March 1,2008



50 percent



30 billion yuan



1,600 yuan




3 o’clock



normal diet



Dr. Smith



the main entrance



What are the two speakers talking about?


A. The United Nations Atomic Energy Authority.

B. The United Kingdom Atomic Energy Organization.

C. The United States Atomic Energy Authority.

D. The United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority.



A. The nuclear stations are safer than the coal-fired stations.

B. The cost of building the nuclear stations is more than that of the coal-fired stations.

C. The cheaper running of the nuclear stations can offset its great construction.

D. The nuclear stations are much cleaner than the conventional ones.


How does a whale keep itself warm?


A. Grows colder as the blubber accumulates.

B. Remains the same.

C. Varies according to the water temperature.

D. Grows warmer as the whale grows older.



A. They have very few hairs on their bodies.

B. They bear their young rather than laying eggs.

C. Their lungs are full of hot air and water.

D. They can walk on their hind legs on land.



According to the speaker, what should the listeners do as soon as possible?


A. Women’ s dorms.

B. Men’ s dorms.

C. Family housing.

D. International houses.



A. Coed dorms.

B. Family student housing.

C. International houses.

D. Spanish house.



A. Visit the type of housing they like.

B. Move into the housing.

C. Fill out forms.

D. Buy a meal ticket.



The United States leads all industrial nations in the proportion of its young men and women who receive higher education. Why is this? What motivates a middle-income family with two children to【C1】______ loans for up to $120, 000 so that their son and daughter can 【C2】______private universities for four years? Why would both parents in a low-income family take jobs to support their three children at a state university—each【C3】______an annual cost of $4,000? Why should a woman in her forties quit her job and use her savings to【C4】______ for the college education she did not receive when she was【C5】______?

Americans place a high personal value【C6】______higher education. This is an attitude that goes【C7】______to the country’ s oldest political traditions. People in the United States have always believed that education is necessary for【C8】______ a democratic government. They believe that it prepares the individual【C9】______informed intelligent, political participation, including voting.

Before World War II, a high school education seemed adequate for【C10】______most people’s needs, but the post-war period produced dozens of new questions for Americans. How should a- tomic【C11】______ be used? Should scientists be【C12】______ to experiment in splitting genes? Should money be spent on【C13】______astronauts into space—or should it be used for aid to another nation? Americans rarely express a direct vote on such complex matters, but the representatives they elect【C14】______decide such issues. In recent years,【C15】______ a result, many Americans have begun to regard a college education as necessary to becoming an informed American voter.



解析:根据上文,此处是“贷款”或“借贷”的意思,固定搭配为take loans。






解析:此处意为:每年花费4 000美元,“以…为价格,花费”的表达为at a cost of。



解析:此处意为“为学习…登记/报名”,有固定搭配:enroll for。






解析:此处为固定搭配“特别重视”,place a high value on。



解析:此处意为:追溯到古老的政治传统,“追溯到”为go/trace back to。









解析:此处意为:在二次大战以前,美国的中学教育似乎足以满足人们的需求,“满足…需要”为satisfy one’s needs,接在介词for之后,故用satisfying。



解析:根据前文,在战后时期很多问题出现了,例如原子能的使用,“原子能”为atomic power。



解析:此处意为:能否允许科学家做基因试验,“被允许做…”为sb.be allowed to do。









解析:此处是固定搭配“结果,因此”,as a result。


[A] Set a Good Example for Your Kids

[B] Build You Kids’ Work Skills

[C] Place Time Limits on Leisure Activities

[D] Talk about the Future on a Regular Basis

[E] Help Kids Develop Coping Strategies

[F] Help Your Kids Figure Out Who They Are

[G] Build Your Kids’ Sense of Responsibility

How Can a Parent Help?

