A. Tom is terribly ill.

B. His paper has been rejected by the advisor.

C. His paper has been revised by the advisor.

D. Tom is nervous at the moment.

解析:女士说:你看上去很高兴,有什么好消息吗?男士说:我的导师对我的论文很满意。thumbs up:赞许,满意,胜利。


A. Tom is terribly ill.

B. Tom is in low spirits.

C. Tom is bad-tempered.

D. Tom is nervous at the moment.

解析:女士说:今天上午汤姆表现得很不好,我想找他谈谈。男士说:你现在别谈了,他心情很不好。in a bad mood:心情不好;in low spirits:情绪低落,沮丧。


A. He saw his boss in person for the first time.

B. He is now complaining in a different way

C. He has made his boss change his attitude.

D. He has changed his opinion of his boss.



A. He was not fond of the concert.

B. He didn’t like the tea offered at the concert.

C. He left early for some tea with somebody else.

D. He refused to explain why he was not there.

解析:女士说:我昨天晚上在音乐会上没见到你,怎么了?男士说:那不是我喜欢的东西。one’s cup of tea:某人喜欢的人或事物;be fond of:喜欢。


A. He always looks down upon others.

B. He always lowers the value of others.

C. He always judges one by his appearance.

D. He is always reluctant to take newcomers.

解析:男士说:我的天哪,新来的那位一定挺烦人的。女士说:别忘了,你看人总是看表面。face value:表面价值,票面价值。


A. She wants to leave a way out.

B. She is always concentrated.

C. She is always careless.

D. She has changed her mind.



A. She wants to leave a way out.

B. She doesn’t trust her boss.

C. She wants to repay her boss.

D. She has changed her mind.

解析:男士说:你为什么不告诉你的老板你要到新公司工作了?他对此一无所知。女士说:现在我还不想破釜沉舟,等一切定下来我再告诉他。burn one’s bridge的意义是eliminate all possibilities of retreat,也就是“不留后路”或“破釜沉舟”。


A. She should let her daughter decide.

B. She should buy some new dress.

C. She should do what other parents will do.

D. She should choose what interests her.

解析:女士说:有许多暑假活动项目,但我不知道我女儿应该参加哪些活动。男士说:你可以跟老师和其他家长谈谈,跟他们选一样的活动项目。follow suit:跟着做,跟着,出同样花色的牌。


A. She felt very cold because of the weather.

B. She was frightened by the scene.

C. She sent the two boys to the hospital.

D. She went to help the injured immediately.

解析:男士说:你看到街角发生的撞车事故了吗?女士说:是的,吓得我全身发抖。两个男孩儿的伤势很严重,立即被送到医院去了。cold all over:全身战栗,全身发冷。



A. Teachers.

B. To raise test scores in reading comprehension.

C. To increase the teaching time for reading.

D. Federal officials.

解析:“设立‘阅读第一’这个项目的目的是什么?”The goal is to help all children read at or above grade level. 目的是使所有孩子达到或超过其所在年级要求的阅读水平。


A. Teachers.

B. Critics.

C. Congressmen.

D. Federal officials.

解析:“谁认为‘阅读第一’这个项目是个失败?”Critics call the program a failure and want Congress to end it. 持批评态度的人认为这个项目是个失败并希望国会终止这个项目。


A. Green Eggs and Ham.

B. To Kill A Mockingbird.

C. Of Mice and Men.

D. A Child Called \

解析:“一年级小学生最喜欢读的是哪本书?”The book read most often by first graders was Green Eggs and Ham by Doctor Seuss. 一年级小学生最喜欢读的书是苏斯博士所著的《绿鸟蛋与火腿》。


A. He taught students to watch grass grow.

B. A forester.

C. A school master.

D. He developed games about science.

解析:“迈克尔-盖森当理科老师之前从事什么工作?”Michael Geisen is thirty-five years old. He was a forester. 迈克尔-盖森今年35岁,以前是位森林管理员。


