A. She hasn’t read the passage.

B. She prefers other courses to composition.

C. She enjoys most of the courses.

D. She suggests that the man read it.



A. She hasn’t read the passage.

B. She doesn’t understand it either.

C. She cannot read it in darkness.

D. She suggests that the man read it.

解析:男士说:你知不知道这篇文章讲的是什么?女士说:我跟你一样看不懂。in the dark:在黑暗中,秘密地,不了解的,相当于uninformed或ignorant。


A. To guard her money.

B. Not to go shopping downtown.

C. To look for a new wallet.

D. Not to take the train.

解析:女士说:我要乘火车去市中心购物。男士说:那你最好当心自己的钱包。keep an eye on:照看,密切注意。


A. The working hours were too long.

B. The job was not well-paid.

C. He didn’t like working in a company.

D. The job was quite difficult.

解析:女士说:你知不知道杰瑞拒绝了那家公司给他的工作?男士说:我知道。这个工作时间倒挺合适的,但是工资太低了。make ends meet:收支相抵,钱够花。


A. Steven is satisfied with his experiment.

B. Steven couldn’t enjoy the parties any more.

C. Steven is a pleasure-seeker.

D. Steven is worried about his experiments.

解析:女士说:史蒂文的实验失败了,但他还在准备参加聚会。男士说:他是个典型的没心没肺的孩子。without worries and anxieties:无忧无虑,没心没肺的。


A. Fred keeps annoying other people.

B. To give the man a lift to the countryside.

C. To enjoy the sunshine.

D. Fred is a man of his word.

解析:男士说:你愿意跟我一起去听音乐会吗?女士说:哦,听上去倒不错,但是我宁愿让你开车带我去乡下兜风。take someboy for a ride:带某人开车兜风。


A. Fred keeps annoying other people.

B. Fred looks very funny.

C. Fred always makes other people laugh.

D. Fred is a man of his word.



A. To obey the established rules.

B. To buy a new book for guidance.

C. To try a new but safer experiment.

D. To learn the methods from practice.

解析:女士说:我想在实验中加些新东西,你看怎样?男士说:哦,我倒更愿意按老规矩办事,至少这样更安全些,是吧?go by the book:照章办事,按规矩行事。


A. Bob doesn’t swim.

B. Bob cannot be relied on.

C. Bob can persist in doing nothing.

D. Bob won’t be free.

解析:女士说:我想在暑假时找几个朋友一些去游泳。你看鲍勃行吗?男士说:别找鲍勃。你了解他的,他干什么事都没常性。count somebody in:把某人算在内;never keep anything long:不能坚持,没有常性。



A. He was lost in the forest.

B. He went camping.

C. He went to a party.

D. He burned his dinner.

解析:“上周末汤姆干什么了?”How was your camping trip last weekend?上周末露营效果如何?


A. He was lost in the forest.

B. He was caught in a natural disaster.

C. He was woken up around midnight.

D. He burned his dinner.

解析:“他的第二件倒霉事是什么?”I burned the thing(steak). 他的第二件倒霉事是把牛排烤焦了。


A. Because it was too noisy.

B. Because he wanted to join the party.

C. Because he was too tired.

D. Because he turned on some music.

解析:“为什么汤姆一直坐到凌晨两点没睡?”Then,about eleven o’clock,the people next to me turned on some music and started to have a party. I couldn’t get back to sleep at all. 后来,大约十一点时,旁边的人放音乐,开始搞派对,我无法入睡了。


A. Improving children’s nutrition in their country.

B. They may earn less money.

C. The may suffer from serious diseases.

D. Providing their people with better education.

解析:“营养不良的孩子长大后有可能发生什么?”In addition,poorly nourished children are more likely to drop out of school and earn less money as adults. 营养不良的孩子更容易辍学,长大以后收入会较少。


A. Improving children’s nutrition in their country.

B. Providing their people with cleaner conditions.

C. Improving health care for their people.

D. Providing their people with better education.

解析:“欠发达国家政府如何才能刺激经济增长?”The study suggests that poor countries could possibly double their economic growth if they improved nutrition. 报告指出,如果穷国改善营养的话,他们国家的经济增长可能会增加一倍。


A. Preschool period.

B. Teenage period.

C. Between birth and 15 years old.

D. Between pregnancy and two years old.

解析:“关于人的营养,生命中的哪个阶段尤为重要?”World Bank nutrition specialist said the period of life between pregnancy and two years is extremely important. 世界银行营养专家说人从母体孕育到两岁时是一生当中极其重要的阶段。