Mothers and fathers can do a lot to ensure a safe landing in early adulthood for their kids. E-ven if a job’ s starting salary seems too small to satisfy an emerging adult’ s need for rapid content, the transition from school to work can be less of a setback if the start-up adult is ready for the move. Here are a few measures, drawn from my book Ready or Not, Here Life Comes, that parents can take to prevent what I call \



解析:根据上一步的推断,与F选项相对应的段落很可能会涉及帮助孩子认识自己的优缺点,而文中第二段则出现了“strengths and weaknesses”,“shortcomings”还有“interests”,即详细介绍了孩子要从哪些方面来认识自己。而且选项中的“figure out”和文中的“review”,“identify”是同义词。



解析:文章提到树立榜样的段落是第三段,第①句的前半句即指出“Kids need a range of authentic role models…”但这里并不 是说父母该如何做才能为自己的孩子树立榜样,而是与他们谈论熟悉的人以及自己工作上的成败等,目的是以此来鼓励他们形成自己对未来的独特见解。同时段末也指出孩子要设想未来,要知道自己将来想做什么。通过对段落的整体把握,可知该 段讲的是家长要和孩子们定期讨论有关未来的话题,前面提到榜样的内容是为后面的找到未来的发展方向服务的。



解析:B选项中的关键词是“work skills”,即与工作相关的,而文中涉及“work”的段落是第四段。其主题句中指出,父母有责任教孩子如何工作。接下来,段落中出现了“deadlines”,“take a part-time job”,“organizational skills”,“managing time”等词汇,而B选项对这些细节内容给予了概括。但本题容易误选G项,因为其中的关键词“responsibility”在该段落中以不同的形式出现了三次:“Teachers are responsible for…;parents should be responsible for…;Assign responsibilities…”但这里主要侧重的是教师和父母的责任,而不是孩子要培养某一方面的责任感,且下文也没有关于如何树立孩子责任心的相关论述。因此该选项是迷惑选项,要将其排除。



解析:C选项涉及了“Leisure Activities”,“Time Limits”,观察文章,并没有直接提到娱乐活动的段落,只有第四段出现了“activities”一词。而再具体浏览该段内容,可发现文中既列举了三种娱乐活动,又总结指出了这些娱乐活动的不良影响,所以引申一下,就是我们要限制这些活动。内容正好与选项C相一致。



解析:对于E选项,“Coping Strategies”,文中并未直接提到该词汇,但注意观察文章段落,可在第六段找到“cope”一词的近义词“deal with”以及“solve”,“resolve”都有应对、解决的意思。通过第一步的分析,可知该段主要讲了教孩子们如何去解决问题并将其付诸实践,恰与选项E的标题:帮助孩子培养处理问题的能力相对应。


However important we may regard school life to be, there is no denying the fact that children spend more time at home than in the classroom. Therefore, the great influence of parents cannot be ignored or discounted by the teacher. They can become strong allies of the school personnel or they can consciously or unconsciously hinder and obstruct curricular objectives.

Administrators have been aware of the need to keep parents informed of the newer method used in schools. Many principals have conducted workshops explaining such matters as the reading readiness program, manuscript writing, and developmental mathematics.

Moreover, the classroom teacher, with the permission of the supervisors, can also play an important role in enlightening parents. The many interviews carried on during the year as well as new ways of reporting pupils’ progress, can significantly aid in achieving a harmonious interplay between school and home.

To illustrate, suppose that a father has been drilling Junior in arithmetic processes night after night. In a friendly interview, the teacher can help the parent convert his natural paternal interest into productive channels. He might be persuaded to let Junior participate in discussing the family budget, buying the food, using a yardstick or measuring cup at home, setting the clock, calculating mileage on a trip, and engaging in scores of other activities that have a mathematical basis.

If the father follows the advice, it is reasonable to assume that he will soon realize his son is making satisfactory progress in mathematics and, at the same time, enjoying the work.

Too often, however, teachers’ conferences with parents are devoted to petty accounts of children ‘ s offences, complaints about laziness and poor work habits, and suggestions for penalties and rewards at home.

What is needed is a more creative approach in which the teacher, as a professional adviser, plants ideas in parents’ minds for the best utilization of the many hours that the child spends out of the classroom.

In this way, the school and the home join forces in stimulating the fullest development of youngsters’ capacities.

