Excerpt 1:

American employers cut back sharply on hiring last month, crushing hopes that the job market was improving and putting more pressure on the Federal Reserve to give the sluggish economy another push.

The Labor Department said Friday that employers added just 96, 000 jobs in August, down from 141, 000 in July and too few to keep up with population growth. The unemployment rate fell to 8. 1 percent from 8. 3 percent, but only because many people gave up looking for work and therefore weren’t counted in the government’s calculation.

Excerpt 2:

The percentage of Americans in the workforce dropped to its lowest level in 31 years.

The latest numbers were \

1.What is the common topic covered by all the excerpts?(C)

A. The annual pace of economic growth.

B. Consumers’ cautious spending.

C. A significant decline in hiring.

D. Economic recession and recovery.

解析: 主旨题。可套用公式:主旨≠文章某一部分的内容,以及文章的主旨≠文中的某一细节,利用排除法做题。A、B选项只是Excerpt 2中涉及的内容;而D选项尽管在多个摘录中都提到了,但是Excerpt 4却未曾提及。只有C选项才是每个摘录都涉及的内容,也是全篇的主旨,尽管每个摘录中用的词不尽相同。各个摘录中表达就业率下降的语句如下:Excerpt 1中的American employers cut back sharply on hiring last month:Excerpt 2中的The percentage of Americans in the workforce dropped to its lowest level in 31 years;Excerpt 3中的The disappointing numbers以及the weak jobs report和August’s hiring was“not good enough”;Excerpt 4中的hiring slowed to a monthly average of 67,000 from April through June以及The August jobs report looks even uglier upon closer inspection;Excerpt 5中的Manufacturers cut 15,000 jobs,the most in two years以及The economy lost 7,000 more government jobs last month等。

2.According to Excerpt 1, the drop of unemployment rate is simply due to the fact that______.(B)

A. the Federal Reserve gives the economy another push

B. fewer people keep on looking for work

C. more jobs have been added by employers

D. the economy is expanding fast enough

解析: 细节题。可套用公式:正确答案=原文中含有题干关键词的一句话——题干关键词。根据题干关键词the drop of unemployment rate回到Excerpt 1中的最后一句,原文中的正确答案就是only because之后的many people gave up looking for work,据此可以判断本题的正确答案是B。

3.Which of the excerpts discusses the political consequence of high unemployment rate?(C)

A. Excerpt 1.

B. Excerpt 2.

C. Excerpt 3.

D. Excerpt 4.

解析: 推断题。首先,要读懂题目,本题问的是哪个摘录中讨论了高失业率引发的政治方面的后果;题目关键词是the political consequence。其次,可以套用概括推断题的做题公式,通过概括Excerpt 3中的关键词来判断这部分涉及了政治方面的后果。这部分中和政治有关的词汇如下:reelection campaign(竞选连任);president(总统);Republican(共和党的);presidential challenger(总统竞选的挑战者)等。

4.Which of the following is NOT a factor causing the weak job market?(B)

A. Governments at different levels cut down jobs since the recession ended.

B. Nearly 400 thousand Americans dropped out of the workforce.

C. The economy isn’t improving enough to create more jobs.

D. The jobs added by American employers were in sharp decline in August.

解析: 细节题中的NOT TRUE题型或EXCEPT题型。首先,要读懂题目,本题问的是哪个选项不是引发就业市场疲软的原因。可套用公式:正确答案≠原文中某一句话的表达。A选项的意思是:自衰退结束后,各级政府削减了工作岗位;与Excerpt 5中的最后一句话相符,而且是导致失业率高的原因,因此可以排除。根据B选项中的数字和关键词dropped out of the workforce回原文中定位,原文中的出处是Excerpt 4中的最后一句:The unemployment rate fell because 368,000 Americans dropped out of the workforce;据此可以判断B选项是失业率下降的原因,而不是引发就业市场疲软的原因,因此B是本题的正确答案。C和D选项均与原文表述相符,而且都是造成就业市场疲软的原因。C选项在原文中的出处是:Excerpt 2中的The economy…and simply isn’t expanding fast enough to spark more hiring。D选项在原文中的出处是:Excerpt 1中的第一句。