A. He taught students to watch grass grow.

B. He taught students how to manage forest.

C. He involved parents in the children’s work.

D. He developed games about science.

解析:“迈克尔-盖森开设了什么新的学习项目?”He also created school projects to get parents involved in their children’s work. 他也开设了学习项目,让家长参与孩子的活动。


A. He wrote his own textbooks.

B. He made students interested in their studies.

C. He helped the students increase their scores.

D. He made school activities creative.

解析:“为什么迈克尔-盖森被选为该年度优秀教师?”He(President George Bush)noted that in Michael Geisen’s first two years as head of the science department,scores on a state science test rose sharply at his school. And they are still rising. 布什总统提到在迈克尔-盖森担任理科教研室主任的头两年里,该校在州理科统考中成绩猛升,而且现在还在提高。


But the risks to______(2 words) are also increasing.


activities and events

解析:文中说:Many young adults use their blogs to write about daily activities and events in their lives. 许多青年人利用博客记录他们生活当中的日常活动和事件。


larger social groups

解析:文中说:Blogs can also be helpful to connect young people with larger social groups. 博客有助于年轻人与更大的社交团体交往。


on the Internet

解析:文中说:But some researchers say the seemingly harmless blogs can become dangerous when read on the Internet by millions of people all over the world. 但是,有些研究人员说,当全球几百万人通过互联网阅读时,看似无害的博客就变得危险了。


are surprised

解析:文中说:Many students do not know about privacy and are surprised to learn that adults can easily read their personal daily records. 很多学生对隐私一无所知,得知成年人能轻易地阅读自己的日记时感到吃惊。


20.The city was virtually paralyzed by the transit strike for better wages.(D)

A. subjectively

B. imaginably

C. positively

D. practically


21.Failure is the direct result of poor self-esteem and the anticipation of failure.(D)

A. intervention

B. confrontation

C. elevation

D. expectation


22.The dramatic changes brought about by digital technologies have impacted the whole world.(C)

A. novel

B. adverse

C. profound

D. prospective


23.In the disciplines underlying our high-tech economy, America is steadily losing its global edge.(B)

A. border

B. superiority

C. appeal

D. territory


24.You have to conquer your fear of heights if you drive along these zigzagging mountain roads.(B)

A. extend

B. overcome

C. motivate

D. utilize


25.Although missile agency officials say the new kill vehicle is reliable, some outside experts are skeptical.(A)

A. doubtful

B. inevitable

C. ignorant

D. provocative


26.Unpleasant symptoms can cause the smoker to resume smoking to raise the levels of nicotine in the blood.(D)

A. hold back

B. give up

C. get over

D. return to

解析:该句意为:不适的症状可能导致吸烟者重新吸烟,以提高血液中尼古丁的含量。resume:恢复,重新;hold back:克制住,妨碍;give up:放弃;get over:从……恢复过来;return to:回到,重新。

27.The young man smashed the window of the restaurant deliberately to show his fury.(C)

A. in earnest

B. under way

C. on purpose

D. by accident

解析:该句意为:这位年轻人故意把饭店的窗户玻璃打碎,以发泄自己的愤怒。deliberately:故意地;in earnest:认真;under way:进行当中;on purpose:故意;by accident:偶然。

28.A tall building is equipped with several elevators, so it doesn’t matter if one of them is out of order.(B)

A. in a mess

B. in bad condition

C. in short supply

D. in the open

解析:该句意为:高楼通常备有几部电梯,所以其中一部坏了也无所谓。out of order:坏了,不能工作了;in a mess:乱,无秩序;in bad condition:工作状态不佳,身体不好,缺乏维修;in short supply:短缺;in the open:在户外,在野外。

29.My supervisor permits me to take a few days off provided that I can finish this experiment.(D)

A. as far as

B. as much as

C. as soon as

D. as long as

解析:该句意为:只要我能完成实验,导师就批我几天假。provided that:条件是;as far as:到……程度上,远到……;as long as:只要。


30.Art allows us to express things that we would not be able to express______.(B)

A. somewhat

B. otherwise

C. however

D. instead

解析:该句意为:艺术能使我们表达以其他方式无法表达的东西。somewhat:略微,有点儿;otherwise:否则,但该词还有其他常见的用法,如:She is lazy, but she is perfect otherwise. (在其他方面)The result of the experiment proved otherwise. (不是这样的)She was able to prevent what otherwise might have been a terrible accident. (与虚拟语气连用)