The United Nations World Food Program says______(3 words) could push 100 million people into hunger.


buy food

解析:文中说:This has hurt the ability of some nations to buy food. 这削弱了一些国家购买粮食的能力。


restricted exports

解析:文中说:But India,Vietnam and others have restricted exports to keep prices down at home and protect supplies. 但印度、越南和其他国家已经限制大米出口,目的是保持国内的低价格并保障供给。


meet demand

解析:文中说:He told the Reuters news agency that Thailand has enough supplies to meet demand at home and for export. 他(泰国农业部长)对路透社记者说泰国有足够的供给量满足国内需求和出口。


severely punished

解析:文中说:And Vietnamese officials have now warned that…who buy rice for speculation will be severely punished. 越南官员警告说对于购买大米用于投机的人将严惩不贷。


20.Creativity should not be perceived as an exceptional talent; it is a basic skill that can be mastered with the right teaching.(B)

A. replaced

B. regarded

C. probed

D. cultivated


21.These guests were obliged to the host for his gracious and impressive hospitality.(D)

A. contemptuous

B. resentful

C. mighty

D. grateful

解析:该句意为:这些客人感谢男主人的款待,待客方式不仅优雅大方,而且给人印象深刻。be obliged to somebody:感谢某人,be obliged to do…被迫;contemptuous:蔑视的,瞧不起的;resentful:憎恶的;mighty:巨大的,力量大的;grateful:感谢的,感激的。

22.The city council is considering setting up more schools in impoverished neighborhoods.(B)

A. illegitimate

B. deprived

C. unique

D. relocated


23.Whatever we attempt to do, we mustn’t lose sight of our main objective.(D)

A. attain

B. prosecute

C. reject

D. overlook

解析:该句意为:不论我们要做什么,都不该忽视我们的主要目标。lose sight of:忽略;attain:实现,达到;prosecute:指控;reject:拒绝,不接受,排异;overlook:忽视,俯瞰。

24.There is compelling evidence that motor vehicles contribute to smog.(A)

A. convincing

B. constitutional

C. contradictory

D. compulsory


25.Many effective measures are being taken to curb the rising price of property.(B)

A. spur

B. check

C. glorify

D. alienate


26.Improving your English proficiency is a logical approach to your problems at work.(C)

A. access

B. approximation

C. solution

D. excuse


27.Those with a good command of Englsih are at an advantage on the labor market.(A)

A. mastery

B. demand

C. direction

D. appearance


28.With the passage of time, some words are beginning to assume a new sense.(C)

A. go about

B. turn out

C. take on

D. draw upon

解析:该句意为:随着时间的流逝,有些词具有了新的意义。assume:假设,承担,表现出,呈现;go about:处理;turn out:生产,后来发现……;take on:具有,雇用,承担;draw upon:利用(某种资源)。

29.His ability to quietly persevere through a health crisis commands a mixture of respect and awe.(D)

A. give up

B. come about

C. settle down

D. carry on

解析:该句意为:他咬紧牙关同病魔斗争,终于转危为安,值得人们敬畏。persevere:坚持,不放弃;give up:放弃;come about:发生;settle down:定居,安静下来;carry on:继续,坚持。


30.The manufacturing______in China is expected to continue to expand in 2018 despite the slight decline of an index.(C)

A. version

B. quest

C. sector

D. fiction


31.Patients in_____ condition are usually kept in ICUs and monitored by various instruments.(A)

A. critical

B. crucial

C. crude

D. crystal

解析:该句意为:危重患者通常留在重症监护室,由各种仪器监测。critical:关键的,批评的,严重,重要的;crucial:关键的;crude:未加工的,crude oil(原油);crystal:水晶的,透明的,清楚的。

32.Researchers say that _____cigarettes is necessary to dramatically reduce the chance of cardiovascular problems.(D)

A. carrying out

B. breaking out

C. putting out

D. cutting out

解析:该句意为:研究人员说,大幅度降低心血管疾病的概率需要完全戒烟。carry out:执行,落实,进行;break out:爆发;put out:扑灭;cut out:切除,删除,停止。

33.Economic recessions will weaken one’s confidence in the government and threaten social______.(A)

