1.Radio, television and press______ of conveying news and information.(C)

A. are the most three common means

B. are the most common three means

C. are the three most common means

D. are three the most common means

解析:习惯上英语修饰词的排序是:冠词+数词+形容词+名词(作定语用)+被修饰的名词。如:the three mathematical exercise books。

2.______the financial menas to remain independent, Edison was compelled to seek employment as a night telegraph operator.(B)

A. He was deprived of

B. Deprived of

C. That he was deprived of

D. Although he was deprived of


3.Television has become a major instrument of communication, ______ us to see as well as to hear all kinds of programmes.(D)

A. permit

B. permitted

C. being permitted

D. permitting


4.We were surprised at______ the exam.(C)

A. him not pass

B. his passing not

C. his not passing

D. him not to pass


5.She had said little so far, responding only briefly when______.(B)

A. speaking

B. spoken to

C. spoken

D. speaking to

解析:过去分词作时间状语,含有被动之意。相当于:when somebody spoke to her.

6.A new technique______, the yields as a whole increased by 20 percent.(C)

A. working out

B. having worked

C. having been worked out

D. to have been worked out


7.You will see this product______wherever you go.(B)

A. to be advertised

B. advertised

C. advertise

D. advertising

解析:this product与advertise是动宾关系,意为“给产品做广告”。

8.These surveys indicate that many crimes go ______ by the police, mainly because not all victims report them.(A)

A. unrecorded

B. to be unrecorded

C. unrecording

D. to have been unrecorded


9.Many a man______life is meaningless without purpose.(B)

A. think

B. thinks

C. thought

D. has thought

解析:many a man尽管表示“许多人”,但谓语要使用单数形式。

10.John is the only one of the students who______to France.(A)

A. has been

B. have been

C. had been

D. have gone

解析:定语从句中的谓语应与先行词中的名词相一致。句中one of the students前加了only,谓语只能用单数。

11.The growth of part-time and flexible working patterns, and of training and retraining schemes, ______ more women to take advantage of employment opportunities.(D)

A. have allowed

B. allow

C. allowing

D. allows

解析:句中的主语为单数名词the growth,因此谓语用单数形式。

12.______ after the Second World War that test pilots first attempted to break the sound barrier.(A)

A. It was shortly

B. There was shortly

C. Was shortly

D. Shortly


13.I am going to spend the winter vacation in Shanghai, ______I have relatives.(D)

A. because

B. which

C. that

D. where


14.The manager would rather his daughter______ in the same office.(D)

A. had not worked

B. not to work

C. does not work

D. did not work

解析:would rather后,句子用一般过去时态。

15.______, he does get annoyed with her sometimes.(D)

A. Although much he likes her

B. Much although he likes her

C. As he likes her much

D. Much as he likes her


16.There are signs______restaurants are becoming more popular with families.(A)

A. that

B. which

C. in which

D. whose


17.I think I was at school, ______I was staying with a friend during the vacation when I heard the news.(A)

A. or else

B. and then

C. or so

D. even so

解析:关联词or else在句中表示“不然的话\

18.Beer is the most popular drink among male drinkers, ______ overall consumption is significantly higher than that of women.(A)

A. whose

B. which

C. that

D. what

解析:关联词whose在句中作定语,修饰overall consumption。

19.______I had done it, I knew I had made a mistake.(A)

A. Directly

B. Presently

C. Assumingly

D. Supposedly


20.The reason______I’m writing is to tell you about my examination results.(C)

A. because

B. as

C. why

D. for


21.The actress______the terms of her contract and was sued by the producer.(D)

A. isolated

B. signed

C. implemented

D. violated


22.The ______ majority were in support of this bill so it was passed without much difficulty.(D)

A. overflowing

B. overtaking

C. overloading

D. overwhelming


23.With his big fleshy nose he______his grandpa.(B)

A. looks like

B. takes after

C. looks after

D. resembles

解析:“他长得像他的祖父,同样有个大肉鼻子。”此题为词义辨析题。look like似乎,看起来像是;take after长得像;look after照顾;resemlble相似。因此答案为B。

24.There he bought______chocolate for his daughter, and then he had______ beers in the bar not far from the school.(A)