Excerpt 1 :

In a now familiar global ritual, Apple fans jammed shops across the globe to pick up the tech juggernaut’s (盲目崇拜的) latest iPhone 5. Eager buyers formed long lines Friday at Apple Inc. stores in Asia, Europe and North America to be the first to get their hands on the latest version of the smartphone.

The handset has become a hot seller despite a new map application that early users have deemed inferior to Google Maps, the software it replaces. Apple received two million orders in the first 24 hours of announcing its release date, more than twice the number for the iPhone 4 s in the same period when that phone launched a year ago.

Excerpt 2:

Some fans went to extremes to be among the first buyers by arriving at Apple’s flagship stores day ahead of the release of latest iPhone 5.

In downtown Sydney, Todd Foot, 24, showed up three days early to nab the coveted first spot. He spent about 18 hours a day in a folding chair, catching a few hours’ sleep each night in a tent on the sidewalk.

Excerpt 3:

In Paris, the phone launch was accompanied by a workers’ protest—a couple of dozen former and current Apple employees demonstrated peacefully to demand better work benefits. Some criticized what they called Apple’s transformation from an offbeat company into a multinational powerhouse.

But the protesters—urged by a small labor union to demonstrate at Apple stores around France—were far outnumbered by lines of would-be buyers on the sidewalk outside the store near the city’s gilded opera house.

Excerpt 4:

Not everyone lining up at the various Apple stores was an enthusiast, though. In Hong Kong, university student Kevin Wong, waiting to buy a black 16 gigabyte model for 5,588 Hong Kong dollars ($720) , said he was getting one \

5.Eager buyers were lining for the release of iPhone 5 in the following places EXCEPT______.(A)

A. Beijing

B. New York

C. Paris

D. Sydney

解析: 细节题中的NOT TRUE题型或EXCEPT题型。可套用公式:正确答案≠原文中某一句话的表达。根据Excerpt 4的最后一句China is one of Apple’s fastest growing markets but a release date for the iPhone 5 there has not yet been set可知iPhone 5在中国大陆地区的销售日期还未确定,因此应该没有人在商店门前排队购买。此外,也可通过排除法做题,在各个摘录谈及各个iPhone 5热销地点中,没有提及A选项。

6.Which Excerpt mentions the merits of iPhone 5 in particular?(C)

A. Excerpt 1.

B. Excerpt 3.

C. Excerpt 5.

D. Excerpt 7.

解析: 推断题。首先,要读懂题目,本题问的是哪个摘录中特别讨论了iPhone 5的优点:题目关键词是merit(优点,长处)。其次,可以套用概括推断题的做题公式,通过概括Excerpt 5中的关键词来判断这部分涉及了iPhone 5的优点。Excerpt 5中的关键语句包括:the new phone’s larger screen and lighter weight以及“It’s just such a smart phone it does all the thinking for you,you can’t get any easier than that.”据此可以判断本题的正确答案是C。

7.Which of the following choices involve Apple employees?(C)

A. Excerpt 1 and Excerpt 3.

B. Excerpt 2 and Excerpt 7.

C. Excerpt 3 and Excerpt 7.

D. Excerpt 4 and Excerpt 6.

解析: 细节题。首先,要读懂题目,本题问的是哪个摘录中涉及了苹果的员工。根据题目关键词Apple employees回原文中定位,并结合排除法做题。Excerpt 3涉及了正在参与示威的苹果之前的和现有的员工;Excerpt 7介绍了在香港,第一批顾客受到了店员的热烈欢迎,并详细描写了店员的动作。

8.Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE according to the excerpts?(B)

