted to意为“使适应”。


A. otherwise

B. moreover

C. however

D. whatever



A. himself

B. oneself

C. him

D. one

解析:本题考查代词用法。本句句意为:“外来从事研究的学者通常呆在实验室以保护自己。”isolate oneself somewhere为习惯用法,意为:把某人隔离在某地。此外空格应指主语the foreign research scholar,所以应用himself指代;由此确定A为正确答案。


A. carries

B. create

C. emerges

D. solves



A. situation

B. circumstances

C. background

D. condition



A. thought

B. measured

C. balanced

D. considered



A. in

B. on

C. for

D. within



A. with

B. for

C. of

D. at




81.Nearly 54 million cars and trucks in the United States are equipped with driver side air bags located in the center of the steering wheel.



82.To avoid future trouble, many companies waited for state and federal governments to define terms and provide legal guidelines, which paved the road to a second wave.



83.But consumers realized that some companies made false claims and exploited the movement, using such nebulous(模糊的)terms as \



84.There is evidence to suggest that while variety certainly makes the workers’ life more enjoyable, it does not actually make him work harder.



85.In recent years many countries of the world have been faced with the problem of how to make their workers more productive.





The heated cheers expressed their appreciation for the performance.



Strategy plays a critical role in presidential election.



When exercising imagination,he should get rid of the fixed mode of thinking.



Now there is a trend to mistake the data in the computer for wisdom.



Frankfurt,Germany,is in one of the most densely populated regions of Western Europe.

解析:最……之一翻译为one of the most…of.


91.For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic \

Dos and Don’ts for the 2008 Olympic Volunteers

It is reported that over 100 000 people will be chosen as volunteers for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. What should the volunteers do and what should they not do?

Firstly, they should be polite and friendly to the athletes and visitors from all world, and avoid improper behaviour. Secondly, they should stick to their posts, offering good services.satisfying any reasonable needs and being ready to help those difficulty, and never tail to do their duty. Thirdly, they should introduce the Chinese culture and history to foreigners so that they may know China better, and never say or do anything that harms the image of our motherland.

If I have the honour to be chosen as a volunteer, besides the above, I will work hard and creatively, but never be lazy, I will follow the law and discipline, but never break them. I will take the opportunity to make friends with the athletes and visitors, and help make the 2008 Olympic Games a great success.











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