A. a bar of… a couple of

B. a piece of… a bottle of

C. a dozen of… a couple of

D. a cubic of. .. a tin of

解析:“在那儿他给女儿买了一条巧克力,然后又在离学校不远的一家酒吧买了几瓶啤酒。”此题为考查固定搭配。chocolate为不可数名词通常可用a piece of chocolate或a bar of chocolate,beer在此句中为可数名词,可以用a couple of beers。因此答案为A。

25.He______twenty times, striking a match each time to look at his old watch.(C)

A. had waked

B. was awake

C. must have waked

D. was waken

解析:“他一晚上肯定醒了二十次,每次都擦亮火柴看看自己那块旧表。”此题为语法题。must have pp形式表示一种肯定的猜测。因此答案为C。

26.What is the______language in India?(B)

A. office

B. official

C. officially

D. officer


27.The family looked on helplessly as their house______.(D)

A. burning down

B. was burned down

C. was burning down

D. burned down

解析:“这家人无助地看着自己的房子被烧毁。”此题为语法题,考查时态和语态。此句要考虑主从句时态一致;另外burn down主动形式本身含有被动含义。因此答案为D。

28.It sounds as if the telephone______.(D)

A. were ringing

B. was ringing

C. has being ringing

D. is ringing

解析:“好像电话铃在响。”此题为语法题。此处as if引导的是一个一般表语从句,并非虚拟语气。因此答案为D。

29.The doctor insists that the patient______.(C)

A. must be operated

B. should be operated

C. be operated on

D. needs operating on

解析:“医生坚持马上给病人做手术。”此题为语法题,考查虚拟语气。动词insist后的宾语从句往往采用虚拟语气,即用should do或直接使用动词原形的形式;另外做手术为固定短语operate on sb.。因此答案为C。

30.This is a______ young writer. He has published quite a few good stories in recent years.(C)

A. promised

B. looking forward

C. promising

D. clever

解析:“这是一位有前途的年青作家,最近几年他发表了不少小说作品。”此题为词义辨析题。promised承诺了的;looking forward朝前看的;promising有前途的;clever聪明的。因此答案为C。

31.Everybody looked______the direction of the explosion.(C)

A. to

B. from

C. in

D. into

解析:“所有的人都朝爆炸的方向看去。”此题考查介词的固定搭配。朝某一方向通常为介词in,in the direction of。因此答案为C。

32.The man’s life______if he had been sent to a better hospital.(A)

A. might have been saved

B. may have been saved

C. was to be saved

D. should be saved

解析:“假如被送往一家更好的医院的话,他的生命或许可以得以挽救。”此题为语法题,考查虚拟语气。与过去的事实相反,从句使用过去完成时,主句使用would(could,might)have pp的形式。因此答案为A。

33.______ than it began raining.(D)

A. Hardly had he reached home

B. Hardly did he reach home

C. No sooner did he reach home

D. No sooner had he reached home

解析:“他刚一到家天就开始下雨了。”此题考查连词的用法。hardly…when,no sooner…than刚……就……为固定的连词搭配,且前一个分句需倒装。因此答案为D。

34.It was more than fifteen years ago______I entered the laboratory of Professor Agassiz.(B)

A. when

B. that

C. in which

D. since

解析:“十五年前,我加入了Agassiz教授的实验室。”此题为语法题,考查强调句的用法。It is(was)…that…为强调句的固定结构,因此答案为B。

35.The road being built was scheduled to______traffic on May Day.(D)

A. be close to

B. be closed to

C. be open to

D. be opened to

解析:“正在修建的公路定于劳动节那天开通。”此题为词义辨析题。be close to对……关闭,强调状态;be closed to对……关闭(封闭),强调动作; be open to对……开放,强调状态;be opened to对……开放,强调动作。因此答案为D。

36.She is a woman of rare gifts. Her performance last night was indeed very______.(B)

A. impressed

B. impressive

C. impressing

D. impression


37.They are glad to see the children______in the day care center.(C)

A. well taken care

B. being well taken care of

C. well looked after

D. being well looked after

解析:“他们很高兴看到孩子们在托管中心受到良好的照看。”此题为语法题。动词短语look after和take care of均有照顾,照看的意思;此处用过去分词短语作宾语补足语,含有被动的意思。因此答案为C。