A. cohesion

B. erosion

C. illusion

D. evasion


34.Between 2012 and 2016, the huge demand______the price of property surging in China.(B)

A. forced

B. sent

C. maintained

D. led

解析:该句意为:2012—2016年之间,巨大的需求使中国的房价猛涨。本选项考查send的一个常见用法。动词send常用于send something/somebody doing…,表示“使……进入某种动作状态”,如send her hurrying home。

35.The reporter was told by a local resident______anonymity that no one cared about their suffering.(C)

A. in the form of

B. in spite of

C. on condition of

D. in the course of

解析:该句意为:一位不愿透露姓名的当地居民告诉记者没有人关心他们的疾苦。in the form of:以……的形式;in spite of:尽管;on condition of:条件是……,on condition of anonymity直译是“在匿名条件下”,意译为“不愿透露姓名”;in the course of:在……期间。

36.Most of the crimes committed now can _____ a strong desire for more money.(B)

A. go in for

B. boil down to

C. come up with

D. fall short of

解析:该句意为:当前的大多数犯罪现象可归结为一心向钱看。go in for:由于感兴趣而从事……;boil down to:归结为;come up with:想出来;fall short of:辜负,未到达……。

37.What is extraordinary_____ these rain forests is that they are home______thousands of species.(D)

A. in…of

B. to…for

C. with…with

D. about…to

解析:该句意为:这些雨林的神奇之处是它们是几千种动物的家园。形容词home经常接to,表示“……的家园”,而GET考题中经常出现about这个介词,所以同学们要小心,如下列句型:There is nothing funny about this story. (这个故事根本不好笑。)What is impressive about this city is the multitude of motor vehicles. (这个城市给人印象深的地方是机动车多。)We can do nothing about it. (我们对此无计可施。)

38.Peking University is set to______ the number of students from underdeveloped areas.(C)

A. come by

B. comply with

C. step up

D. cater to

解析:该句意为:北京大学决定增加贫困地区考生的录取名额。come by:得到;comply with:遵守;step up:增加;cater to:设法满足……的要求。

39.In this research, the clinical data on 150 patients with hypertension was______studied.(C)

A. randomly

B. intellectually

C. retrospectively

D. respectfully



Teaching is not all【C1】______the latest technology.【C2】______it’s easy to become crazy about modern trends, we must recognize the【C3】______importance of fundamental teaching principles. Students don’t care how much you know【C4】______they know how much you care. No significant learning can occur without a significant relationship. That’s the【C5】______that animates my classroom — and it’s why I’ve met countless students convinced that they \


A. in

B. of

C. about

D. beyond

解析:something is not all about…是个常见的句式,其含义是“……的核心内容并不是……”或“……并不是围着……转”,如life is not all about work and play(生活不仅仅是工作和娱乐)。


A. If

B. Because

C. So

D. While



A. enduring

B. fleeting

C. alarming

D. diminishing



A. that

B. for

C. until

D. whereas



A. mechanic

B. dynamic

C. panic

D. traffic



A. never to

B. only to

C. as to

D. up to

解析:前面已经讲过前三个选项的用法,这里的only to表示“出乎意料的结果”。up to是个介词词组,意义包括“取决于”,“多达”,“接近”和“将做……”。


A. discarded

B. intensified

C. prohibited

D. embraced

解析:discard:抛弃,扔掉;intensify:加剧,加强;prohibit:禁止;embrace:拥抱,包含,接受,如embrace an opportunity。


A. distance

B. extent

C. ending

D. severity

解析:distance:距离;extent:程度,范围;ending:结尾,终止;severity:严重程度。本句中的unearth the true extent of their own abilities的含义是“发现自己有多大能力”。


A. rather than

B. other than

C. more than

D. less than

解析:rather than:而不是。


A. carries

B. gets

C. brings

D. takes

解析:it takes…主要接时间,但也可以接somebody或something,表示“做……需要……”,如it takes courage to go hiking among these hills。


Economics often misses an important element of inequality between males and females: unpaid work. The main measure of economic activity, GDP, counts housework when it is paid, but excludes it when it is done free of charge. This is an arbitrary distinction and leads to the funny question of what happens to a country’s GDP when a man marries his maid.