A. The map application of Apple is thought to be not as good as Google Maps by early users.

B. In Paris, the demonstration of former and current Apple employees turned to violence.

C. The main purpose of protesters in Paris was to improve their work benefits.

D. Not all people who queue up at the Apple stores are eager buyers.

解析: 细节题中的NOT TRUE题型或EXCEPT题型。可套用公式:正确答案≠原文中某一句话的表达。A选项的意思是:苹果的地图应用被早期用户认为不如谷歌的好;与Excerpt 1中的第2段第一句话相符,因此可以排除。根据B选项关键词former and current Apple employees回原文中定位,原文中的出处是Excerpt 3中的第一句:a couple of dozen former and current Apple employees demonstrated peacefully不符,因此B是本题的正确答案。

9.Which excerpt deals with the negative side of the popularity of iPhone 5 ?(D)

A. Excerpt 2.

B. Excerpt 3.

C. Excerpt 5.

D. Excerpt 6.

解析: 推断题。首先,要读懂题目,本题问的是哪个摘录中涉及了iPhone 5的热销的负面影响;题目关键词是negative side(负面)。其次,可以套用概括推断题的做题公式,通过概括Excerpt 6中的具体例子来判断这部分涉及了iPhone 5的负面影响。Excerpt 6中提及的日本大阪和英国伦敦都出现了iPhone 5盗窃案。Excerpt 6中的关键词是theft(盗窃),据此可以判断本题的正确答案是C。

Excerpt 1:

A wave of Apple iPhone 5 buyers is bound to boost the stocks of Apple’s mobile partners.

Apple stock has risen 6% since Sept. 11 , the day before the company unveiled the sixth generation of the iPhone, which hits stores on Friday. Apple shares reached an all-time high of $702. 10 Wednesday.

Excerpt 2:

Investors are trading on Apple’s announcement that it sold more than 2 million phones last weekend in preorders and on analysts’ increased sales expectations. But Apple stock—up 73% this year—isn’t the only investment play. The rising tide of iPhone 5 sales is positioned to boost the stocks of businesses whose technologies are packed inside the smartphone and of wireless carriers that will sell the phone.


10.As a result of the hot sale of iPhone 5, the stocks of the following companies will rise EXCEPT______.(B)

A. Apple’s mobile partners

B. mighty tech companies like Microsoft

C. Apple’s component suppliers

D. wireless carriers that will sell the phone

解析: 细节题中的NOT TRUE题型或EXCEPT题型。首先,要读懂题目,本题问的是由于iPhone 5的热销,以下哪个公司的股票不会随之上涨。然后,根据各答案选项中的关键词逐一回原文中定位,再结合排除法做题。A选项Apple’s mobile partners(苹果手机的合作伙伴)出现在Excerpt 1的第一句中,根据A wave of Apple iPhone 5 buyers is bound to boost the stocks of Apple’s mobile partners的语义,苹果手机合作伙伴的股票一定会随之上涨,与题目要求不符,应该排除。C、D两个选项集中出现在Excerpt 2中。C选项Apple’s component suppliers(苹果的零件供应商)出现在第二段的第一句里;D选项wireless carriers that will sell the phone(卖手机的无线运营商)出现在第一段的最后一句中。根据原文这两句话可以排除这两个选项。而B选项mighty tech companies like Microsoft(像微软这样强大的科技公司)则出现在Excerpt 5中关于苹果价值能否突破1万亿美元大关的讨论,未涉及此类公司的股票涨跌问题,因此B是正确答案。

11.What is Michael E. Driscoll’s attitude towards the assumption that Apple will crack the $1 trillion plateau by 2013?(D)