38.Something extraordinary happened in that hospital. A man, who was declared clinically dead, suddenly______.(C)

A. returned to life

B. restored to life

C. came to life

D. survived

解析:“那家医院发生了一件离奇的事。”此题考查固定短语的用法。come to(one’s)life复活,醒过来,为固定短语,因此答案为C。

39.Missing the train means______ for an hour.(A)

A. waiting

B. to wait

C. to be waiting

D. have to wait


40.The boy______ his father.(A)

A. was accused of having killed

B. was accused to have killed

C. was accused of killing

D. was accused to kill

解析:“这个孩子被控告杀害了他的父亲。”此题考查动词的用法及时态。be accused of doing被指控犯……罪行,为动词固定用法,而完成时可表示动作已发生,因而动名词采用完成时形式。因此答案为A。


Solar energy for your home is coming. It can help you as a single home owner. It can help the whole country as well. Whether or not solar energy can save your money depends on many things. Where you live is one factor. The type of home you have is another. Things like insulation present energy coasts, and the type of system you buy are added factors.

Using solar energy can help save our precious fuel. As you know, our supplies of oil and gas are very limited. There is just not enough on hand to meet all our future energy needs. And when Mother Nature says that’s all. The only way we can delay hearing those words is by starting to save energy now and by using other sources, like the sun.

We won’t have to worry about the sun’s running out of energy for another several billion years or so. Besides begin an endless source of energy, the use of the sun has other advantages as well. The sun doesn’t offer so many problems as other energy sources. For example, fossil fuel plants add to already high pollution levels. With solar energy, we will still need sources of energy, but we won’t need so much. That means we can cut down on our pollution problems.

With all these good points, why don’t we use more solar power? There are many reasons for this. The biggest reason is money. Until now, it was just not practical for a home owner to put in a solar unit. There were cheaper sources of energy. All that is changing now. Solar costs are starting to equal the costs of oil and electricity. Experts say that gas, oil and electricity prices will continue to rise. The demand for electricity is increasing rapidly. But new power plants will use more gas, oil or coal. Already in some places the supply of electricity is being rationed. Solar energy is now in its infancy. It could soon grow to become a major part of our nation’s energy supply.

41.Solar energy is now in its infancy, ______.(A)

A. but it will be considered as an important part of our nation’ s energy supply

B. yet we will build more power plants

C. and the supply of electricity will be rationed

D. but we don’ t need practice energy rationing now


42.Which of the following statements is correct?(C)

A. Energy from coal would not pollute our living environment.

B. Energy from natural gas would not pollute our living environment.

C. Energy from the sun would not pollute our living environment.

D. Energy from oil would not pollute our living environment.


43.The sun is an endless source of energy, it will not run out of it for______.(C)

A. several million years

B. several hundred years

C. several billion years

D. several thousand years


44.Solar energy can help us save______.(D)

A. the earth and natural resources

B. mother nature

C. the sun

D. our precious fuel


45.Which statement best expresses the main idea?(B)

A. Something about Solar Energy and Pollution.

B. Solar Energy.

C. Energy and Pollution.

D. Energy and Money.


Television, or TV, the modern wonder of electronics, brings the world into your own home in sight and sound. The name television comes from the Greek word tele, meaning \


A. TV telecast used to have a round clock

B. people watch TV with around clock nearby

C. TV telecast 24 hours a day in the 1960s

D. TV was on show everyday

解析:指每天24小时不问断地播放电视节目。“around/round the clock”意思是“all day and all night without stopping”。

47.TV pictures in the home caught the public’s fancy, . . . \(D)

A. TV pictures are better than movies

B. TV pictures can be seen at home

C. TV pictures can hurt people’s eyes

D. TV pictures had aroused people’s interests

解析:指电视节目让人们很感兴趣而愿意收看。词组“catch/take one’s fancy”意为“被某人喜欢”。


A. in 1946 TV sets exploded in American families

B. TV may injure people

C. TV suddenly became available to many American families

D. TV was very popular in 1946



A. the students can have view of operations with enlarged details

B. the students can operate through TV

C. the students were allowed to learn operations

D. TV is being used by students



A. people get on their clothes with programs printed on

B. people prepare and present the programs on TV

C. people like the programs

D. people acted in the TV programs


For millions of people, the American dream of owning a home seems to be slipping out of reach(够不着). \