The usual defense is that measuring unpaid work is hard. Diane Coyle, an economist, asks whether statistical agencies have not bothered to collect data on unpaid housework precisely because women do most of it. Marilyn Waring, a feminist economist, has suggested that the system of measuring GDP was designed by men to keep women \

50.The first paragraph implies that a country’s GDP______when a man marries his maid.(B)

A. is likely to increase

B. is going to fall

C. remains unchanged

D. becomes unreliable


51.Two economists are mentioned in Paragraph Two to show that______.(D)

A. measuring unpaid work is really hard worldwide

B. women are discriminated against in employment

C. women should be paid for the housework they do

D. women are unfairly treated in statistics on GDP


52.Which of the following statements is true according to Paragraph Three?(C)

A. Two out of every three men do some paid work.

B. Women spend more time on paid work than men do.

C. Men spend much less time on unpaid work than women.

D. More women are working than men in rich countries.


53.The author argues that excluding unpaid work from GDP______.(A)

A. has negative effect on children’s growth

B. contributes to high-quality parenting

C. has no effect on the quality of parenting

D. can reveal the real value of parenting


54.According to this passage, including unpaid work in GDP______.(B)

A. will hinder economic growth

B. has a significant impact

C. may turn out to be unscientific

D. is entirely unnecessary


55.The central idea of this passage is that______.(D)

A. women should try to do less unpaid work

B. nowhere can GDP be accurately calculated

C. men and women can never become equal

D. feminist economics deserves more recognition


Women are happy to wander aimlessly through a sea of clothing and accessory collections or linger through the shoe department. They like to glide up glass escalators past a grand piano, or spray a perfume sample on themselves on their way to, maybe, making a purchase. For men, shopping is a mission. They are out to buy a targeted item and flee the store as quickly as possible, according to a new Wharton research.

In a study, researchers at Wharton’s Jay H. Baker Retail Initiative and the Verde Group, a Toronto consulting firm, found that women react more strongly than men to personal interaction with sales associates. Men are more likely to stress usefulness over beauty or other considerations by responding to such aspects of the experience as the availability of parking, whether the item they came for is in stock, and the length of the checkout line. \

56.The new Wharton research implies that women______whenever they go shopping.(C)

A. know clearly what items to purchase

B. never know what a particular shop sells

C. sometimes have no clear idea what to buy

D. feel confused among the various goods

解析:第一段前两句描写了女士们进了商场之后的表现。有些词能说明问题,如wander aimlessly,linger through…,spray a perfume sample以及maybe,making a purchase,这些词说明女士们去商店时没有明确的购买目标,喜欢到处走走。

57.It can be learned from the Paragraph Two that men______.(D)

A. enjoy talking to shop assistants if possible

B. don’t care how much time checkout takes

C. cherish the shopping experience all the time

D. try to spend as little time as possible shopping

解析:第二段有两个典型的句子描写男性购物时的特点。第一句是Men want to go to Sears(连锁百货商店),buy a specific tool and get out。第二句是We’re going to this store and we buy it and we leave because we want to do something else。这两句说明男性购物时直奔要买的商品,购完就走。

58.Paragraph Three is concerned with______.(A)

A. the reason behind the difference in shopping

B. the responsibilities facing any woman now

C. the disloyalty between men and women

D. men’s dependence on women for shopping


59.The underlined word \(B)

A. never exist

B. fail to develop

C. become diversified

D. be resumed


60.The differences between men and women in shopping can be summarized as______.(A)

A. men buy, women shop

B. women buy, men shop

C. women buy, men wait

D. men shop, women walk

解析:“men buy, women shop”的含义是“男性购物,女性逛街”。

61.The last paragraph of this passage probably implies that men and women _____.(D)

A. have pretty the same shopping habits

B. prefer to go to far-away shops

C. often meet by chance while shopping

D. have totally different shopping habits

解析:Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus是1992年出版的畅销书,作者是John Gray(约翰-格雷)。本文作者巧妙地利用这个书名说明男女之间的巨大差异。

The sharp fall in cigarette consumption in the US has led to steep declines in some negative health outcomes. But it has also, interestingly, coincided with another trend: the rise of obesity.