31.All businesses can______positive workplace relationships by creating an upbeat team-based environment.(A)

A. foster

B. erase

C. devastate

D. skip

解析:该句意为:通过营造一个欢快的、充满团队精神的环境,任何一家公司都能培养积极的同事关系。foster:培育,培养,收养;erase:删除,去掉,擦掉(eraser:黑板擦);devastate:破坏,毁掉;skip:蹦跳地走,删除,滑过,故意错过,skip breakfast(不吃早餐)。

32.Tourism, particularly ecotourism, helps promote______of wildlife and natural resources.(C)

A. aspiration

B. extinction

C. conservation

D. distinction


33.Despite the______changes in this country, many tough issues remain unsolved.(D)

A. romantic

B. rigorous

C. reversible

D. radical


34.Life is stressful, so it is always difficult to______work, school and family.(A)

A. prioritize

B. encounter

C. update

D. eliminate


35.Leaders of China can exercise sound judgment, for they are all______acquainted with the difficulties facing the country.(C)

A. insensibly

B. inwardly

C. intimately

D. incompetently

解析:该句意为:中国领导人充分了解国家面临的困难,所以能判断准确。insensibly:不明智地,无感觉地;inwardly:内部,心理上;intimately:亲密地,熟悉地,an intimate knowledge of:精通;incompetently:不称职地,不合格。

36.First of all, I’ll talk about the evolution of these concepts______introduction.(D)

A. on behalf of

B. in terms of

C. on account of

D. by way of

解析:该句意为:首先我简要介绍这些概念的演化。on behalf of:代表……,为了……;in terms of:联系到……,从……角度,在……方面,think of everything in terms of money:事事向钱看;on account of:由于;by way of:通过。

37.Thousands of South Koreans______the streets in the center of Seoul to demand President Park Geun-Hye to step down.(B)

A. took up

B. took to

C. took in

D. took apart

解析:该句意为:几千名韩国人涌向首尔市中心的街头,要求总统朴槿惠下台。take up:占用,着手,开始;take to:喜欢上,去……;take in:欺骗,理解,吸收;take apart:拆开。

38.People who______diabetes have to minimize their daily consumption of sugar.(C)

A. take fancy to

B. make up for

C. are stricken with

D. crack down on

解析:该句意为:糖尿病患者每天要尽量限制糖的摄人量。take fancy to:喜欢上,爱上;make up for:补偿,弥补;be stricken with:患上……;crack down on:打击,限制。

39.The price of property in this city has been rising for ten years______, forcing many college graduates to get employed elsewhere.(A)

A. in a row

B. in the beginning

C. in the way

D. in no time

解析:该句意为:这个城市的房价连续十年上涨,迫使许多大学毕业生到外地找工作。in a row:连续:in the beginning:最初,起初;in the way:妨碍;in no time:马上。


Many people are disturbed by the genetic diversity of cancers — an inevitable consequence of random evolution. Cancer therapies【C1】______be applied fairly randomly or carelessly, but nowadays many believe that effective therapies need to be【C2】______and tailored to genetic faults in each individual’s cancer.

However, a personalized treatment disregards the most fundamental reason why it is difficult to cure cancers【C3】______: cancer cells adapt and evolve【C4】______treatment. Even drugs that are initially effective often have a【C5】______diminishing effect, as the biological systems blocked by the treatment spontaneously compensate【C6】______re-routing the cancer cells’ internal wiring,【C7】______the cancer’s ability to spread. To use an【C8】______, traffic hot spots in towns can cause major traffic jams, but smart drivers will quickly find other short cuts. Then, in the absence of \


A. had better

B. would rather

C. used to

D. were to

解析:如果癌症的治疗方案很随意、粗心,效果肯定差,所以不宜选择had better或would rather,而且这两个词组的主语通常是有生命的。同学们比较熟悉be to do…的用法,但也很少用。…was(were)to do…不单纯是be to do…的过去时,有时还有另外一个意义,表示“后来的结果”,如…an event in the 1930s that was to change the world。根据后面句子的含义,不宜选择were to,与nowadays矛盾,而used to表示“过去是……”,与nowadays形成对比。