36.A method of parent-teacher communication NOT mentioned or referred to by the author is______.(B)

A. home training

B. demonstration lesson

C. parent-teacher interviews

D. new progress report forms


37.It can be reasonably inferred that the author______.(D)

A. thinks that teachers of this generation are inferior to those of the last generation

B. is satisfied with present relationships between home and school

C. feels that the traditional program in mathematics is slightly superior to the development program

D. feels that parent-teacher interviews can be made much more constructive than they are at present


38.The author’ s primary purpose in writing this passage is to______.(D)

A. improve the teaching of mathematics

B. tell parents to pay more attention to the guidance of teachers in the matter

C. help ensure that every child’ s capacities are fully developed when leaving school

D. urge the use of a much underused resource-the parent


39.The phrase \(A)

A. causing parents to understand

B. persuading parents

C. understanding parents

D. discussing with parents


40.The attitude of the author towards the role of parents is______.(A)

A. positive

B. negative

C. doubtful

D. unclear


Often referred to as \

41.What is the main idea of the passage?(D)

A. The credit manager’ s responsibility.

B. The supervisor’s responsibility.

C. The working procedures of a credit department.

D. The command and control in the credit department.


42.Which of the following is NOT true?(B)

A. The credit policy can be a part of a commercial bank’ s policy.

B. The credit policy rests only with the credit manager.

C. The supervisors are the helping hands of the credit manager.

D. A credit manager of the credit department is not necessarily a bank’ s leading person.


43.By \(D)

A. some goods from the factor

B. some money from the factor

C. some goods from the factor’ s client

D. some money from the factor’ s client

解析:factor意为“代理商,代理经营,代管”,client意为“代理委托人”,customer“客户”。a customer order意为“客户订单”,即“向代理委托人贷款的请求”。首先,factor即“代理商”是不会直接发给顾客任何事物或金钱的,先排除A、B两项。第一段第二句详细解释了代理商要如何审查客户的还款能力和信用度,由此可知是客户希望贷款。,


A. uncovered risks

B. approved limits

C. expected sums

D. protected sources

解析:A项意为“信用风险”,B项意为“通过的限额”,C项意为“预期的数额”,D项意为“受保护的来源”。上文提到“the extentof the credit risk or if a client questions a particular credit decision”,此处紧承上文,作出表述,因而可推测“credit exposure”意为“信用风险”。

45.The word \(D)

A. bringing

B. preventing

C. protecting

D. expecting


Bill Gates, the billionaire Microsoft chairman without a single earned university degree, is by his success raising new doubts about the worth of the business world’ s favorite academic title: the MBA(Master of Business Administration).

The MBA, a 20th century product, always has borne the mark of lowly commerce and greed on the tree-lined campuses ruled by purer disciplines such as philosophy and literature.

But even with the recession apparently cutting into the hiring of business school graduates, about 79,000 people were expected to receive MBAs in 1993. This is nearly 16 times the number of business graduates in 1960, a testimony to the widespread assumption that the MBA is vital for young men and women who want to run companies some day.


46.According to Paragraph 2, what is the general attitude towards business on campuses dominated by purer disciplines?(A)

A. Scornful.

B. Appreciative.

C. Envious.

D. Realistic.

解析:第二段中“lowly commerce”和“greed”有明显的轻视意味。A项意为“轻蔑的”,B项意为“赞赏的”,C项意为“嫉妒的”,D项意为“现实的”。

47.It seems that the controversy over the value of MBA degrees had been fueled mainly by______.(B)

A. the complaints from various employers

B. the success of many non-MBAs

C. the criticism from the scientists of purer disciplines

D. the poor performance of MB As at work


48.What is the major weakness of MBA holders according to the Harvard Business Review?(D)

A. They are usually self-centered.

B. They are aggressive and greedy.

C. They keep complaining about their jobs.

D. They are not good at dealing with people.


49.From the passage we know that most MB As______.(D)