62.Charles Baum was curious about______.(D)

A. how cigarette smoking helped combat obesity

B. what was the exact mechanism of obesity

C. whether smoking was harmful to health

D. what personal habits contributed to obesity


63.One of Charles Baum’s findings is that the decline in cigarette consumption______.(B)

A. is accompanied by a decline in obesity

B. has contributed to the rise of obesity

C. has had no effect on the rate of obesity

D. was caused by the pervasive obesity


64.Which of the following is true according to this passage?(A)

A. Fear of weight gain may make quitting smoking difficult.

B. Cigarette smoking can usually increase one’s appetite.

C. The increase of restaurants is responsible for obesity.

D. The obesity epidemic is simply due to chronic inactivity


65.The underlined sentence in Paragraph Five probably means that______.(A)

A. the effect of smoking on obesity has been neglected

B. there are possibly some other trivial factors for obesity

C. reduced cigarette smoking is the leading cause of obesity

D. other effects of smoking should be studied in depth


66.The last paragraph seems to suggest that______.(C)

A. overweight people should not quit smoking

B. quitting smoking undoubtedly contributes to obesity

C. this finding is somewhat amusing and thought-provoking

D. social changes are mostly sudden and dramatic

解析:最后一段最后一句有a point of interest(兴趣点)和a takeaway that…(要点是……),说明我们应该关注这个发现。

67.Which of the following best serves as the title of this passage?(A)

A. One Healthy Trend Has Had Unexpected Side Effect.

B. Different Causes of Obesity Epidemic in the US.

C. Correlations between Cigarettes and Appetite.

D. Cigarette Smoking Is Effective for Weight Control.


According to a poll, around 70 percent of American kids stop playing organized sports by the age of 13 because \

68.According to the first paragraph, most kids give up organized sports by age 13______.(C)

A. because it is no longer much fun

B. to protect themselves from injury

C. despite the multiple benefits

D. for no obvious reasons at all


69.The first explanation about quitting sports is that______.(D)

A. too many kids compete to join the same sports team

B. kids begin to care about their grades at high school

C. there are few sports that can appeal to most kids

D. many kids quit organized sports under pressure


70.The second reason presented here is that______.(A)

A. there is a high cost to be competitive

B. high-level sports often cause injuries

C. family incomes have little to do with sports

D. discrimination occurs in most sports

解析:第三段第二句有the required investment of time and money is so substantial…,说明投入很大。

71.It can be learned from Paragraph Four that______.(B)

A. it is hard for kids to adapt to the change of times

B. kids experience many changes around age 13

C. kids aged 13 are too young for vigorous sports

D. age plays an important role in sportsmanship


72.The main idea of Paragraph Five is that digital devices______.(C)

A. benefit kids more than sports do

B. can help kids take interest in sports

C. divert many kids from sports

D. will replace sports sooner or later


73.The main purpose of this passage is to explain______.(D)

A. how important sports are to teenagers

B. whether sports will become more popular

C. what is wrong with American culture

D. why American kids stop playing organized sports


One area in which London still surpasses its rivals is the number of international visitors it receives: more than any other in the world in 2015. And while the city has long been an attractive destination for leisure and business travelers, it is currently undergoing an almost unprecedented hotel building boom. The number of hotel rooms has risen from 129, 000 in 2013 to 149, 000 today, and may reach as many as 180, 000 by 2018. Despite competition from room-sharing sites such as Airbnb, there is still no sign of over-capacity. Last year occupancy rates reached their highest in a decade and average daily rates were higher than ever before. Why?

One big market for London’s hotels is international visitors. But it is one which is running out of steam. Total spending by overseas visitors is likely to be flat in 2015. Whereas the strong pound has convinced many tourists to divert to cheaper European cities, business travelers cannot avoid London so easily. So while tourist spending stagnated in 2015, business folk splashed out 7% more in Britain than the previous year. So there are still plenty more business people to fill London’s extra rooms, even if some tourists are staying away.

Hoteliers are surprisingly tough given the violent attack from sharing-economy websites that allow people to rent out their spare rooms to travelers. Airbnb has forced down hotel revenues in some American cities by as much as 10%. By comparison, its impact has been reduced in London. Only 0.5% of Londoners advertise their properties on Airbnb, compared with 2.4% of Parisians. One reason is that there is a shortage of reasonably priced residential stock near London’s main tourist attractions, which are enclosed by offices and mansions. Secondly, the growth of Airbnb listings in London and other big European cities is slowing, meaning that Londoners’ spare rooms are unlikely to soak up much more demand.

But the most convincing explanation is that London’s business travelers are avoiding locals’ spare rooms in favor of comfortable, anonymous hotels. Unlike budget-conscious holidaymakers, who are willing to book a room in a stranger’s home on Airbnb to save money, most business people travel on expense accounts. Their employers, citing a duty to ensure safety, remain wary of spare-room-booking sites, fearing the possibility of axe murderers or unreliable wiring or unsafe stairwells. As long as the City of London continues to flourish, the capital’s hotels will do fine.