A. specific

B. special

C. especial

D. spacious



A. in the past

B. on the horizon

C. once for all

D. by no means

解析:in the past:在过去(与本句中的现在时矛盾);on the horizon:马上出现;once for all:一劳永逸地,彻底;by no means:绝不。cure cancers once for all的含义是“根治癌症”。


A. in place of

B. in support of

C. in exchange for

D. in response to

解析:in place of:取代(instead of);in support of:支持;in exchange for:交换;in response to:对……做出反应,响应……。该句的意义是:由于治疗,癌细胞逐渐适应环境并演化。


A. hardly

B. progressively

C. promptly

D. perpetually

解析:progressively:程度逐渐增强,渐进式地,所以该句中的have a progressively diminishing effect的意义是“效果越来越差”。药物的疗效通常不可能瞬间减弱,要有个过程,也不可能永远减弱,无止无休。


A. for

B. between

C. during

D. by

解析:该选项可能有些难,容易上当。本句中的re-routing the cancer cells’internal wiring的含义是“重新设计癌细胞的内部线路”,是人体某些生物系统对抗药物治疗的方式。compensate(补偿,弥补)确实接介词for,但compensate for rerouting the cancer cells’internal wiring的意义是“对重新设计癌细胞的内部线路做出赔偿”,这听起来有“悔罪”的意图,应该对健康有益,显然不符合逻辑。介词during几乎不接doing,而by doing…的含义是“通过做……”,更符合逻辑。


A. restoring

B. restored

C. restores

D. restoration

解析:该选项考查语法知识。分词doing经常用于主句之后,表示“自然的结果”。常见的动词有cause,increase,kill,leave,make,result,如:The heavy snowfall lasted nearly three hours,causing road accidents and traffic congestion. 大雪持续了将近三个小时,造成了多起交通事故和堵塞。My experiment is not getting on quite well,leaving me disappointed and upset. 实验进行得不顺利,让我很是失望和郁闷。


A. apology

B. autonomy

C. analogy

D. authority



A. takes in

B. takes over

C. takes up

D. takes away

解析:前面已经介绍过这些词组的意义。take over:接管过来,把活揽过来。


A. resistant to

B. committed to

C. attached to

D. indifferent to

解析:be resistant to:抵制的,对……有抵抗力的,耐药的;be committed to:致力于……,对……有责任;be attached to:喜爱,附属于……;be indifferent to:对……不关心。


Justine Greening, the UK education secretary, looks set to be defined by the debate on grammar schools: four months into her job and it’s difficult to point to any other significant announcement or new idea.

The debate reveals all the inequalities and divisions that have plagued our education system. It has released a torrent of protest. The opposition to a return to the selective education of the 50s and 60s comes from all sections of society and the political spectrum.

While opponents of grammar schools argue this case, the government is refraining the debate so it is no longer about traditional grammar schools but instead about their place in the new education landscape — grammar schools taking over struggling schools or opening free schools. This could appear a far more attractive proposition to the public. But it is a deeply flawed idea and not supported by evidence.

The government’s case is outlined in its consultation paper. Its premise is that strong schools should support struggling schools and teachers learn from each other, arguing that selective schools are the great strength in the system and are uniquely equipped to improve some of the country’s most challenging schools. Selective schools’ new role will be to recruit more children from poor backgrounds, take over struggling schools and open non-selective schools from scratch.

Many selective schools do well by the children they choose, and contribute to education beyond their own doors. But does their success with bright, motivated young people from supportive home backgrounds give them the skills and experience to turn round schools with large numbers of struggling and disaffected children? That is where the challenge lies.

Our schools need to do better for the children who underachieve and who wouldn’t get anywhere near the grammar school pass mark but who have huge promise if it could only be unlocked. What are grammar schools going to offer them? The whole debate reveals an outdated view of the world: traditional groups are thought to have all the answers.