A. Critical.

B. Neutral.

C. Supportive.

D. Doubtful.

解析: 态度推断题。可以套用公式:正确答案=原文话题+表达话题的用词。根据题干关键词Michael E.Driscoll回到原文Excerpt 4中,根据介绍Michael E.Driscoll的定语从句who thinks the 2015 guesstimate is right可以看出,Michael E.Driscoll同意的是关于苹果2015年能突破万亿大关的推断,对于2013年实现这一目标的推断可以从Michael E.Driscoll所说的“It’s hard to imagine Apple growing any faster,”来判断,从这句话看出Michael E.Driscoll是持怀疑态度的。因此可以判断正确答案是D选项,而A选项Critical(批评、批判的)尽管也是负面态度,但与原文表述不符。

12.Which of the following choices cite analysts’ assumptions about Apple’s valuation?(C)

A. Excerpt 1 and Excerpt 3.

B. Excerpt 2 and Excerpt 3.

C. Excerpt 3 and Excerpt 5.

D. Excerpt 5 and Excerpt 6.

解析: 细节题。做题的关键是要读懂题目。本题问的是哪些摘录引用了分析家们对苹果估价的推断。首先根据题干关键词analysts’assumptions about Apple’s valuation回原文定位,结合排除法做题。Excerpt 1、Excerpt 2、Excerpt 6根本未涉及这一话题,因此含有这几个摘录的答案选项应该排除,所以正确答案是C,Excerpt 3主要探讨的就是这一推断,而Excerpt 5第一句也引用了这一推断的内容。

13.Which of the following statements might Bilton agree on?(B)

A. Apple will crack the $1 trillion plateau by August 16, 2013.

B. Like Microsoft, Apple might not reach a $1 trillion valuation.

C. It is natural for analysts and investors to specify the exact time.

D. The phone could provide a $3. 2-billion boost to the U. S. economy.

解析: 推断题。本题做题的关键是根据Bilton回原文中定位,能正确理解Bilton的观点态度,并结合排除法做题。Bilton的观点集中出现在Excerpt 3和Excerpt 5中,根据Excerpt 3中第一段的最后两句,可以看出Bilton对于A选项的态度是否定的,关键词是这句中的warn(警告)。C选项It is natural for analysts and investors to specify the exact time(分析家和投资者能够精确说出苹果实现这一目标的具体时间是很自然的事情)与Excerpt 3中第一句话中的which seems strangely specific all things considered语义不符。而D选项是Excerpt 6中JP Morgan的推断,与Bilton无关,因此这三个选项都可以排除。正确答案是B选项Like Microsoft,Apple might not reach a $1 trillion valuation(像微软一样,苹果有可能达不到1万亿美元)。这一点可以从Excerpt 5中Bilton的警告“Every kingdom must crumble,right?What could be the downfall of such a mighty tech company?Their maps app.Indeed,the flap over the poor-quality maps on the iPhone 5 has led some people to wonder if Apple has already jumped the shark”得到证实和支持。

Excerpt 1:

The Council of Mortgage Lenders says more eurozone uncertainty is \

14.Which of the following is NOT the impact of more turbulence in the eurozone on the UK’s housing and mortgage markets?(C)

A. Banks’ hesitation to lend money.

B. More difficult situations for first-time house buyers.

C. The decrease of the house value in London.

D. More lodgers and increasing rents.

解析: 细节题中的NOT TRUE题型或EXCEPT题型。首先,根据题干关键词more turbulence in the eurozone及UK’s housing and mortgage markets回原文中定位,A、B、D三个选项集中出现在Excerpt 2中。A选项banks’hesitation to lend money(不太愿意借钱)与Excerpt 2的第一段表述相符,银行在贷款方面采取了更为谨慎的态度;B选项More difficult situations for first-time house buyers(首次买房者面临更为困难的情形)与第二段第一句语义一致;D选项More lodgers and increasing rents(更多的租房人,更高的租金)与第二段最后一句语义一致。因此可以判断这三个选项都是欧元区的动荡对英国房地产和抵押信贷市场的影响,通过排除法,正确答案是C选项。此外,也可套用公式:正确答案≠原文中某一句话的表达。C选项The decrease of the house value in London(伦敦房产价值下滑)与原文Excerpt 3中对伦敦房价的描述不符,据此也可以判断C是正确答案。