74.The first paragraph is primarily concerned with______in London.(C)

A. the total number of tourists

B. the competition between hotels

C. the prosperity enjoyed by hotels

D. the future development of hotels


75.The underlined expression in Paragraph Two probably means______.(A)

A. losing energy

B. gaining popularity

C. becoming profitable

D. declaring bankruptcy

解析:第二段的run out of steam的意义是lose energy or become exhausted(失去能量或逐渐耗尽)。

76.It can be concluded from Paragraph Two that tourist spending in 2015______.(B)

A. increased much more significandy

B. hardly increased compared with 2014

C. rose faster than business spending

D. witnessed a drastic decline

解析:第二段第三句有Total spending by overseas visitors is likely to be flat in 2015,句中的nat的含义是“持平的”,表明同2014年相比变化不大。

77.Airbnb is mentioned in Paragraph Three as a website that______in London.(D)

A. will drive hotels out of business

B. can find much business to do

C. has collaborated with hotels

D. poses little threat to hotels

解析:第三段分析Airbnb的发展势头。Airbnb是AirBed and Breakfast的缩写,中文名是爱彼迎。爱彼迎是一家服务型网站,联系旅游人士和家有空房出租的房主,它可以为用户提供多样的住宿信息。文中说Airbnb在伦敦出租的房屋数量有限,而且在欧洲主要城市的上市增长率放缓,不会对伦敦的宾馆构成太大威胁。

78.Business travelers prefer hotels to spare rooms because______.(C)

A. spare rooms are much more expensive

B. spare rooms are near tourist attractions

C. hotels are safer than spare rooms

D. hotels are mostly better known

解析:最后一段有fearing the possibility of axe murderers or unreliable wiring or unsafe stairwells,说明公司老板不让出差的人住出租房屋,担心遇到行凶抢劫的人,也担心房间电路老化以及楼梯井威胁人身安全。

79.This passage aims to explain______.(B)

A. where London’s hotels are located

B. why London’s hotels are booming

C. what London has done to attract tourists

D. how to find an ideal hotel in London



80. The purchase process is initiated when a consumer becomes aware of a need. This awareness may stem from an internal source such as starvation or an external source such as TV commercials or promotions. Awareness of such a need motivates the consumer to search for information about options with which to fulfill the need. This information is readily available from varied sources. Once alternatives have been identified through these sources, consumers start to weigh one option against another, paying particular attention to those attributes they consider vital. To attract more regular customers, many companies continue to communicate with their customers after a purchase in an effort to influence post-purchase satisfaction and behavior.




81. 人类当前面临多种挑战,其中之一就是全球变暖。对汽车的过度依赖加速了化石燃料的枯竭,也增加了温室气体的排放。我们被迫转向替代能源,如太阳能和核能。减少能源消耗并不意味着生活水平的降低,但需要更新基础设施。我们应该学会放眼全球,从我做起。

Human beings are faced with various challenges, one of which is global warming. Excessive dependence on automobiles has accelerated the depletion/ exhaustion of fossil fuels while increasing / adding to emissions of greenhouse gases. We are compelled to turn to alternative energy, such as solar energy and nuclear energy. Reduced consumption of energy does not mean a lower living standard, but instead involves updating of infrastructure. We are to learn to look globally and act locally.



82. For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition of no less than 150 words under the title of \

Many graduate students have had such an experience — they submitted a research paper to an SCI journal, only to be told to have the language polished by a native speaker of English. In most cases, the problem arises from grammar.

Whatever you write in English can be compared to a house. Grammar is the framework of the house while individual words serve as the bricks or wood. A weak or feeble framework can never leave the house firm and strong against wind. In this sense, a good knowledge of grammar underlies any effort to write anything. Your writing will seem more acceptable and comprehensible if it is free of grammatical errors, to which Chinese students are quite prone. Flexible use of grammar can make your writing more enjoyable.

I believe in neither grammar-related exercises nor prescriptive grammar books. To improve one’s proficiency of grammar, it is necessary to read extensively while paying particular attention to how rules of grammar are used actually. The ability to use rules of grammar correctly in writing goes a long way towards making your English more accurate.


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