We are far from realizing the dream of a school system where background is no barrier to achievement and all children flourish — but the comprehensive system has taken us further along this road than any system before. Ministers should regard comprehensives as the 21st-century engines of social mobility and our best hope of further progress, but we now seem to have a government with little confidence in the system that educates more than 90% of the nation’s children.

50.It can be inferred from the first paragraph that Justine Greening______.(D)

A. has resigned because of the debate

B. has done much to end the debate

C. has made new comments on the debate

D. is at a loss what to do about the debate


51.According to Paragraph Three, the author______.(B)

A. welcomes the government’s proposition

B. is critical about the government’s proposition

C. recommends a new role of grammar schools

D. expects struggling schools to become free schools


52.Paragraph Four is concerned with______.(A)

A. the government’s argument for selective schools

B. the public opinion about the role of selective schools

C. the reasons selective schools need to be improved

D. the author’s expectations of selective schools

解析:第四段主要介绍政府的论点。该段一些词有助于判断究竟是谁的看法,如…is outlined in…,…premise is that…,arguing that…。这并不是作者本人的论点。

53.Paragraph Five shows the author’s belief that selective schools______.(C)

A. should take over struggling schools

B. have contributed little to education

C. should not take over disappointing schools

D. are facing challenges from other schools

解析:第五段第二句对selective schools接管struggling schools的建议提出质疑,而且说“这就是值得挑战的地方”。表明文章作者不赞成政府的想法。

54.The underlined sentence is Paragraph Six probably means______.(B)

A. are likely to be admitted to grammar schools

B. are unlikely to be admitted to grammar schools

C. live far away from a particular grammar school

D. are reluctant to study in a grammar school

解析:第六段中的…wouldn’t get anywhere near the grammar school pass mark的字面意思是“离文法学校的及格线差得远”,含义是不可能被文法学校录取。

55.The author of this passage is trying to argue that______.(D)

A. grammar schools should help weak schools

B. secondary education in the UK is now perfect

C. selective schools can play a more important role

D. comprehensive schools are our best hope

解析:文章作者从未说明英国的中学教育是完美无瑕的,也不支持文法学校帮助质量差的学校。作者对现行的中学教学体系持肯定态度,并没有建议文法学校发挥更重要的作用。最后一段充分反映了作者的观点,如下列文字:. . . further along this road than any system before…engines of social mobility and our best hope of further progress…the system that educates more than 90%of the nation’s children。

Not every breakthrough sounds like rocket science. Simple but novel ideas can work wonders.

A radical new way to tackle climate change is to pump CO2 into the volcanic rock under Iceland and speed up a natural process where the basalts (玄武岩) react with the gas to form carbonate minerals, which make up limestone. Such carbon capture and storage (CCS) is thought to be essential to halting global warming.

The Iceland project has already been increased in scale to bury 10, 000 tons of CO2 a year and the basalt rocks used are common globally, forming the floor of all the oceans and parts of the land too. One potential challenge for the new technique is that it requires large amounts of water: 25 tonnes for each tonne of CO2 buried. But seawater could be used, which would be in plentiful supply at coastal sites.

The research, called the Carbfix project, took place at Iceland’s Hellisheidi power plant, the world’s largest geothermal facility. The plant pumps up volcanically heated water to run electricity-generating turbines but this also brings up volcanic gases, including carbon dioxide and nasty-smelling hydrogen sulphide.

The researchers re-injected 230 tonnes of the gas, which was dissolved in water to prevent it from escaping, down into the basalt to a depth of 400m-500m. They used tracer chemicals to show that over 95% of CO2 was turned into stone within two years.

In conventional CCS, the CO2 is stored as a gas in sedimentary rocks such as exhausted oil fields under the North Sea. Unlike basalt, these rocks lack the minerals needed to convert CO2 into stone. Such sedimentary reservoirs could potentially leak and therefore have to be monitored, which adds to costs. Unlike the basalt-based CCS, conventional CCS also requires the CO2 to be separated from the mix of gases emitted by power stations and industrial plants, which is expensive.