15.What does the word \(A)

A. Shelter.

B. Prevention.

C. Approach.

D. Operation.

解析: 猜词题。根据原文Investors from Greece and Italy have already shown interest in buying homes in the UK because they think that it is a safe haven for their money句子,可以把答案选项的词汇带回到原文这句话中,一要判断答案选项的词汇能否用在safe之后,受safe的修饰,还要和钱相关,据此可以先将B、C两个选项排除;第二还要判断新组成的表述能否符合这句话所表达的因果关系,符合这两个要求的只有A选项shelter(保护,庇护所)。也可以套用猜词题公式:正确答案=原文中含有该词的上下文对该词的解释——定义、释义、近义词、反义词。根据Excerpt 4中的the UK being seen as a safe shelter amid eurozone disturbance,可以找到haven的同义词shelter,在这两句话中这两个词语义和用法相同,都是描述英国被认为是动荡的欧元区中的安全避风港。

16.How pensions of the UK would be affected by the eurozone uncertainty?(A)

A. Negatively.

B. Positively.

C. Irregularly.

D. Inevitably.

解析: 推断题。首先根据题干关键词pensions of the UK和the eurozone uncertainty回原文中定位,可以发现出现在Excerpt 4中。可套用概括推断题的公式,从Excerpt 4对pensions所受影响的具体分析中进行提炼和概括。特别关键的有两句话:pension funds would not be in such a healthy position以及more businesses closing their final-salary pensions—the most generous workplace pension schemes—to new or existing staff,据此可以看出欧元区的不确定性对养老金的影响是负面的。B选项positively(正面地)与这两句话的语义刚好相反;C选项irregularly(不规律地)是无关选项;D选项inevitably(不可避免地)与原文中If the cost of buying them rises,and the return on holding them falls所表达的假设不符。所以正确答案是A选项。

17.Who can benefit from the current disturbance in eurozone?(D)

A. First-time house buyers.

B. Younger workers.

C. Investors from Greece.

D. UK holiday makers.

解析: 细节题。做题的关键是要读懂题目。本题问的是哪些人能在目前欧元区的动荡中获益,可以根据各个答案选项中的关键词逐一回原文中定位。Excerpt 2指出了目前形势对A选项first-time house buyers(首次买房者)不利;Excerpt 5指出由于欧元区的动荡,使得商界信心不足,这就意味着a pause in new investment and new jobs,most notably for younger workers,据此可以看出B选项younger workers(年轻劳动者)所受的明显影响应该是没有工作机会,所以他们受到的是负面影响。Excerpt 3指出C选项Investors from Greece(希腊的投资者)有意购买英国的房产,为了他们的钱能保值,因此也不能说他们是明显从中获益的。只有D选项UK holidaymakers(英国的度假者)根据Excerpt 6中的描述可以用英镑兑换更多的欧元,因此可以获益。

Excerpt 1:

What does an economist think of that? A lot depends on whether the economist is a man or a woman. A new study shows a large gender gap on economic policy among the nation’s professional economists, a divide similar—and in some cases bigger—than the gender divide found in the general public. Differences extend to core professional beliefs—such as the effect of minimum wage laws—not just matters of political opinion.

Excerpt 2:

Opinion differences between men and women are well-documented in the general public. President Obama leads Mitt Romney by 10 percentage points among women. Romney leads Obama by 3 percentage points among men, according to the latest Gallup Poll.