51.Which of the following statements is true according to the passage?(D)

A. Many house plans are offered free of charge.

B. Most of the house plans are offered by building instructors.

C. Fifty percent of the American young couples build houses.

D. Most of the owner-builders design their homes.

解析:文章最后一段第一句话“One survey revealed that 60 perecent of owner—builders also design their homes.”可知D为正确答案。

52.According to the passage, owner-builders are those who______.(B)

A. are professional house builders

B. build houses of their own

C. are contract house builders

D. sell or let houses

解析:从第三段第一句:“An astonishing 50 percent of these owner builders hammer every nail,lay every pipe,and wire every swicth with their own hands.”可排除选项A、C、D。

53.The phrase \(A)

A. decide to build a house

B. decide to pull down a house

C. decide to buy a house

D. decide to rent a house


54.It can be inferred from the passage that many Americans find it difficult to______.(D)

A. build a house

B. find a ready-made house

C. have a good job

D. buy a house


55.What is the main subject of the passage?(C)

A. The cost of having a house built.

B. The American dream of owning a house.

C. A description of owner-builders in America.

D. A comparison between young couples and their parents.


Nearly 54 million cars and trucks in the United States are equipped with driver side air bags located in the center of the steering wheel. 24 million also have a passenger-side device located in the dashboard. Air bags are designed to protect against sudden, fierce frontal highway impacts.

Five years ago evidence of serious air bag injuries began to surface. Drivers in minor fender benders suffered severe eye and ear injuries, broken bones and third degree burns from the force of the inflating bags. In December 1991 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA)advised parents to avoid putting rear facing infant sets in front of air bags, acknowledging that the force of the explosive bag could harm infants, whose heads were only inches away from the devices.

Last October it was determined that all children 12 and under were more susceptible to injury and death than adults; their more fragile bodies were seated lower, increasing the impact of the air bag to the head area. In addition, more children were not properly restrained or were out of position when the air bag inflated. On November 22, 1996, after nearly 60 deaths and thousands of injuries were attributed to the devices, the NHTSA mandated improved labels for all new vehicles, warning of the risk to children under 13. Despite these problems, officials stress the overall effectiveness of these devices. \

56.The air bag is a good safety device, but children 12 and under should always ride in the back seat buckled up means______.(C)

A. air bags are no good for children

B. air bags are only good for the parents who have more than 12 children

C. the best position for children to ride a car is in the back seat and be buckled up

D. the front seat is unsafe for young people


57.Adjustable steering wheels should______.(A)

A. be pointed toward the chest rather than the head

B. be driven at 9 o’clock

C. be driven at 3 o’clock

D. keep your arms away from an opening air bag


58.The air bag is located in the center of the steering wheel, so you should______.(D)

A. keep in mind how close you sit to an air bag

B. push the front seat as far back as possible, remaining just close enough to control the pedal

C. keep your face and torso at least 10 to 12 inches from the steering column

D. all of the above


59.The air bags are______.(D)

A. safety devices which can protect people from being hurt during highway accidents

B. unsafe devices which hurt many people

C. safety devices which saved 11 % American drivers

D. safety devices but need to be improved


60.From the passage, we learned that______.(D)

A. there are 24 million cars and trucks in the United States

B. there are 78 million cars and trucks in the United States

C. there are 24 million cars and trucks equipped with air bags in the United States

D. there are 78 million cars and trucks equipped with air bags in the United States

解析:因为有2 400万辆车在乘客座位前也安装了防护气囊,其他几个选抒不符合题意。



Many students find the experience of attending university lectures to be a confusing and frustrating experience. The lecturer speaks for one or two hours, perhaps【C1】______the talk with slides, writing up important information on the blackboard, 【C2】______reading material and giving out【C3】______. The new student sees the other students continuously writing on notebooks and【C4】______what to write. Very often the student leaves the lecture【C5】______notes which do not catch the main points and【C6】______become hard even for the【C7】______to understand. Most institutions provide courses which【C8】______new students to develop the skills they need to be【C9】______listeners and note-takers.【C10】______these are unavailable, there are many useful study-skills guides which【C11】______learners to practice these skills【C12】______. In all cases it is important to【C13】______the problem【C14】______actually starting your studies.