Stuart Haszeldine, a professor of CCS, said: \

56.In Paragraph One, \(A)

A. is sophisticated or complicated

B. has never been heard of before

C. seems very easy to understand

D. is well-known to the public

解析:即使不了解rocket science的含义,从第一段的文字中可以感觉到有些技术突破其实很简单。rocket science的含义是“高深的学科”或“比较复杂的学问”。

57.Which of the following is true about the Iceland project?(C)

A. Only fresh water can be used.

B. CO2 is turned into basalt rocks.

C. It is carried out on a large scale.

D. A high expense is required.


58.The research at Hellisheidi power plant aimed at______.(D)

A. dissolving much CO2 into water

B. bringing up volcanic or other gases

C. running turbines with heated water

D. turning CO2 into stone relatively quickly


59.The problems with conventional CCS include the following except______.(D)

A. an extremely high cost

B. potential leaks to be monitored

C. separation of CO2 from other gases

D. consumption of large amounts of water


60.It seems to Stuart Haszeldine that this new approach______.(B)

A. is enough to solve all the problems with CO2 emissions

B. has to be combined with other alternative methods

C. is of little help to the disposal of global emissions of CO2

D. can be effectively used in any part of the world


61.This passage is intended to______.(C)

A. present the best way to reduce greenhouse gases

B. compare different ways in which CO2 is disposed

C. introduce a cheaper and safer method of burying CO2

D. outline the difficulties in tackling global warming


As a mother, I understand the powerful bond between a parent and child. I love my son, and I really would do anything for him. Society assumes that all women will feel the same sense of endless, selfless love. We’re thought to be biologically programmed this way.

But maternal instinct is not a switch that exists in every woman, ready to be flipped as soon as she smells a baby. It surprises us that mothers can be selfish or women may not want kids at all.

Maternal instinct may sometimes depend on whether a mother has the support she needs, such as co-parenting. We’re most social when it comes to parenting, often recruiting many people around us to help. Without any help, it can be desperately tough.

For some, the prospect of raising a child they never wanted, or feel they can’t raise, can be unbearable. I myself have had to answer questions about my wish to have only one child. The thought of having more children terrifies me, and has nothing to do with the love I feel for my son. The reasons why women feel the way they do about children is under-studied. At the extreme end, there are cases of neglect or infanticide, and mothers resort to killing their babies more often than we think.

Motherhood is not always about selfless caring. Sometimes it can involve emotional calculation, weighing the needs of both parent and child. We all assume that a mother always wants the best for her child, above her own needs. What we seem to deliberately ignore is that a child’s welfare can depend heavily on the mother’s own needs being met.

For the sake of both mothers and children, we need to begin detaching the myth of motherhood from the reality. It’s unfair of any society to expect women to be the best mothers they can be without economic or emotional support. Not all women are happy to be mothers.

Birth doesn’t always signal a rush of immediate love. The maternal bond may build slowly over time. For a small few, it may never appear. And some never experience the urge to have children. We think of all these as unnatural exceptions. But the scientific and historical evidence shows that none of it is strange at all.

The spectrum of human behavior encompasses those who want children, those who don’t, and those who aren’t ready to have them. The most unnatural thing of all is forcing a woman into motherhood in the anticipation that she will biologically fall into line when a baby arrives.

62.Women are traditionally believed to______.(B)

A. be selfish and unsympathetic

B. show natural love for their children

C. develop the maternal bond gradually

D. be biologically superior to men


63.According to this passage, maternal instinct______.(D)

A. refers to a woman’s daily preferences

B. can be initiated quickly in each woman

C. does not exist in any of married women

D. involves a woman’ desire to have a child

解析:第二段和第三段谈论maternal instinct(母亲的本能或母性)。母亲的本能并不是一个开关,可以随时打开。有其他人帮助照看孩子,妇女才更有可能显示母亲的本能。第二段第二句的大意是:令人吃惊的是,某些母亲可能自私,某些妇女可能根本不想要孩子。这说明maternal instinct与对孩子的爱和是否要孩子有关。

64.Cases of neglect or infanticide are mentioned to show that______.(A)