A. can climb the corporate ladder fairly quickly

B. quit their jobs once they are familiar with their workmates

C. receive salaries that do not match their professional training

D. cherish unrealistic expectations about their future

解析:此题最好用排除法,文中均未提过ABC三项的说法,而D项则在第七段可找到相似说法。“The problem…is that the MBAhas acquired an image of future riches and power far beyond its actualimportance and usefulness”,即“问题在于…MBA已被套上了一圈光环,其对未来权力及富裕的期望远远超出了它自身实际的重要性和用途。”

50.What is the passage mainly about?(C)

A. The reason for an enrollment in MBA programs.

B. The necessity of reforming MBA programs in business schools.

C. Doubts about the worth of holding an MBA degree.

D. A debate held recently on university campuses.

解析:A项“为什么MBA项目要招生”,是无关项。B项“改革MBA项目的必要性”,说得过于肯定,文中意见尚未到达论证“必须改革”的地步。D项“在大学校园上展开的一场辩论”,说得过于泛泛。文章从头至尾围绕一个主题“doubts or debates over the worth ofMBA”。



The world’ s environment is surprisingly healthy. Discuss. If there were an examination topic, most students would tear it apart, offering a long list of complaints from local smog(烟雾)to global climate change, from the felling(砍伐)of forests to the extinction of species. The list would largely be accurate, the concern legitimate. 【T1】Yet the students who should be given the highest marks would actually be those who agreed with the statement. The surprise is how good things are, not how bad.

After all, the world’ s population has more than tripled during this century, and world output has risen hugely, so you would expect the earth itself to have been affected. Indeed, if people lived, consumed and produced things in the same way as they did in 1900(or 1950, or indeed 1980), the world by now would be a pretty disgusting place, smelly, dirty, toxic and dangerous. But they don’ t. 【T2】The reasons why they don’ t, and why the environment has not been ruined, have to do with prices, technological innovation, social change and government regulation in response to popular pressure. That is why today’ s environmental problems in the poor countries ought, in principle, to be solvable. Raw materials have not run out, and show no sign of doing so. Logically, one day they must; the planet is a finite place. Yet it is also very big, and man is very ingenious. 【T3】What has happened is that every time a material seems to be running short, the price has risen and, in response, people have looked for new sources of supply, tried to find ways to use less of the material, or looked for a new substitute.

For this reason prices for energy and for minerals have fallen in real terms during the century. The same is true for food. 【T4】Prices fluctuate, in response to harvests, natural disasters and political instability; and when they rise, it takes some time before new sources of supply become available. But they always do, assisted by new farming and crop technology. The long term trend has been downwards.

【T5】It is where prices and markets do not operate properly that this benign(良性的)trend begins to stumble, and the genuine problems arise. Markets cannot always keep the environment healthy. If no one owns the resource concerned, no one has an interest in conserving it or fostering it: fish is the best example of this.






解析:本句带有两个定语从句,均是由why引出,表示…的原因是…,have to do with sth.和…有关,in response to对…做出回应。









解析:本句是一个强调句型,it is…that…,强调句中由包含where引导的地点状语从句,因此强调的是“where prices and markets do notoperate properly”,译为“正是在…的地方”。


56.Read the following text(s) and write an essay to

1) summarize the main points of the text(s),

2) make clear your own viewpoints, and

3) justify your stand.

In your essay, make full use of the information provided in the text(s). If you use more than three consecutive words from the text (s) , use quotation marks (\

From what mentioned in the article, we know that with the development of technology, some mechanic devices and intelligent robots indeed save us from lots of dirty, tiring and dangerous manual work. But human brains are so complicated and sophisticated that robots cannot perform or operate exactly in the same way as human beings.

That’ s why I firmly believe that robots or machines, sometimes with higher efficiency, accuracy and precision than human beings, can replace men in some but not every working areas. It is undeniable that robots have many good qualities and sometimes can achieve even better results than human labors.

However, robots cannot totally replace mankind unless they can completely duplicate human’ s brains and model human thought, which is so complicated that it is unlikely to be seen in the near future. Therefore, nowadays we needn’ t worry about robots robbing our job, let alone taking charge of our world. But no one can guarantee that won’ t happen many years or centuries later.


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