It is important to【C15】______that most students have difficulty in acquiring the language skills【C16】______in college study. One way of【C17】______these difficulties is to attend the language and study-skills classes which most institutions provide throughout the【C18】______year. Another basic【C19】______is to find a study partner【C20】______it is possible to identify difficulties, exchange ideas and provide support.


A. in that

B. for which

C. with whom

D. such as

解析:本题测试介词与关系代词的用法,with whom表示与同伴一起学习。


A. statement

B. strategy

C. situation

D. suggestion



A. average

B. ordinary

C. normal

D. academic



A. preventing

B. withstanding

C. sustaining

D. overcoming

解析:克服困难用overcome difficulty,不用preventing阻止,阻碍;withstand经受住,抵抗;sustain支撑,经受。


A. to require

B. required

C. requiring

D. are required



A. predict

B. acknowledge

C. argue

D. ignore



A. before

B. after

C. while

D. for



A. evaluate

B. acquaint

C. tackle

D. formulate

解析:此句意为“通常学生在开始学习之前就应该解决这种听课技能的问题”,此处C项中to tackle problem意为“解决问题”。evaluate估计,评估;acquaint使认识,了解;formulate用公式表示,系统地阐述或提出。


A. independently

B. repeatedly

C. logically

D. generally



A. enable

B. stimulate

C. advocate

D. prevent

解析:enable sb.to do sth使人能够干什么;stimulate激发,刺激;advocate提倡,倡导;prevent阻止。


A. Because

B. Though

C. Whether

D. If



A. effective

B. passive

C. relative

D. expressive



A. prevent

B. require

C. assist

D. forbid



A. teachers

B. classmates

C. partners

D. students



A. what

B. those

C. as

D. which

解析:这里是一个并列句,并列的两个部分是which do not catch the main points and which beconle hard even for the students to understand。


A. without

B. with

C. on

D. except



A. suspects

B. understands

C. wonders

D. convinces



A. assignments

B. information

C. content

D. definition



A. attributing

B. contributing

C. distributing

D. explaining

解析:参考上题答案。attribute把……的原因归为……;contribute有助于,贡献;distribute分发,散发,与下文的give out同义。


A. extending

B. illustrating

C. performing

D. conducting




81.We Superstars of Snooze don’t nap to replace lost shut-eye or to prepare for a night shift. Rather, we \



82.It is everyone agrees, a huge task that the child performs when he learns to speak, and the fact that he does so in so short a period of time challenges explanation.



83.Therefore, with every increase of knowledge and skill, wisdom becomes more necessary, for every such increase augments(增强)our capacity for realizing our purposes, and therefore augments our capacity for evil, if our purpose are unwise.



84.Most people would agree that, although our age exceeds all previous ages in knowledge, there has been no corresponding increase in wisdom.



85.Although April did not bring us the rains we all hoped for, and although the Central Valley doesn’t generally experience the atmospheric sound and lightning that can accompany those rains, it’s still important for parents to be able to answer the youthful questions about thunder and lightning.





I don’t know what will become of her if she is out of work.



The doctor said to the patient,“Please lie down.Don’t be nervous.”



My grandmother is in good health,though she is over 80.



It seems the crops hold no promise this year.



Excuse me,Mr Black,but I have to bother you with a few questions.



91.For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic Choosing an Occupation. You should write at least 120 words following the outline given below in Chinese:




Choosing an Occupation

Choosing an Occupation

Every one faces the problem of choosing an occupation after graduation from college or university, which plays a vital role in his life. The majority of us do not get around to making a decision about an occupation or career until somebody or something forces us to face the problem.

Choosing an occupation takes time, and there are a lot of things you have to think about as you try to decide what you would like to do. One is the interest, the other, the demands of people and society. Only if the two aspects are connected, can a man show his ability to the best advantage.

Fortunately, there are a lot of people you can turn to for advice and help in making your decision. At most schools, there are teachers who are professionally qualified to give you detailed information about job qualifications. And you can talk over your ideas with family members and friends who are always ready to listen and to offer suggestions.











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