A. not all women love their own children

B. the number of female killers is growing

C. women normally care about themselves

D. women commit crimes under pressure


65.The author seems to support the notion that______.(D)

A. a woman should have a child whatever her difficulty

B. it is anything but difficult to raise a child on one’s own

C. emotional calculation by a mother is a sign of selfishness

D. a woman can decide whether to have a child for herself

解析:第六段有Not all women are happy to be mothers,第七段有But the scientific and historical evidence shows that none of it is strange at all,而最后一段有The most unnatural thing of all is forcing a woman into motherhood in the anticipation that she will biologically fall into line when a baby arrives。这些文字都在为不要孩子的妇女辩解,表明文章作者认为妇女有权利决定是否要孩子。

66.The underlined words in the last paragraph probably mean______.(C)

A. develop an undesirable habit

B. get ready for the birth of the baby

C. do what is conventionally done

D. behave differently from others

解析:可能不少学生不熟悉fall into line的意义,也很少使用。该词组的大意是:与别人步调一致或按标准或规定去做。本文当中的意义是“随大流儿”。

67.The central idea of this passage is that______.(B)

A. there are advantages and disadvantages to having a baby

B. we need to detach the myth of motherhood from the reality

C. it is extremely difficult to raise a child without any help

D. women are encouraged to have children despite difficulty


Theresa May, the UK prime minister, has a hard choice to make. Sadly, either way she loses. She can choose to lose face in the short term, or choose to lose the wellbeing of this nation for the long term. Which is it to be?

Wise and effective leadership rarely goes hand in hand with popularity. The role of leaders is to discover what is in the best interests of their people, and lead the people in that direction, which takes courage, understanding, trust, explanation, persuasion. Before 24 June 2016, and probably well beyond, May knew that Brexit would be a costly mistake for Britain. Has her genuine judgment changed that much?

The referendum result needs to be understood. That 52% (of the voters) said \

68.It can be inferred from Paragraph Two that competent leaders______.(A)

A. dare to defy the public opinion

B. listen to the public opinion

C. should try to remain popular

D. should admit their own mistakes

解析:第二段第一句Wise and effective leadership rarely goes hand in hand with popularity的大意是:睿智而高效的领导人很少受大众欢迎。言外之意就是不理会舆论。

69.The underlined words \(C)

A. a long-awaited moment in one’s life

B. a time when everyone is quite busy

C. the Latest possible time before it is too late

D. the hour when people can think clearly

解析:第四段中的Even at this eleventh hour, there is still the opportunity to address those real issues可能不太好理解。the eleventh hour的意义是the last possible moment at which something can be done before problems arise,也就是“在最后关键时刻”。

70.In Paragraph Five, the author recommends that Theresa May______.(B)

A. lead the country to mass suicide

B. reconsider her decisions on Brexit

C. smooth away difficulties for Brexit

D. convince the public of the benefits of Brexit


71.In the last paragraph, the author is trying to call on the British people to______.(D)

A. boycott the result of the referendum

B. offer more support to the prime minister

C. find a better representative for themselves

D. take action to protect their own interests


72.The author probably believes that Brexit is______.(B)

A. worthwhile

B. unwise

C. unachievable

D. trivial

解析:本文中有不少文字反映了作者对于“脱欧”的态度,如第二段的May knew that Brexit would be a costly mistake for Britain,这也是作者的观点。还有第四段中的If we can’t get“the exact same benefits”as we enjoy now outside the EU,why would we leave?

73.The central idea of this passage is that______.(A)

A. Theresa May faces a hard choice over the UK’s future

B. the EU is to blame for the problems facing the UK

C. Brexit will bring nothing but more problems to the UK

D. a second referendum on Brexit is necessary in the UK


Colleges might gain much more information about the likely success of undergraduate applicants to science, technology, engineering and medicine (STEM) programs by giving added weight to success on Advanced Placement (AP) tests, and on personality traits that may hold back some students, according to a new study.