Excerpt 3:

Liberal economist Dean Baker, co-founder of the Center for Economic Policy and Research , says male economists have been on the inside of the profession, confirming each other’s anti-regulation views. Women, as outsiders, \

18.Gender differences between male and female economists can be observed in the following aspects EXCEPT______.(B)

A. core professional beliefs

B. political preferences in presidential election

C. equality for women

D. the role of government in economy

解析: 细节题中的NOT TRUE题型或EXCEPT题型。可套用公式:正确答案≠原文中某一句话的表达。首先,根据题干关键词Gender differences between male and female economists回原文中定位,A选项出现在Excerpt 1的最后一句中,C选项出现在Excerpt 7的第一句中,D选项出现在Excerpt 5的第一句中,这三个选项都是男性、女性经济学家的差异所在,因此都可以排除。根据B选项political preferences in presidential election(总统选举中的政治倾向)回到原文Excerpt 2中可以发现这是在普通大众身上体现出来的性别差异,不符合题目要求,所以B是正确答案。

19.The majority of female economists tend to agree that______.(D)

A. business and the marketplace should play a bigger role in economy

B. the U. S. economy is excessively regulated by the government

C. free market should be greatly encouraged to boost the U. S. economy

D. the wage gap between men and women might be caused by the gender difference

解析: 推断题。首先,要读懂题目,本题问的是大多数女性经济学家会赞同哪种观点。其次,要抓住本题的做题关键,即能够准确区分哪些是男性经济学家的观点,哪些是女性经济学家的观点,然后可以结合排除法做题。根据答案选项中的题干关键词分别回原文中定位可以发现:Excerpt 5的第一句表明了A选项business and the marketplace should play a bigger role in economy(商界和市场可以在经济中发挥更大的作用)是男性经济学家的观点,而女性经济学家则认为政府该扮演更重要的角色,与此不符。根据Excerpt 5中的Is the U.S.economy excessively regulated?Sixty-five percent of female economists said“no”这一问一答可以发现提到的B选项the U.S.economy is excessively regulated by the government(美国经济受到了政府的过度调控)与原文表述不符,不是女性经济学家的观点。根据Excerpt 5中的最后一句Not a day goes by that I don’t ask myself why there are so few women economists on the free-market side可以判断大多数女性经济学家是不支持自由市场的,所以C选项free market should be greatly encouraged to boost the U.S.economy(应该大力发展自由市场来振兴美国经济)也不是女性经济学家的观点。根据D选项中的关键词the wage gap between men and women回原文中定位,可以发现它出现在Excerpt 7中,根据原文的表述Male economists overwhelmingly think the wage gap between men and women is largely the result of individuals’skills,experience and voluntary choices while female economists overwhelmingly disagree,以及Excerpt 7主要讨论的男女经济学家最大的差异是在对待equality for women(男女平等问题)上,结合逻辑推断题公式可以得出以下结论:女经济学家认为男女工资的差异主要不是由个人能力等原因引起的,而是由于男女差异、男女不平等引起的,所以D是正确答案。

20.According to de Rugy, the difference between her and liberals is______.(C)

A. their attitudes towards government intervention

B. the goals they hope to achieve

C. how to reduce poverty and improve health care

D. the role of government in economy

解析: 细节题。可套用公式:正确答案=原文中含有题干关键词的一句话一题干关键词。根据题干关键词de Rugy回原文中定位,可以发现出现在Excerpt 4中,根据原文的表述We want many of the same things as liberals–less poverty,more health care—but have radically different ideas on how to achieve it可以看出原文的正确答案是how to achieve it,其中it应该代指less poverty,more health care,所以正确答案是C选项。

21.Which Excerpt discusses the difference of male and female economists in the relationship with their profession?(B)

A. Excerpt 2.

B. Excerpt 3.

C. Excerpt 6.

D. Excerpt 7.

解析: 细节题。做题的关键是要读懂题目。本题问的是哪个摘录中涉及了男女经济学家在与自身职业关系上的不同,关键词是the relationship with their profession。在Excerpt 3中Dean Baker提到了男性经济学家是on the inside of the profession而女性经济学家则是outsiders,据此可以判断正确答案应该是B。









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