The study tracked 589 undergraduates at the Georgia Institute of Technology to see whether they persisted as majors of STEM. A much larger study found similar results for the predictive value of AP scores on top of traditional measures (high school grades and SAT or ACT scores) that explain about 25% of the variation in student performance, whereas the additional consideration of AP scores and personality traits can explain 40%. By focusing on performance on AP and similar exams, testing applicants for what they know in addition to their abilities and prior performance seems to boost our predictions of their success.

The study also examined personality traits of students and found different linkages for male and female students who started as STEM majors but then shifted to other programs. Girls who moved away from STEM fields were those who lacked a \

74.The underlined words \(A)

A. in addition to

B. immediately after

C. at the top of

D. for the sake of

解析:词组on top of. . . 有不同的意义,包括“在……顶上”,“除……之外”或“紧随……之后”。比较常用的结构是on top of that(此外)。第二段中on top of. . . 应该是“除……之外”。

75.Paragraph Two is mainly concerned with______.(C)

A. the evolution of ways of testing for college enrollment

B. factors that affect student performance on various tests

C. the predictive value of AP scores and personality traits

D. relationships between test scores and future success

解析:第二段讲,传统的评估标准,包括中学学习成绩、SAT(Scholastic Assessment Test)和ACT(American College Test)只能解释学生成绩中大约25%的起伏,而再加上AP和性格特点就能解释40%,对预测成功很有帮助。

76.Boys and girls gave up their studies related to STEM______.(D)

A. for the same reason

B. for easier employment

C. for the same purpose

D. for different reasons


77.According to the findings of this study, educators are advised to______.(D)

A. help females to manage their time more effectively

B. find female students without any personality traits

C. help females to develop the same traits as males

D. encourage science-talented girls to learn STEM


78.AP scores and personality traits can help to______.(B)

A. assess the intelligence of college applicants

B. predict the academic success of some applicants

C. find students with high scores on traditional tests

D. make traditional measures much more efficient

解析:最后一段第三句有such traits add significant predictive value(具有很高的预测价值)。

79.The last sentence of this passage implies that scores of AP exams______.(C)

A. can make admissions more difficult and complicated

B. may have nothing to do with the success of students

C. may help identify candidates with the best potential

D. can have different impact on different colleges



80. All of us face hard choices in our lives. Some face more than their share. We have to decide how to balance the demands of work and family. Caring for a sick child or an aging parent. Figuring out how to pay for college. Finding a good job, and what to do if you lose it. Whether to get married — or stay married. How to give our kids the opportunities they dream about and deserve. Life is about making such choices. Our choices and how we handle them shape the people we become. For leaders and nations, they can mean the difference between war and peace, poverty and prosperity.




81. 大学毕业生主要关心的事情之一就是自己的发展前景。虽然名校毕业生成名的可能性更大,但学历并不一定能决定你的未来。俗话说“行行出状元”。人们已不像从前那样在乎社会地位。从事自己喜爱的工作的人远远超过那些追求名利的人。

One of the major concerns of college graduates is their own prospects of development. Graduates of well-known schools are more likely to become well-known, but academic degrees will not necessarily shape (determine) your future. There is a saying that people from all walks of life can become great masters / everyone has the potential to excel in whatever he does / each occupation can produce its own masters. People no longer care about their social status as much as they used to. Far more people engage in jobs they enjoy than seek fame and wealth.



82.For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition of no less than 150 words under the title of \

In this fast-developing world, behaviors of dishonesty are gaining weight, such as cyberdeception, plagiarism, cheating on a test and marketing of fake medicines. The increasing divorce rate in China is largely due to the dishonesty or infidelity of the spouse. Does honesty remain one of the most cherished values?

Yes, definitely. First of all, honesty underlies long-lasting friendships or relationships. No one is likely to make friends with those who often tell lies. Each of us makes mistakes sometimes in our life, but our friends and family members can be forgiving if we are honest enough to admit our mistakes. Secondly, take the time-honored enterprises for example. The reason we believe in these enterprises is that they are so honest that no defective products will be put on the markets and no fake materials will be used. In other words, their profitability arises from their honest practices.

Honesty is the best policy whatever we do. By contrast, dishonesty can never win any respect or reputation. Abraham Lincoln once said, \


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